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Constantine states All adventurers:

Please be advised - there is a powerful unknown possession effect in place around Beltane's Dance and the area of Jocelyn's Gil in Caerleon.

Advice has been passed by the knight to whom I am paged, Sir Peter Villa, that those areas are to be avoided until further notice. Additionally the precise area of effect is not known so on a personal note, unless you are desperate (and I'm talking life or death here) I'd maybe give that whole duchy a miss for a while.

At this time it is not known who or what is causing this effect and I would ask that speculation be kept to a minimum here to avoid panic and false accusations being made.

Stay safe out there everyone.

Seneshal of House Royce
Page to Sir Peter Villa, Amoriath Knight

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Viran Greenoak asks Viran Greenoak here newly qualified Inner flame. I have been advised there are organisations, companies and the like that I should join. Any answers would be appreciated as I might be going on my first mission very soon.
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It's a really good idea to join the Priests Guild. For other organisations I'd suggest you get to know them first and see where you feel comfortable.
Cissy, Inner Flame

Hey there, call at the local Order of Radiance and me and my brother will help you find all of the companies you seek, and of course make sure your safe doing so.
Dean Winchester, House Usher, Order of Radiance and the Holy See

Charmos Ginamos asks if anyone would like to sponsor a Scout, please contact me.
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I'm always keen to take on fresh talent, especially
a new scout - come see me at House Alderstone at your convenience and we'll talk further.
Carter Hawk

A noble class, and a very welcome one for many houses. Please feel free to call upon House Royce and see if you feel at home.
Sam Rawley House Royce

Jaccomo asks An adventuring necromancer posing as a priests? - Very Naughty!
A group of Headhunters rescuing fellow adventurers from Amateer- Very Nice.

Tactile Adventurer is ready to publish the year Naughty or Nice list and is eagerly awaiting your submissions. Heard of a selfless deed? or learned a terrible truth? Submit to have our nomination published in the coming Special Seasonal Issue. We will not disclose names of our sources… and may choose to emit identity of some of the nominees. Send your submissions to Jaccomo or Lollipop.

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Duke of Haven announces

To prepare for the festive season and hopefully glorious outcome on the turn of the year the Duchy of Haven will run a competition at the Haven high table for the best entertainment of the evening Prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd places
Entertainment can be a song, piece of music, a tale of heroics or a comedic tale/routine each entry should be no more than 3 mins. High tables decision is final

Let us all bring party fun and good cheer to this festive high table, I look forward to being entertained in the company of friends old and new.

Festive greetings and glad tidings to you all.

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Elias Kincade Hawksmoor, Sorcerer of Galzar, apprentice to the path asks With greatest respect could a representative of Evermorian House Hawksmoor contact me so I can arrange to visit. Now the path has been opened and we are one house again, I bring news and dispatches from Hareks Gil. I am looking also for the friendship and protection of a warlock or ward as I adventure and travel while we get to know of the land we have been told of since being children. Thank you for your consideration in this matter
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I have sent you a missive from House Hawksmoor.
Lady Marianne Rosseau

I accept your gracious invitation and look forward to meeting a whole new side to our wonderous family.
Elias Kincade Hawksmoor

Fleck asks So what the hell has been going on!

I have been blissfully bringing a sprog into the world - long story but the father was not happy with the idea of adventuring while pregnant (btw this is gross never again I need me some gypsy luck). Anyway escaped now on the promise of paying for it so whats been going on in the world?

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Sgt Davies of the Queen's Third announces he requires an adventuring party to clear a dome recently scouted in Amatyr.
Due to the nature of the dome no members of the Barbarian races, half orcs, half trolls, etc will be hired.
Willing adventurers are to report to the wall in one weeks time.

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Sgt Jones, Queen's Third Column announces We've been having some problems with a dome also, but I reckon we'll not need any big heroes to fix it - right out of college'll do, long as you've got a bit of brain about you!
Any half-creatures, barbarians and such as stated by Sgt Davies above are more than welcome to lend a hand....as well as any other adventurer-types that want to pitch in.

If this applies to you then rendezvous (that's "meet up with" if you went to warrior college or you work for your livin' like me) at The Restless Ranger tavern in Corbin Town, southern Amatyr this coming Saturs Morn.

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Right, I shall be there. I mean thats if I can get there in time. How do adventurers travel to so many different places so quickly. Us normal folk take weeks to navigate duchies.

Karla, I found it difficult to navigate around at first. Just find the local Order of Radiance, Militia or Waystation they can help. I will be volunterring too so will see you at the tavern.
Elias Kincade Hawksmoor

Maggie Baggins-Mortain asks could anyone with any information on efforts to return the Bards please contact me.
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Should I take this silence to mean that nobody is doing anything?

Nah mate, they is just weary of some unknown person asking about things so openly. Go to a waystation and ask around, someone might point you in a direction. Might not be the right direction but its a start.
Noodles. Muccadum

It is true I have not introduced myself to the High Table. However, I hope some may recognize me from the histories. If not, perhaps you know my husband, Guy of the Black.
Now, is anybody doing anything, or am I going to have to rewrite the Dream on my own?
Maggie Baggins-Mortain

I am sure there is likely to be a rescue attempt being prepared - it is ill advised to go and rewrite the dream on your own/ at all.

Also from past experience this mode of communication is viewed by enemies of the king as well as alliance adventurers, so people will be unwilling to communicate openly about things - especially something as sensitive as returning those that have essentially stepped.

I can fill you in on what I have managed to do to try and fix things and what needs to happen next.

Siobhan Priestess of the Evanadae

D.R. Samuel Rawley House Royce, Order of Radiance announces To all new adventurers preparing to go out on adventures soon. I will be in the Tavern Fryers Eve. I will be there to assist with what supplies I have, offer temporary blesses for those of Good and Neutral alignments. I shall be on hand to answer any questions that you may have or alieviate concerns should you not have studied whilst in those classes.

Feel free to accept my offer with no expectation of joining a religion, club, gang, company or house.

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Fleck states apparently today is where you are supposed to celebrate the one you love and cherish. Given I love love everyone celebrations all round.

I seem to have found myself a keg or two or three (who is counting and don't ask how I came across it). If anyone fancies celebrating I can be found in Haven near the port. Please do join me for fun, frollicks and drinking.

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Ps no law types please (I mean I am totally innocent and the like)

Pps: I don't charge. And no strings attached (also nothing has to happen either drinking is fine)

Flint. Swordsman of Athena. Page to Lady Emelie Draven asks Would it be possible for a member of the King's Militia or March Wardens service contact me regarding a proposal of a task that may need the backing of the officers of law. Many Thanks. Flint
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Sir Rathanos Royce Justicar of Amatyr announces The casting and/or participation in the casting or use of Blood Magic is hereby outlawed in the Duchy of Amatyr. The Same applies to Diamond Magic.

Membership and Participation in the activities of the Blood Church of Marnhom is also outlawed.

Anyone found to be in breach of these laws is to considered dangerous and a bounty will be awarded as per a necromancer.

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What’s diamond magic and why is it bad?

Diamond magic is associated with blood magic but uses diamonds as a focus. it is highly dangerous and can be used to trap peoples souls

Sir Rathanos Justicar of Amatyr

So different duchies have different rules.
How are we supposed to remember that! I mean seriously - are you going to put them in every adventuring tavern so we know which rules apply.


You planning on becoming a travelling Diamond Magician then, Fleck?

Well I need something new to focus on...

But anyway, memorising laws all over duchies in evermore is going to make my head hurt.

The Kingdom of Avmar is an absolute monarchy, with all rights, duties and privileges being granted by the monarch.

King Thanagor has appointed Dukes to rule the nine Duchies.

The Kings Law (for example the ban on the practice of Necromancy) is made by proclamation and applies to all of Avmar, with the Dukes being tasked with enforcing the Kings Law in their respective fiefdoms. As the Kings Law sits above Ducal law, crimes committed against it take precedence against any offences against a Duchy.

The Dukes have the power to set laws in their Duchies on matters that fall outside the Kings Law.

The Dukes appoint a Justicar, to whom the delegate their responsibility to enforce the Duke's and King's Laws within their Duchy.

Most Ducal laws relate to taxes on goods and property that don't normally impact on adventurers, but Ducal laws prohibiting novel activities against the common good do exist. Generally speaking, if you're at the point you're wondering if what your doing is illegal, you should probably stop doing it and check...
Anander Locke

Right Mister/Misses/person/creature Anander Locke,

Thanks for the laws lesson - I can remember most of that stuff (I think.....).

Taxes - we pay taxes I ain't done that ever. I mean I have not been arrested for it, so I assume someone has made sure I am legit!

But anyway, remembering rules is difficult and I tend to struggle with the should I and the shouldn't I bit. Morals is a little tricky you know. I mean I shouldn't have have had a one nightstand, but I did. I mean I should probably be taking care of my sprog - but meh I am sure she is in good hands somewhere. You get the gist.

Anyway I have said enough I think. I need more drink.

Lukas kane informs My estate was recently attacked by forces of dark dreams and there were also some adventurers present.
Some of my people died and some are missing, the dead will be mourned in our own way but the missing need to be located, especially the druid known as precious.
Anyone who has information of the location of precious or who the adventurers were either contact me or any of my house on here or privately as a matter of urgency.

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Sorry to hear this Lukas. Let me know if I can help you hunt them down.

Good to hear from you Diana. I will be in touch.
Lukas kane

As a brother Druid, I would be more than happy to assist in locating Precious.

Thank you for the offer Gerrard. I will contact you if required.
Lukas kane

Send me your contact details.
Lukas kane

Let me know if I can help Lukas.

You know where to find me Lukas.
I owed you for that time, in that place, doing the thing.
Consider us even.
Come see me asap to discuss...

Kaiden, Hunter announces Reet, ti's a ways off but I wanny start to organise a hunting trip for some of ye. The plan for those interested will be t meet up at the fall for a booting oot and a boot t learn how t hunt and then t learn how t make armour of the lightest make.

Who's coming, get in touch to make interest known like

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Abraxas Lazendar asks I am looking for a Wizard of Galzar to make a mystical item for me. I am, of course, happy to compensate you for your time, materials and the item. Please contact me directly. I am contactable either via the Lazendar estate or via the Arcane Federation.
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Amano Damaramu announces in light of the possible existential threat to Shinn posed by Darkdreams' movement of the Balefire, a state of emergency is declared on Amenokuni and for all the Emperor's subjects elsewhere, in order to form a strong united force to break the Balefire and protect the Emperor if needed.

Until this is accomplished, Seppuku is outlawed. Matters of lost honour are to be referred to your house lord or shogun. I apologise deeply for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tsujigiri is likewise outlawed.

I also offer an amnesty on any existing Ronin who declare themselves before the year's end.

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Might this person humbly suggest that kiri-sute gomen be replaced with lesser penalties for the duration?
Amano Shinji

Kiri-sute gomen remains at the discretion of Hameki, who may or may not choose to show lenience to misguided peasants or impertinent sons.

Warden Aran-Gar announces The Duchy of Parivian has got and always had a March Warden.
If the noble population of Parivian have any issues that require the attention of a Warden of the Marches in Parivian the please contact me at your earliest opportunity.

Aran-Gar, March Warden of Parivian, the Elven Marches.

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Welcome back, and hope you enjoyed your annual leave. I look forward to working with you.
Marchwarden Pike

Mim asks I'm going to Lake Ved to do a thing I've alwayw wanted to! Does anyone have any good questions they want to ask the Lake? "How are you?" and "What the heck is going on?" somehow don't seem up to the task.
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I was actually considering going myself. Water being my expertise, these meteorological disturbances interest me greatly. Please let me know if you’d like my assistance.
Abraxas Lazendar.

I am also slightly curious about lake Ved, if you want someone else to join you.

I mean everyone is welcome to join me in the horrible weather at the lake. I guess they can think about questions when they're there then.

I recently visited and it was most certainly not normal precipitation. We couldn't find anything magical occuring while we visited, just bandits and cattle rustlers pretending to be water spirits as a cover.
Lord Alfred Jilliard-Greenshadow

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