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Jafar Al-Salim Seer to the Great Satrap Malikai Taziel announces That i wish to offer new adventurers an additional opertunity for wardings from harm.
For 300gc i can provide a temprary blessing that will enhance your dextrity until the next day, for 200gc i can provide a shorter enhancement, though it should see you to the end of your adventure.
These are very limited, as the wise man once said, the early bird catches the worm.

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Sam Rawley Chaplain of the Blade House Royce informs I would like to extend the hand of friendship to all those on the adventuring party that assisted my House to regain ground from the enemy. Your selfless actions have not just allowed us to return what was lost, but to strike a blow to those whom would use fear and tyranny unto others. For your sacrifice you have my profound thanks. Should any of you ever require rest and a place of warmth to come to, you are all welcome. Should any of you need my assistance in any reasonable way then consider it given. Our house shall be open for you to come and dine in our halls or provide sanctuary in these trouble times.

We cannot express our gratitude with words. So please let us do so with an offer of hospitality and friendship.

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Dear Debbie asks for help - I have no questions to answer, and no missed connections to puzzle over... Please send me your worries, longings or questions!!! Post below, or send me a message. Questions will be answered in the fine magazine The Tactile Adventurer!
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Sam Rawley Chaplain of the Blade House Royce announces Due to two disease incidents recently all in the adventuring community are respectfully advised to follow the following precautions when returning from an adventure etc, especially where it has been noted the presence of priests of the profane flame.

1: Be aware of party members who may have been isolated during combat and potentially infected by Astral level of infection.

2:Standard discerns will not pick up the presence of said infection, however higher levels of discerns may yield information, Spirit sight is rumoured to yield an indication of taint.

3: Once the worst has happened, isolate the infected and restrict any physical contact with the infected, this includes all equiptment and items they carry.

4:As it is difficult to cure, make the nearest Order of Radiance aware as soon as you are able to. Do not allow infected to wander freely around taverns and communal area's. Anyone who has had physical contact, no matter how slight should be considered a risk.

5: Contact me via the Order of Radiance without delay or House Royce.

Please be aware of these precautions as to not spread this vile plague. Prevention is so much easier than a mass cure.

Thank you

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Halifax asks Would anyone be willing to do a small job for me? Visit a library and retrieve something
Paying triple going rate

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I like a decent library-based quest mate - but it doesn't take my seer powers to discern that there is more to your request than meets the eye.

Why can't you go get it? I suspect 'Late return fees' isn't the answer...

Paying triple Halifax? Why that can only mean a rival demon lord's domain.

I'm willing to discuss terms for the job.
Come by the Valsinglas Library. I was going to say, 'at your pleasure'but in your case, just turn up as you are mate.

Frenchy asks can anyone tell me why Madame Carry-An's estates have been "seized by the crown"?
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Official line is "Murder and Treason". Both been black headbands and massive rewards for their heads I believe. If you know anything about their whereabouts please report to your local militiaman.

The Judiciary announces that due to the increased abduction and immoral transport of children about the duchies of Evermore, all orphaned children are to be considered the lawful wards of their duchy and the judiciary therein. The duchy will provide all necessary support in its guardianship in loco parentis.
Those wishing to adopt, apprentice, relocate or otherwise displace an orphaned child must apply to the ducal office for permission, or face punishment under the King's Law.

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The ‘Sparks of the Anvil Orphanage’ is of course always more than happy to host visitations from the Duke of Draconsmere or Justicar Lady Rothaid (or indeed any Amoriath) at any time that is convenient to them, and would in fact be glad of the chance to show our gratitude for their kindness and support. Our doors are always open.

We are only newly returned from our Summer stay with the Tuatha but I am sure that Tim and Jenna would be keen to see either of you again, and our newest editions would be star-struck I am sure. Of course the Orphanage will happily comply with any regulations laid down by the judiciary or undertake any necessary inspections or applications, especially if this offers greater protection and security to those orphaned children in our care.

We are also more than happy to offer whatever service and security we can to His Grace the Duke or the good Lady Rothaid in any manner they see fit.

Gerrand asks Could I please ask Lance of the order of the Falcon, Gerrard the Crusader and Rutharion the Los Alfar of the Order of Radiance to please contact me. There is something I wish to discuss with them.
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Anander Locke asks Would Precious the Druid mind getting in contact?
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Hi, Ive replied through the comms thing, or I have a few animal friends who could bring you a message. However unless you speak squirrel you might struggle to understand. ( Plus they have accents)
Precious Druid of the Grey, House Kane

Precious Druid of The Grey, House Kane announces To those who have tried to contact and speak to me direct and found me a little difficult to understand. I apologise heartfully.

It appears my sanity had not been attended to since a mission I went on to retake the port of Amatyr. Unfortunately I had been San Drained and darted and thus why my information sharing has been sketchy thus far. Again apologies to those who have contavted me
My sanity is in a healthier state of regeneration for the moment.

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Matt E Hareen Warrior asks Hey, is there a house or company thats got use of a warrior. After the betrayal of the so called "Gypsy King" Ive found myself homeless. Im a tidy person who loves art and need a place to call home. Please help a poor veteran.
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Kurgen bane asks Can Constantine or Grob get in touch I have a few questions that need answering
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Yes mate.
Come down to House Royce and tell me what's up.

Sinn informs any adventurers who have suffered minimal levels of sanity loss that the Sparks of the Anvil Orphanage and Sanctuary in Draconsmere can offer free bed, board and sanity restore up to 10 sanity a month to all guests.

Unfortunately this service can only be offered at the Orphanage itself so apologies that we are unable to offer a greater assistance to the Order of Radiance in providing rehabilitative services to the adventuring community.

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I. Rex. Can help you also. I can restore some san per day if that helps

Constantine states All adventurers:

Please be advised - there is a powerful unknown possession effect in place around Beltane's Dance and the area of Jocelyn's Gil in Caerleon.

Advice has been passed by the knight to whom I am paged, Sir Peter Villa, that those areas are to be avoided until further notice. Additionally the precise area of effect is not known so on a personal note, unless you are desperate (and I'm talking life or death here) I'd maybe give that whole duchy a miss for a while.

At this time it is not known who or what is causing this effect and I would ask that speculation be kept to a minimum here to avoid panic and false accusations being made.

Stay safe out there everyone.

Seneshal of House Royce
Page to Sir Peter Villa, Amoriath Knight

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Viran Greenoak asks Viran Greenoak here newly qualified Inner flame. I have been advised there are organisations, companies and the like that I should join. Any answers would be appreciated as I might be going on my first mission very soon.
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It's a really good idea to join the Priests Guild. For other organisations I'd suggest you get to know them first and see where you feel comfortable.
Cissy, Inner Flame

Hey there, call at the local Order of Radiance and me and my brother will help you find all of the companies you seek, and of course make sure your safe doing so.
Dean Winchester, House Usher, Order of Radiance and the Holy See

Charmos Ginamos asks if anyone would like to sponsor a Scout, please contact me.
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I'm always keen to take on fresh talent, especially
a new scout - come see me at House Alderstone at your convenience and we'll talk further.
Carter Hawk

A noble class, and a very welcome one for many houses. Please feel free to call upon House Royce and see if you feel at home.
Sam Rawley House Royce

Jaccomo asks An adventuring necromancer posing as a priests? - Very Naughty!
A group of Headhunters rescuing fellow adventurers from Amateer- Very Nice.

Tactile Adventurer is ready to publish the year Naughty or Nice list and is eagerly awaiting your submissions. Heard of a selfless deed? or learned a terrible truth? Submit to have our nomination published in the coming Special Seasonal Issue. We will not disclose names of our sources… and may choose to emit identity of some of the nominees. Send your submissions to Jaccomo or Lollipop.

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Duke of Haven announces

To prepare for the festive season and hopefully glorious outcome on the turn of the year the Duchy of Haven will run a competition at the Haven high table for the best entertainment of the evening Prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd places
Entertainment can be a song, piece of music, a tale of heroics or a comedic tale/routine each entry should be no more than 3 mins. High tables decision is final

Let us all bring party fun and good cheer to this festive high table, I look forward to being entertained in the company of friends old and new.

Festive greetings and glad tidings to you all.

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Elias Kincade Hawksmoor, Sorcerer of Galzar, apprentice to the path asks With greatest respect could a representative of Evermorian House Hawksmoor contact me so I can arrange to visit. Now the path has been opened and we are one house again, I bring news and dispatches from Hareks Gil. I am looking also for the friendship and protection of a warlock or ward as I adventure and travel while we get to know of the land we have been told of since being children. Thank you for your consideration in this matter
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I have sent you a missive from House Hawksmoor.
Lady Marianne Rosseau

I accept your gracious invitation and look forward to meeting a whole new side to our wonderous family.
Elias Kincade Hawksmoor

Fleck asks So what the hell has been going on!

I have been blissfully bringing a sprog into the world - long story but the father was not happy with the idea of adventuring while pregnant (btw this is gross never again I need me some gypsy luck). Anyway escaped now on the promise of paying for it so whats been going on in the world?

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