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Lady Hélène Lassan states Fellow adventurers, we are looking for brave , experienced volunteers to join us on a quest seeking the end of the accursed Balefire around Eilind. Many of us were cut off from homes, family and friends when it was raised by the Grand Intelligencier and the Wierd Lords. It is past time we found a way back.
We have in our possession a map, which we hope will lead us to the solution. This map leads deep underground, and the quest will take many months. We have some funds to offer payment, and more to purchase supplies. But without you these will be useless. We need volunteers who can bring a wide range of skills to make this venture a success. All applicants will be considered. If you have further questions please feel free to get it touch.

Lady Hélène Lassan
Sean MacMhuiric

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Anyone who would volunteer to help us, please let myself or Sean know as soon as possible so we can see what skills our expedition will need/lack and try to prepare before we all leave.
Lady Hélène Lassan

Halifax asks Hello fellow adventurers. I am looking for two or three able bodied people of an open mind to aid me in a small task. I am willing to pay well for your services It will be if nothing else interesting
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Please define the purpose and nature of assistance required, along with any specific skills or requirements for applicants.

Well. Having never met you ( I think). Persons would be open minded. Not allergic to pain. Interested in travelling to new and exciting places , unabashed in matters of the flesh. And a good conversationalist

Harlod Pinter announces Ded brainy Magsmen luckin fur a house or uther place to calls home. Anyfing with nature would be guud as I totally got rid of a bloke poking a bear in a bad way. He had a gun, it was small, mines bigger.
Fanks Harlod ( should be harold but mi mum be fick)

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Hi! Not in a house, but would love to meet you anyway. You should check out The Order of Nature, they'really lovely. See you soon hopefully.

Autumn Licorn

Yeah we catch up and I tellz you about da man and how we stopps him from making more bears that wants to kill uvvers insteads of doin what bears normally do. Will meets for drinks sumetime
Harlod Pinter

Jafar Al-Salim Seer to the Great Satrap Malikai Taziel reveals To all who seek to protect thier spirit from the touch of the living dead, or wish to recieve the protection of the land. I can offer these services for the standard fee required for one of my profession as set by the Great Sir 'The Doctor' Cervantes.
The cost of such services are 1000 Gold Crowns, if you wish to purchase both of these blessings I can supply them for a reduced cost of 1500 Gold.
May the Mahavidyas watch over you all.

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Halifax asks Hello chaps. Would any judge / magister get in contact please. I have a legal question
Many thanks and cheerio

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Sounds like you need a lawyer more than a judge...
Isembard Underhill

Larson E. Pettifogger (KRK) asks that the following Houses and Companies send a seneschal or elected representative to contact his office immediately (OOC: Send Guy a PM)
House Alderstone
House Altioc
House Braid
House Felice
House Kane
House Lazender
House Lomax
House Taziel Satrapy
House Thorne
House Tokugawa

Ancient Order of the Hitchers
Arcane Federation
Bad Company
Company of the Unhomed
Misfits Company
Nu Brute Squad
Order of Nature
Peacekeepers Company
Pub Squad
Raven Guard
Red Dragon Inn
Red Fox
The Exiles
The Mis-shapen
The Posse
The Scurvy Wench
Valsinglas Irregulars

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Ted asks Are there any good priests requiring protection? Free of charge, no ulterior motive. Just repaying one bad deed with a good one. Should you be a good priest in need of protection, contact me. I can usually be found at the Lomax estate.
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Having received information, if you are a good priest, DO NOT heed any such calls for the time being or if you do, be vigilant. Several people have been questimooned to kill good priests, I do not know how many have been affected.

While this might be a sincere request, please be careful.

If you believe you have been questimooned, please find your local friendly ranger immediately. They will be able to remove it for you.

Please stay safe everyone.

Autumn Licorne

Just to clarify: Yes, I was questimooned to kill a good priest. However, a bard learned of this and cured that curse but also cursed me to protect a good priest in return. Fair cop and all that can't be too careful with folk. You're welcome to verify this if you like.

Can anyone in the know tell how a questimoon work, as in how long you get to Do it, what happens if you don't do it and how to remove it .
Lukas kane

I can vouch for his intentions in this case, I realize that does not count for much coming from me but I literally watched the Bard in question do it, I could not stop laughing when it dawned on Ted he had to actually protect someone and get nothing in return.

Jafar Al-Salim Seer to the Great Satrap Malikai Taziel reveals I am seeking priests who have learned the craft of making charms bound to thier faith.
For thoes who can create such items I am willing to pay twice what the Kings Armoury charges for charms crafted by member of the adventuring community.
May the Mahadives be with you.

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Trist announces that she is offering a runic blessing to individuals interested in enhancing their mystical defenses, for a small fee (to be negotiated depending on means) or a return favour or service. Queries to be directed to Guild offices for receipt.
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In addition, as it has been requested, I can perform a runic initiation and binding for any adventurers who so desire that path.

Wouldn't I need to follow the same gods as you for the runic blessing to work? If so, who are your gods (if you don't mind me asking)?
Jester Dick

The Slyful Scrounger, Priestly Rogue asks I was pondering if the Order of Radiance and the Priests Guild have room for a little un, found m'self on the business end of learning miracles and stuff. Who knew I was better as a Priestly Rogue or so that geezer down the tavern said, he could of being having a scratch and poke(joke)
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Of course the Order of Radience has room for more, please come see me at the Pope Pongelius School for Inner Flames so we can chat.

Best regards,

Thank you, will be around shortly.
The Slyful Scrounger

The Justicars Office of Garda announces that in an effort to stem the tide of Bliss entering Garda the amount of border personnel along the Garda/Ainsfarle border will be increased.
These personnel have been given authority as customs agents to search all trade wagons/caravans for illegal substances/contraband.
Any adventurers who encounter these personnel are asked to be understanding as they are only doing their job.
These measures shall remain in effect until the Bliss problems has been solved.

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Halifax asks Anyone wishing to take a quest for me? Basically a retrieval service. Danger is expected. Remuneration substantial Message me for interest
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Johnno asks Anyone out there make flint or obsidian arrows. ? Looking to buy
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Gerrand asks Are there any adventurers willingn to assist me in a research journey to unlock the healing properties of herbs? I am looking to journey to research a way to unlock the healing potential of the herbs I’m already familiar with in order to better assist my friends. Any treasure/money that’s found you’re welcome to, I have no use of it and you’ll have my gratitude if you assist me. Contact me directly or through The Exiles
With greatest respect, Gerrand Druid of the Dark.

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Sounds like a great idea. I'll come with you if I'm able.

Dwd! I will if I can.
Lief of the Edain

If you need a priest, I can help. Would be something I would be interested in assisting with
Samuel Rawley, Chaplain of the Blade, House Royce

Lucius asks Is there anyone out there with a bottle of Necromantic Essance left over from the puppet war?
I am looking to purchase some.

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Constable Harken Swiftblade announces that the people of the village of Hillford on the Region-Amatyr border have vanished in the night. Militia patrols have reported that they passed through the village a week prior and the village was reported to have no issues. There are no signs of struggle or battle.

The populace are reminded to be vigilant and to report any clues as to the whereabouts of the villagers to their local Militia outpost.

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The people of Hillford have been found and returned to their Homes. The Militia thanks the Adventurers who saved them from their torment
Harken Swiftblade

Thaddeus asks Priest of Dionysus looking for House/Company/Organisation for good times and mutually beneficial relationship, must have GSOH.
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I know that name... he's the drinky-god isn't he?
Marcus Vaughan, Pub Squad

I for one “hic” love to drink And would adventure with you “hic” for wine!
Eddie Lo

He is the God of Brewing, amongst other things.

If you are a fellow Exile from Khon-Khark then the Exiles doors are open.

Man I must've got sideways. I don't remember posting this.
Thaddeus, Warrior Monk

Many Voices wibbles Argh!Insects biting me, rats following me! Necromancer dead, questimoon not gone!
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Jaccomo announces Tactile Adventurer Competition
We are inviting adventurers to contribute to our next Issue!
Opinion pieces, angry letters to the editor, drawings and anything else that might come to your mind.
Fabulous prizes for top 3 contributions include an elven made cloak, a silver dagger and a !!Mystery Prize!!


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How do you submit something? Who do I send my wisdom to?

Send you excellent content here!

El Rey asks Citizen! Have you or someone you know been affected by Bliss? Are you sick of being taken advantage of by these unscrupulous dealers? We can show you how to legally and peacefully fight back! Join the organisation for Citizens Liberation from Immoral Traders. Recruiting in a tavern near you! Sign our petition to the King for action to be taken. It is time to shout Enough!
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