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Marvellous Places

This being the first part of those matters on which Master Binkley Llandis Esq. shall hold such discourses on the habitats, domains and principalities of this territorial world and the Kingdoms beyond such!

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AJICOR; a region on the Continent of Eilind to the north of Darkendar, thought to have remained un-conquered during the first and second rise of the Inquisition. Current situation and nature of populace unknown by this author.

ANLASS, PLAIN; the location where Dagravane’s alliance finally defeated Lanvaster's Utguard League. Thought to lie just South of Caerleon.

AKREA; a continent to the south of Peckfortain, Evermore and Eilind cf. Usky, Hadesi, Bookah.

ALDAIN HALL; the small town and inner fortress of the Firith from which its ruler holds Government. The first physical appearance of the ‘Stalker of Shadows’, approx. 5854.

ALFHIEM; the original home of the Alfar races.

AMATYR; the most south-westerly of the 9 regions of Evermore and the seat of Crown and Government. Also four cities who border each other; Ancient Amatyr in the south, New Amatyr immediately north of this, Western Amatyr linking with the sea and the ‘Old Towns’ (a circle of small towns that surrounded Ancient Amatyr). Amatyr at this time is still the seat of Central Government. As a final note the region of Amatry is segregated from the main body of Avmar by Thimblek's Wall.

ANISFARL; Evermorian province south of Caerleon, north of Region cf. Myvanwë Hawkins, Thailes Gil.

ANLOSS PLAIN; location of the final confrontation between Dagravane and the Lanvaster League.

ARADAIN; wooded area of Eilind bordering Edhaal. Its population are referred to as the Edain. Some few have escaped into Avmar.

ARCHIPELAGO; Situated some way south of Evermore, this is where a large number of Evermorians evacuated to when the Gil pushed forwards and took almost all of Evermore. This is now the main base of operations for most adventurers. There were three main islands settled in the archipelago:

  • Tal-Anum; Settled by the Elindanian peoples
  • Tol Aman-estel; Settled by the Elven peoples
  • New Avmar; Settled by the Evermorians
Elven Island was destroyed in an attempt to defeat the Manticore's Talon troops who had occupied it.

ATLANTIS; the ancient sunken kingdom whose Empire (it is said) spanned the Kingdom world during the Second Age; it is said the Gods themselves sank Atlantis to preserve something (?). Nova Atlantis was allowed to remain.

AVMAR; Island Kingdom of the Alliance, seat of the ‘Forever King’. Colloquially called Evermore by the inhabitants.

AP-ELIA-SAL lit, ‘The Gates of Paradise’; a secret location where Dagravane is said to have finally slain Mythor, his son, the Black Prince. There are known to be five keys required to open the Gates of Paradise.

AP-ELIA-SAL (Island); the clandestine meeting-point between the King and the ‘Four Eternal Servants’ of the Enemy, where Mikhael Errolfini injured the King (mortally it is said). Also the last place Nightshade was seen, and where Uridae and the Red Earl were killed along with Kalmir and Calonlan. Finally where Flaymax Fieryhand was slain by Varian Locke, that Death Knight then in turn being slain by Shandor Thimblek.

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BARDSLEA; an Island off the extreme western coast of Eilind on which is situated ‘The Great Machine’ cf. ‘The Great Machine’.

BELTAYN'S DANCE; a circle of monoliths east of Caerleon which have been awakened alternately by Lore Lords and Ancient Druids to defend various Adventurers.

BANNFIRE; although it's never actually been seen, said to be a huge fire situated in the outer courtyard of Castle Corruption into which hundreds are hurled daily by the Weird Lords and their servants. It is said that the fire in some way feeds the Weird Lords' power!

BRIGADOON; an isolated village rumoured to have been cursed centuries past by an ancient and malevolent Wizard. Since frozen in time, only interacting with our time-line every fifty years or so!

BRYNN, River; running from the borders of Paravien, through Garda, Region and touching South Anisfarl. Provides a major trade route for the Evermorian Mercantile classes from these regions. Saltmire Marsh is situated in the Brynn’s flood plain.

BRIENS; town and fortress where Jeruth and Philip D’Haverthorn held council to decide the rightful King - both Princes of the blood and most Chieftains and leaders were slain in a blood-thirsty ambush by Mikhael Errolfini and the Lieutenants of Sonnats Gil. As Errolfini was about to execute Thalmir and the last few valiant fighters, Gareth Shequi entered to recite the Eluja Namora in order to summon Dagravane. The King and the last few defenders then successfully managed to drive off the ‘despot of the Gil’.

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the CARE; the Fortress town surrounding Choiristas Keep, seat of ancient power of the first council of Lords. Currently under siege from the plane shifting Redknapp military installation, cf. Choiristas Keep II.

CASTLE CORRUPTION; the fortress of Endless Tears, the seat of power of the five Weird Lords and the main base for Dark Dreams and his servants on this plane of existence. The Castle is situated in Tal-Anon in southern Eilind. Its armies are made up of the former inhabitants of this region, Parsek - Nin and Dadan Amask .... human beings warped beyond all recognition into Ra-Men and Wierdlings. Raisclari, Peter Villa and David Lord are the only Evermorians to have been inside Castle Corruption and come back alive!

CHOIRISTAS KEEP (I); just as the Lords of the Care shepherded Evermore through its leaderless years, the Choiristas performed much the same function for the inhabitants of Eilind. Their central power base was in their own province known as Central Choiristas Region. Choiristas Keep, although a massive fortress, only had the Choiristas to defend it. It was initially damaged by Evermorians in the Exile-Choiristas War and later destroyed during a parties attempts to raid the library when fire based spells ignited flames from a huge pool of naphtha the Inquizition had been building beneath the central structure.

CHOIRISTAS KEEP (II); formerly Lords Keep, renamed Choiristas Keep by Pope Epongilius. Base of the rebellion against the Regency. Formerly haunted by Dagravane’s wife. To this day no-one knows who actually built the castle and the inner keep. On the bottom-most storey there is said to sleep a solitary Black Dragon.

CHOIRISTAS LIBRARY; former library of the Choiristas of Eilind. Rumoured to have stored in excess of 100,000 volumes predating the Oblivion Wars, and thousands post dating it. It was said that the library contained the majority of stored human knowledge. Destroyed accidentally by Menelaus Bane during the vampire incident.

CLUN; a small barony south of Caerleon whose inhabitants supported Ard Skraga. After the demise of the Necromancer, Baron Clun was attacked and destroyed by agents of the Lore Lords, its inhabitants driven into hiding. Even today a great many Evermorians are afraid to mention their partly Clunnish ancestry! Some few are even inclined to side with the Gil.

CRAIGS KEEP; first line of defence that fell over 100 years ago to the ‘League of Evil’ and their master Deathtouch, cf. ‘Wondrous Things’.

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DARKHAVEN; barony based at the former location of ‘Nightmare March’ established by Friscracia (Dragonlord) and Hawley Smoot (Assassin), rapidly became a ‘Free State’ full of Thieves, Outlaws and scum. On the return of the King (cf. Briens) Smoot and Friscracia humbly begged to keep their independence on guaranteed assurance of providing a buffer against Castle Krull. Smoot abandoned ship soon after Friscracia’s suspected demise. The area has now been seized with all its former assets by the alliance of Hanuman Able and the former Prime Minister of Krull.

DRACONSMERE; bordering the Firith and Caerleon. Draconsmere is an isolated and mountainous region. Base to the Ullratha and natural habitat of the Adraldi.

DRACONSMERE KEEP; another Evermorian Fortress whose builders' identity has been obscured by time. Former seat of the Council of Rune Dukes, before its sacking by the Akaidai Legions. Now base of operations for the Summunai, Swan Knights, Ullratha Alliance.

DANAKIL; a desert region just north of Amatyr, central to which is a vast mountain eyrie, the home of the Erith-Gyr and higher up the Erith-Thane. It is said that the Druids of the Watch - the most ancient of Druidic orders - hides out away from all, cf. ‘The Well of the Gyr’.

DARKENDAR; vast province in the north of the continent of Eilind. Once a beautiful land. Its people, with psionic talents by their genepool, fell to a great war with each other. Formerly ruled by nearly a hundred ruling houses, only nine survived the psionic catastrophe that turned the land to a desert nearly 25 centuries past. Out of the ashes came the priests of Aktarn who proclaimed the decimation of the land as a punishment from their God. Over the centuries the Priesthood gained more and more power and eventually the Inquisition of Darkendar was formed to police both Priesthood and people. Only the Choiristas contained, through subterfuge, the empire-building dreams of the Inquisition and the House Lords, until the Evermorian Exiles of the first Regency war destroyed their powerbase and enabled the Inquisition to rampage across their own continent and later Evermore itself.

DUSK ISLAND; base of the Majistar, Rune Duke Ombarg-Duran-Dusk, more than that is not widely known.

DARROW DELF; main mountain Dwarf citadel in the west of Haven.

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EDHAAL; thickly wooded land east of the Central Choiristas region of Eilind, cf. Edhaals, Timberwolves.

EIRE; an island to the west of Evermore. Homeland of the Tuatha de Dannan and Firvalg Barbarians.

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FIRITH; frozen province in the north of Avmar. Home to Ice Elves, White Dwarves, de Dannans, Norsemen and Snowbeasts.

FREE STATES; five small cities and large towns who capitulated to besieging forces of Sonnats Gil. Occupation forces then bled the population dry and instilled a citizens' watch, implemented by brain-washed school children. The population was reduced by nearly 70% over the years of occupation until the Garda Dragoons and their allies in Kyrie-Sumunai managed to attack and drive out the forces of Jacquernai, the Black Pope of the East.

FROZEN NORTH; a reference to an area in the north of Eilind that is said to lead through stepping-stone islands of Ice to a huge and mysterious northerly continent.

FIRE TRENCH; an ancient defence for the south of Avmar. No-one knows who built the fire trench and only Amoriath Wizards understand how to work it. Was once used to stop the advance of the Inquisition forces under Bashir Khan.

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GARDA; standing between Valsinglas and the rest of Evermore, Garda is probably one of the most war-torn regions of the Kingdom. Its people are probably some of the fiercest and most stoic of all of Avmar's people. For a long time they ran a secret war with Central Evermore maintaining their right to separate kingdom status. Dagravane finally tamed the G.L.F. with a promise of separate principality status. At present Garda is occupied by Sonnats Gil after their crushing defeat of alliance forces at Landwell and later driving back the alliance army of re-conquest at the ‘Battle of Garda’, cf. Landwell, GLF, Garda Dragoons, Battle of Garda.

GARDA GALES; a treacherous mountain pass, similar to but nearly 7 times (3 miles) longer than the pass at Landwell. The scene of many disputes between Evermorians and members of the Inquisition and Sonnats Gil.

the GYR, Well of; a vast pool in Danakil, said to be a direct source of Earth Power prior to its desecration by Errolfini during the final sequences of the Land mission.

GRAVENROCK; an underworld mountain, carved into which is the first pledge of the five Drowh Fathers of Avmar that one day they would blind the sun and slay every Elf and the Men and Dwarves who aided them in one night of bloodthirsty revenge and massacre! It is said many hundreds of Elven prisoners have beheld the 'Oath of Gravenrock' as the last thing they saw before they were slain.

GOLDENWOOD; the ancient woodland bordering Craigs domain in Peckfortain whence came the once-numerous High Elemental Elves. Where the 'Power and the Glory' stood until the League of Evil broke its girdle through use of dark sorceries and legions of Wood Trolls.

GREAT MACHINE; an ancient weapon (?) situated on the Isle of Bardslea just west of Eilind. It is said to have been designed to boost normal humanity's psionic potential for the final encounter with the Daka-Shea during the Oblivion Wars. Near to its completion, the stories say a Black Dwarf named Gimgil forced the Machine to give him the power to be immune to the Enemy's touch - he was then gifted the Ring of Tin.

the NINE GATES OF THE HEARTWOOD; as you journey deeper into the Heartwood at the centre of Oakenwood, you pas through nine Gates. Each one marks a change in season and an earlier historical period of recollection. Born of the Erith-Thane is said to have entered the Heartwood at the time his people left Evermore with those who remained. At the centre, beyond the Ninth Gate, time is said to pass at a massive rate (?!?).

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HADEN; capital city of the Kheri-heb, ruler of the slave-dealing Hadesi people of North Akrea. Location of the biggest pyramid outside of Atlantis.

HALL OF PEACE; a sacred hall in Amatyr, the central precinct of Evermore; once desecrated by Deathtouch, re-consecrated by a Nun of Geroden.

HALLS OF WAITING; a place located (?) somewhree inside the Great Machine of Bardslea. A place where fallen heroes and nobility may be consulted by summoning their shades. The place has a caretaker called Vigilance.

HAVEN; one of Evermore's nine provinces, formerly ruled by Ombarg Duran Dusk.

HAVEN CITY and PORT; place where the Exiles landed from Evermore around 90 years. Up until the return of Dagravane, maintained an independent government which at the time resisted Jeruth Haverthorn's tyranny.

HEARTWOOD; the primal wood central to Oakenwood, where it is said the shades of long-past heroes take on a more substantial form. A place that any true servant of the enemy can pass through.

HIDDEN REALM; mystical, possibly mythical realm only to be gained by certain unlogged paths and untested arcane rituals. Home of such mythical creatures as Unicorns, Giants, Hobgoblins, etc. (cf Ombarg Duran Dusk)

HROTHGAR GAP; location of the independent Malimorh and the location of the Temple of Dark Earth, sacked by Ullratha 3rd Commando and their allies circa 5840.

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INQUISITION ISLAND; actually called 'New Midigan' by its inhabitants, but generally referred to as Inquisition Island by contemptuous Evermorians. The island was awarded to Lord Damien D'Asturiens, Lord Denagor Bayle D'Asturiens and Sir Vaydakor for their people in exile. Later those worthies fought a battle with forces of Suzonna Hilary Ben Storm and Wrencourt Alton Ardais who drove off Damien and Darkendari loyal to Evermore. Lord D'Asturiens, Master of House Ash Leah, was later trapped and killed by Wrencourt in the 'Honour Debt' incident (5856).

INTERCONTINENTAL GATE; discovered by accident on the outskirts of the 'Valley of Forgotten Dreams' by Seekum of the Tuatha de Dannan in the time of Robin McCraw's chieftancy (circa 5800). Opened a portal between North Region and the northern area of Central Choiristas Region. Was used primarily to send troops (Regency) to aid Baron Malisang.

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KAVARRE; 'The City out of Time', sister city to the Faerie city of Sha-Mae-Garothe. Reported to contain portals to all times and places (even future possibilities). Mikhael Errolfini attempted to unravel time (the fourth great spell) but was defeated by the 'last witch' Damiano. Inderel, Garion, Menelaus Bane, Six, Ricardetta and Simon Pelan were present among others.

KAMARTHE; steppe lands north of Darkendar. Homeland of the Kamarthian barbarians, a large group of nomadic warrios used by the Inquisition as light cavalry in their attempted conquest of Eilind and Avmar.

KAZ-KYR-UTMARL; (lit. the Prison Without Doors) Not much is known about the prison save that a number of Fianrada have been released and yet others have recently boasted of their escape from it, i.e. Har, Sayurn, Terek El Kabra.

KHARA-KHITAI; 'mythical' large island kingdom said to border the great ice planes to the east of Shin. Called by the Shinii 'The Islands of Silk and Steel'.

KHON KHARK; a small country of Eilind, west of Darkendar, whose people 'live in Elysium'. The populace is mostly made up of philosophers, poets, historians and warriors.

KLEET; another neighbour of Darkendar (roughly 14th/15th century Western European base). Kleetians are excessively lawful and honorable, once serving a King who was executed by a Darkendari invasion force circa 5852. His daughter, Princess Tallia, now rules the Kleetian people in exile, cf. Knights of Chevalric Reknown.

KRAS KOL; one of the five Drowh citadels in Sunswallow, thought to be the Silver Fox Citadel.

KRULL KEEP; 'Krull the Mighty', one-time throne of Lord Blacklamb, said to be the strongest castle in Avmar. Prophecy says it is undefeatable by force of arms. Seized later by Blacklamb's servant, Growley Sackville-Baggins, who joined the Regency in their war with the Exiles, circa 5808-5814. Finally, Growley was defeated. It was then thought that the place sat absent of leadership, small political parties by the dozen entering into an arena that existed for nearly 20 years until Jeruth of the House of Haverthorn seized power. Jeruth's final defeat saw Krull fall into the hands of Jeruth's lieutenant, known simply as 'The Prime Minister'. Cotic Raisclari later took control, finally leaving the castle in ruins for the Prime Minister to fall prey to Lord Deathtouch of the League of Evil. Deathtouch is now Master of Krull and its legions. Cf. Prime Minister, Krull/Gil Wars, Hanuman Able, Growley Sackville-Baggins, the One.

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LIND; former mispronunciation of Eilind.

LOM GIL; one of the nine ancient Gils of Avmar. Given to the House of Beor by Dagravane. Vacated by that House when Raisclari's evil simulacrum served the Weird Lords. Now given over to what is left of House Beor and the nations of the Elven Alliance.

LONG JIM'S TAVERN; the mythical Hobbits' Tavern where all hearty Adventurers long to end their days.


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MARCHES - EASTERN & NORTHERN; ancient borders of Valsinglas until they were swallowed by recent Gil expansion.

MALLORN GROVE; the former sacred grove at the edge of the Heartwood in Oakenwood. Was desecrated by Kadiche serving the Gil during the 'Temple of Love' incident. Has never been re-consecrated.

MARNOM; one of the smaller lands in Eilind, but one of the most powerful. No-one knows when, but the Marnish at some point in history re-discovered gunpowder. Divided into three Dukedoms, of which one was destroyed in the first Inquisition attacks on Marnom. Another Duke was uncovered as an Inquisition conspirator, leaving the house of Ardette in control of the country. Cf. Marnish Musketeers, Web conspiracy.

MIDIGAN; central city of Darkendar, scene of the coup d'état held by the Gil over the Grand Intelligencier (circa 5854). Now the seat of the Gil/Inquisition Alliance government.

MIRRORMERE; ancient Demonrock Keep on the continent of Peckfortain, location of the Elemental Circle of Fire, former stronghold of the Fire Elves and the Burning Gold.

MITTELMAR(CH); a plane bordering this one, whose other border is with Hel. Populated by Svarts, Witches, Werewolves, Prophets and the 'odd' decent soul.

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NIGHTMARE MARISH; land of the Deadwood (lit. 'the Nightmare March'), formerly rule by Lord Deathstep before his demise at the hands of Friscracia. Later was populated by Hawley Smoot, Friscracia, Grzzt and their lot and renamed to 'the Barony of Darkhaven'. Abandoned by these during the Gil/Krull wars. Now occupied by the allied forces of Hanuman Able and the former Prime Minister of Krull. Cf. Deathstep.

NOVA ATLANTIS; it is now surmised that, in past ages, Atlantis was actually sunk twice: the first time taking most of the continent, the second time at the end of the Third Age, when the rest of the surface was sunk. Nova Atlantis is the capital of the remaining, now-amphibian denizens of Atlantis.

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OAKENWOOD; central woodland separating East and West Garda. Cf. Heartwood, Mallorn Grove, Inquisition, Bow Ward.

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PECKFORTAIN; ancient continent to the west of Avmar, formerly home to the Elemental Elves and the 'ancient alliance'. Homeland of the House of Beor, destroyed and de-populated by the League of Evil in the course of a hundred-year war. Finally, having lost, many of the Elves and Men became refugees and fled to Avmar, the last of these being the Absolutionists with King Sebspa IV (circa 5855).

PSI TOWERS; ancient towers whose meaning is lost in the history of time. These huge constructs dot the huge desert planes of Darkendar.

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REGION; central province of Avmar, bordering Garda, Anisfarl, Amatyr and the Care. For mountains of Region, see Ombarg Duran Dusk, Redknapp and the Valley of Forgotten Dreams.

RURIKS PLATEAU; the ice plateau that looms above southern Avmar at the corner of the Firith nearest Krull Keep.

REDKNAPP; a military installation in which Wyvern, former Grand Master of the Regency, stockpiled ancient technologies and artefacts. The base now travels across Avmar, 'gating' from place to place and hitting Alliance strongholds and isolated communities. Has recently spent some time attacking the Care and especially Choiristas Keep.

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SAFEHAVEN; a sub-plane.

SALTMIRE; a small town west of the mountains of Region. Due to its location, central to a vast marsh, became the base for the rebels who fought against Jeruth and his Helknights, those rebels only being saved by the ancient pre-Oblivion base beneath Saltmire Marsh and its defence systems.

SCANDIA; ancient, pre-Oblivion kingdom.

SCOTIA; the north-west of the Firith, settled by the Tuatha de Dannan.

SHA-MAE-GAROTHE; last stronghold of the Faerie on this plane.

SHACKLE MOUNTAINS; where wizards are chained to have their elemental powers bound into them. Is actually a geographical location, but can also be accessed through certain points in the Danakil mountain range.

SHIN; island kingdom to the north-east of Eilind.

SKULL FISSURES; ancient semi-active volcano in the north of Avmar. Location of Vorsipher's Fire and said to have been the last standing-place of the Dragons before they left en masse.

St. MICHAEL'S WELL; an ancient mystical well, said to be able to bring back the dead and in the process purify their soul at the same time. Despite an occupation force of Michalines, was finally overrun and corrupted by Drowh and Gil alliance forces.

SONNATS GIL; given to Errolfini by King Kygor when that Rune Priest, still not possessed, was appointed Duke of Valsinglas (circa 5796). Once there, Errolfini found the Darkside Ritual, which he enacted on the peasant children of Valsinglas (5798). Has since that point been the centre of enemy servant activities, save in 5808 when Tomas Ennear, after a three-year bloodthirsty war, entered Sonnats Gil. The ancient tower was only free for a short while. Errolfini, or at least something in his guise, re-inhabited the tower around 5818. Cf. warpmines.

SUNSWALLOW CAVERN; the vast underkingdom inhabited by Drowh, Dark Elves, Cavewights, Black Dwarves, Arachnians and Shadow Elves. Said to contain more than three times the surface area of Avmar, reaching many levels deeper and deeper (the Shadow Elves have mentioned that they live seven levels further down than the Dark Elves).

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TAL-ANON; kingdom of Eilind. Location of the Fortress of Unnumbered Tears and the central power base of the Weird Lords in Eilind.

TANTIVY IV; a far-off planet.

TAVERN IN THE MIST; a mysterious, dreamlike place where Evermorian Adventurers have solved quite a few of their problems (and created several more!).

TEMPLE OF ETERNAL LOVE; cf. the 'Temple of Love' incident.

TEMPLE OF THE DARK EARTH; formerly the High Temple of the Sons of Deprivation and the central focus of Dark Earth power in the lands of Avmar. Was sacked by the illustrious members of 3rd Commando and then ritualy desecrated by Jack Cade. Present were Commandeers Cade, Shequi and Lambeth, Lieutenants Gilburun and Anton D'Coomhar with Belgarian, Sergeants Simon Pelan, William Marsden, Epongileus, Earthlen, Zheer Stonehand and Troi of the Erith-Gyr with Menelaus Bane CIC.

THAILES GIL; one of the nine ancient Gils of Avmar. Situated in Anisfarl, currently held against the Enemy by Anton D'Coomhar and Epongileus.

THIMBLEK'S WALL; a fortification now walling Amatyr pensinsula from central Evermore. Instigated by Shandor Thimblek to protect Amatyr. The capital's criminals have been busy building it ever since.

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VALLEY OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS; after the Oblivion Wars, a certain group of people attempted (some few hundred years afterwards) to recreate at least some of the glory of the pre-Oblivion epoch. Although their culture died out, they left behind an impressive array of machinery from automated poetry auditoriums to anti-personnel gun batteries. A very dangerous place situated in the mountains of Region.

VALSINGLAS; easternmost province of Avmar, now the domain of the Enemy.

THE VEIL; the boundary between the Inner Dream and the Outer Reality.

VOID; innumberable sub-planes that have been used as prisons, for travel, for hiding (beware Void 437).

VORSIPHER'S FIRE; an imprisoned Faerie princess who, along with the Ullratha Catspaw Legion, was sentenced to guard the Lost Ark. Was released by Shandor Thimblek but then imprisoned once more by her former husband. There she resides, her flames burning without fuel, beneath Skull Fissures. Those flames used more than a few who have felt the touch of corruption, and most recently the befoulments of the Weird Lords.

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WARP MINES; once stocks of warpstone ran in veins rife under Sonnats Gil. Last year, Mikhael Errolfini announced the mines were all but dry - but they had just yielded up the three largest stones ever (one, he claimed, was bigger than the Waystation in which he announced this).

WAYSTATIONS; huge military hostels designed as a base to launch military campaigns. In the recent Regency uprising, six out of the nine Waystations capitulated to the Amoriath without bloodshed. Three had to be stormed and were severely damaged. Gravel Dur is the latest addition to the Waystations, being the latest New Sanctuary class addition.

WEAVE WORLDS; strange artificial worlds, allegedly first created by the Fianrada Terek El Kabra to save humanity from the Oblivion Wars - but the first one explored also contained a Daka-Shea hive (?). Remember, the Stygians are coming!!!

the ANCIENT WEST; the ancient western home of the 'Powers', servants of 'the One', deities of the ancient Elven religion.

the BARREN WEST; area to the west of the civilised city states of Peckfortain, the birthplace of the hordes of the League of Evil.

WIZARDS' TOWERS; six towers, each said to contain the secrets of one of the first six great Wizard brothers (Ador, Arle, Eibonair, Nin, Galzar and Seth), but also their personal magic items. Cf. the Dread Mask of Seth, the Sign of the Nul Zero, the Sleeping Secrets, Flame Rings, the Mad Jewels, Galzar's Web, the Wand of the Light and the Fire Guardians. NB: Only the tower of Nin was fully conquered by Zheer Stonehand, though Moridae captured nearly all of Seth.


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