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Splendid People

by Master Binkley Llandis Esq.
(Last updated in 5856)

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AZADUKE; Brother to Utterdark, Rune Duke of Garda, formerly challenged Dagravane for the Crown but was thwarted by the timely interventions of Ombarg Duran Dusk and the Erith-Thane of 'Bad Company'. Has now accepted rank of Duke and Marshal of Evermore's armies of defence, c.f. Azaduke (SW), Rune Dukes.

AKIER; formerly thought to be an Erith-Gyr Wizard turned to stone by the Utgard League, revealed to be Sayurn of the Fianrada.

MASTER ADOR; leader of the Order of Ador.

ADOR; one of the original six Wizard brothers.

ARLE; one of the original six Wizard brothers.

AK ARU; the living spiritual focus of the Erith-Gyr race, said to be a focus for the Gyr to provide a spiritual shield against the Enemy, actually returning to the earth in person. The current invested Ak Aru is Shaunty-Lal, currently in the 15th year of his 200 year duty.

ASHEA KYRIE; former spirit Guardian of Evil, servant of the Circle Aflame and therefore the League of Evil. Captured by Paladins and turned to the cause of good by such. Often strayed from the proper path and is sire to the House of Kyrie through Evensong Ellesedil. At one point occupied the steward kingship of Avmar. Was finally killed by an Assassin.

ARBICOR; the Seventh Brother, the Wizard of Dreams. Was freed from his shackles to discover the reincarnation of his former lover. Married Jeryll of Seth and sired Phaidron and Morpheus and a daughter - name unknown. Finally killed in a battle with a fallen Acolyte Ssendam.

SIR ANTON D'COOMHAR; Amoriath Knight, Master of Thailes Gil, Veteran of the 3rd Commando sack of the Temple of the Dark Earth.

ARD SKRAGA; The Necromancer Baron. The first embodied servant of the Enemy in recent history. Thought to be Rael. Skraga fled judgement by the Alfar of his home realm of Scandia. Using the ancient escape spell known to scandian Necromancers of old, he managed to port himself millennia into the future, roughly 5632. With him Skraga brought bodyguards of Dark and Dokk Alfar (that is how the two species came to Avmar). Later a company of Ljos Alfar were sent forward to find Skraga, these later settling in Ljos Alfar wood (Oakenwood) and becoming the ancestors of all modern Ljos Alfar.
They never did apprehend Skraga and he eventually learned of the Darkside Ritual which he perpetrated against the children of Clun (with parental consent from his allies). Skraga later was destroyed by the sword - Lumenore, draining most of the sacred weapons power. Skraga was in fact turned into a pillar of stone (this was probably an attempt to trap the spirit of Rael). Later the stone was shattered by Thomas Ennear in an attempt to lift Skraga's dying curse against the Gyr. Later Skraga's brothers came looking for him, c.f. Lorimar.

ALLORIC DAL SURRAN LAY; Edain bodyguard executed by KDR along with Ezra Ben Storn of House Midigan on the orders of Suzonna Hilary Ben Storm, his daughter during the 'End to Questions' incident.

ASHOR BAYLE ARDAIS; the Grand Intelligencier and Master of House Dakor, Uncle to Ysabet and Domenic. Executed by Lancaster on the orders of Mikhael Errolfini during the 'End to Questions' incident, during his enthronement as Emperor Absolute of Darkendar.

ARIANWEN; Priestess of the Pantheon, wife to Daniel Shaffer

AKIERO HASEKAWA; the Kings first Armourer, a Hameki.

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BURNING SKY; a Cave Bear

BOAR; Chieftain of the Cave Bear, husband to Eesa

BROTHER NIN; honorific applied to the Master of the Earth Elemental Order of Nin. Growley Sackville Baggins once held the title. The last to hold it was Zheer Stonehand (AM). The whereabouts of this Knight has not been known since he left High Table in the company of Maegdur of the Khalan Kor (5856). It is suspected the Halfling Trent Took is his successor.

BLACKLAMB; formerly a member of Peckfortain’s Black Elementalist Cult, accompanied the Adventurers who slew Ard Skraga and from the ones hand acquired the 'One' itself. Seized Krull Keep in the company of his wife Eldar and some retainers and through machination and guile, eventually became the Keep's absolute master. Rules for a few decades compacting with King Dagravane against the possessed Mythor, but eventually was thought slain by his halfling stepson, Growley. See Growley Sackville Baggins, Eldar of Krull, 'The One'

BALE VAL CALLOFIRE; initially a human scout, Bale was transformed into a Fire Elf by the 'Elemental Circle of Fire' in the western continent. Accompanied Finril and Flaymax to Evermore after the sack of Craig’s Keep. Accompanied adventurers against Ark Skraga, aided Ashea Kyrie steal away Evensong Ellesedil (could be the father of Nadrey Kyrie), accompanied the 'Kings Quest' and the 'Gates of Paradise Quest'. Wielded the Heilege Lance and was accepted by the Bards Council. No-one knows how Bale passed, but he is oft remembered and it is known his Chess Piece was used to drive away the Witch King and his servants around 5795.

BELLOK; an Astromancer who has aided Evermorians but usually at a price. Last time was during the Last Day reality split.

GENERAL RAIGAR ALTON KHAN BASHIR; appointed Supreme Commander of all Darkendari forces of invasion in 5818 after a blitzkrieg storming of Kleet (5814) and Kamarthe (5816) and then Edhaal (5817). After being cut off from his supply lines by Evermorian and Darkendari (renegade) activities, surrendered his sword and 12,000 strong command to Lady Rosemont Ishtakhaan 5835 (Magnificat Concordat). Became a respected alliance commander, but was later executed by an Inquisition Web agent (circa. 5842)

BORN; an Erith Thane Sentinel, a member of Bad Company

BOOKAH;the title given by Akreans and certain Draconsmerian cults to the shamanic pontiff of the Death Cult of the ancient Death God Baron Samadhi. Has not been seen in Avmar in nearly 20 years.

BARON MALISANG;incognito identity of Utterdark, who having 'died' in the 'Sack of Draconsmere' rose from the dead in the form of a Vampire and promptly left Evermore. Was re-discovered posing as the Baron who as a mercenary War Lord had been duped by Inquisition agents into fighting the Choiristas.

BHEREK SPARTAN; King of the Black Dwarves

BALOR OF THE ONE EYE; former honorary title of the spiritual or physical leader of Firvulag. No longer so when those peoples discovered the reality of the creature behind the name in the Formorian Wars, circa 5848-5854

BHREK ALFHANDED; mysterious character alleged to have travelled from another existence. Influenced Ombarg Duran Dusks foundation of the Lore Council, was killed by the traitor Lord Deathstep in Nightmare March in exchange for the lives of Thomas Ennear (who eventually saved a party, who in turn destroyed his saviours adversary), Bale Val Callofire, Astrovak Mikosavaar.

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CALENOR CAVE; said to be the 'father' of Cavewights and Rockwraiths. The first of his kind to side with the Servants of Enemy in order to gain power against the Gyr. It is not known when or if this character really existed.

CATHRODUS; one of the seven Skeletal Lords, Brother to Raecor

CALONLAN; first Warlord of 5th Commando, struck from the Dream by status at the 'Treachery of Ap Elia Sal'

CASPIAN DENARII; A Kingsman Assassin, killed at Redknapp, cloned by the Regency. Later regaining self mastery and finally aiding to overthrow the Regency

CERN; an Erith-Thane Sentinel in 'Bad Company'

CHAMELEON; see Hanuman Able

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DANAR; the birth name of King Dagravane

DEATHSONG; former Malimorh Black Bard and Master of the Bards Council. Now rules in the Triumvirate. Has interposed an uncomfortable number of times on behalf of the side of his own people and the Gil.

DREW THOMAS; a seldom seen Master Bard, said to often be in attendance upon the Faerie Court.

DHAHAL; Choirista rescued by Flaymax Fireyhand from the clutches of the Inquisition. Now founding an Order of Choiristas at Old Care Keep with the aid of Ash of the Bards Council

DEATHTOUCH; founder and leader of the League of Evil which over a few short centuries sacked the entire western continent. Has now travelled to Avmar where he is revealed to be Nage Orom, also called Fjar, second servant of the Enemy. Now resides in Krull commanding its forces in an attack south against Anisfal and North in the Firith.

DYSTYGYR; another Rune Duke who survived the 'Sack of Draconsmere Keep'. Said to be alive, well and content tending a Smiths Forge in the lower regions of Sunswallow.

DANIEL ELIJAH PULSIFER; an Amoriath Knight, Master of the Ashale

DAVID LORD; an Ullratha Knight who has been corrupted by the Gil and the Weird Lords, formerly of 4th Commando, now of 5th Commando.

DIGNITY; Lady Rune Duke brought back from Oblivion by James Dorien. Former wife of Vengeance, Mother to the Tenth Rune Duke.

DORDAK ALEN; Master Humaktae, Amoriath Knight, veteran of 'The Temple of Love' incident and the 'Land Mission'

DENAGORN BAYLE DI ASTURIENS; former Grand Master of the Order of Dark Renown, now in exile from his Homeland in an uneasy alliance with King Dagravane

DREADFUL GARROTTE; Mikhael Errolfini's weird extra terrestrial bodyguard

DRUTHIN; master Druid of Albion

DAMIANO; 'The Greatest Witch in all the Italies'; said to be the greatest Witch in all of history. Came forward in time to assist Evermorian adventuring commando's during the Kavarre incident in which Mikhael Errolfini, with the help of Entektra, Danataan Hayhaan and a Malimorh death squad, attempted to unravel time. Damiano survived the incident, but has never been seen in Evermorian current history since.

DANATAAN HAYHAAN; the Grand Inquisitor, once killed by Garion of Ullratha 3rd Commando at Kavarre (circa 5831). Later cloned by Hanuman Able, stood against the Grand Intelligencier and now serves Sonnats Gil, cf. Kavarre

DEATHSTEP; fallen Lord who was seduced into betraying Dagravane by the Utguard League. Was cursed to remain as a ghost, the Master of Nightmare March. Eventually slain by Friscracia.

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EARTHWISE; mysterious and elusive High Price of the Wood Elves, brother to Evensong, Evenstar and Evenstone.

EARTHLEN; High Prince of the Earth Elves, Amoriath Knight, veteran of 'The Temple of Love', the 'Land Mission' and the Sack of the 'Temple of the Dark Earth'

ENOS YARL; the Green Weird Lord, servant of Dark Dreams and the Magician of the five. Has never been killed, unlike the other two lesser Weird Lords.

ELDAR; fallen Amoriath status Black Witch. Wife to Blacklamb, accompanied by Blacklamb and Astrovak Mikosavaar on the assassinate Dagravane mission. It is not known whether Growley killed her along with Blacklamb or whether she became Growley's consort. She may well still be alive!

ELLEGLIN; current Prince of the Ice Elves.

ERIN SPIRITWOOD; the finder of 'The One' after it has been lost for many years, had it seized from him by cotic Raisclari, gave his life at the 'Skull Fissures' mission to save the rest of the party.

EZRA BENN STORNN; former Lord of House Summunai, father-in-law to Nadrey of the House of Kyrie, paternal Grandfather to Loric Summunai-Kyrie.

ENTEKTRA; an evil Witch of great power. Occasionally loosely aligns with Sonnats Gil. Has some limited Mastery of Time. Was last encountered over thirty years ago when she announced her intentions to subsume the nine most evil Witches from history. She will undoubtedly return to cause her usual mischief.

EVENSTAR; left Evermore over 50 years ago in the company of Prince Beleg Cuthalion of the Air Elves for Peckfortain where he intended to continue his struggle against the League of Evil. Nothing has been heard of the two since.

EVENSONG; oldest of the three sisters, daughter to Thorgrim. Was kidnapped by Bale Val Callofire and Ashea Kyrie, she then bore two sons, Shale and Nadrey. Nadrey, later by happenstance, becoming the father to Loric Kyrie. Shale fathering Garam and Severin. Severin later siring York Bannon. Again another case of disappearance around the same time as Evensong despite having married Flaymax Fireyhand. No children came from the union.

EVENSTONE; youngest of the three daughters of Thorgrim. Stayed in Evermore for many years after her sisters and was rescued by Raisclari from certain death. She then betrothed herself to Raisclari, later marrying him. She then gave birth to twins (one girl and one boy). During the kidnap of Raisclari and his replacement by a cotic Simulacrum, Evenstone disappeared and just like her sisters, has never been seen since.

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FINRIL FLAMETONGUE; a Sorcerer and Scholar and mentor to Binkley Llandis. Held the Princeship of the Fire Elves during the last days of the League War. Accompanied Elder, later called Blacklamb to Avmar. Was bequeath to rings of power and guarded them until his first death at the hands of a Helknight and then having returned as a Fire Elemental, was destroyed halting the corrupted High Lord from leading the Gil to the Gyr by use of the Ultimate Injunction, which he in his turn had earlier taught to Gareth Shequi.

FINDOL FLAMETONGUE; youngest of the three Flametongue brothers, killed at Krull Keep by Orcs under direction by Growley Sackville Baggins

FEANOR FLAMETONGUE; eldest of the three brothers, remained in Peckfortain when the younger paid went to Avmar. Later his son went to Avmar and succeeded Finril.

FENRIC FLAMETONGUE; son of Feanor, succeeded Finril and became Master of the Burning Gold, Helcarax Alliance through his marriage to Fealcor, Princess of Ice Elves. Inherited the Rings of Power and then took these for safety into the Ancient West.

FEALCOR; Princess of Ice Elves, killed by Ysabet Di Asturiens through poison. Occasionally visits High Table as an Elemental.

FLAYMAX FIREYHAND; born in Peckfortain, accompanied Finril to Avmar, was appointed Master of the Order of Burning Gold. From there Flaymax adventured many, many times and the tales of his deeds are endless and therefore are not to be related here. Flaymax's final demise came as a result of a duel in which the Death Knight Varian Locke used an unknown poison which could not be cured. Prior to Flaymax's final passing, Tomas Ennear, Eonwë and Shandor Thimbleck approached and accepted him to the ranks of the Apotheosis.

THE FOOL; a Jester, an initiate of Shan Tun and agent of Ombarg Duran Dusk, Herald of the Lightbound Alliance.

FANGORN & FISTARIEL FLAMETONGUE; twin sons of Findol Flametongue

FATHER TIME; one of the five known Astromancers

FREYA; Fire Elf Wife of Zheer Stonehand

FLAMBEUX; Fire Elf Priestess and Wife of Feanor.

FALDOREE; Fire Elf widow to Flaymax

FLITCH I; one of the Nine Rune Dukes, perished at the Battle of Draconsmere Keep. Not yet restored to us.

FLITCH II; Master Inquisition Puisuivant. Sided with the Gil during the 'End to Questions' incident. Has been encountered on numerous occasions since in service to Errolfini.

FJORD; Warmark of the Erith-Gyr. Has been missing for quite sometime. No-one knows if he is alive or dead. Father of Troi.

FALCOR BRIN LANSA; 'Luck Bringer' A surviving Dragon. Has been encountered by Ennear, Val Callofire, etc.

FAVERNOSIAN; founder of the Bards Council and Brother to Ombarg Duran Dusk. Is rumoured to have read the Tombs that were once stored in Choiristas Keep and was then inspired to found the Council. Deals little with the Council, c.f. Wishwar.

FRISCRACIA; a surviving Dragon Lord. An Illusionist, one time co-founder and Baron of Darkhaven. Thought killed by Utterdark.

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GURROK; King of the Hobgoblins in the Hidden Realm, 'timeless' enemy of Ombarg Duran Dusk.

GALOWAY; 1st Mark of the Erith-Gyr at the time of the Utgard League during Dagravane's first rule.

GROWLEY SACKVILLE BAGGINS; former servant to Elder Lord Blacklamb. Usurped the throne of Krull after killing his mentor. Placed his Halfling clan in positions of ruthless power and then used 'the power of the one' to harass Evermore. A tale related how Elfwood, later to be made first western Pope, became cornered with some more Inner Flames by a gang of Assassin Hobbits led by Growley. Elfwood threatened to cut himself with a piece of cutlery thus ensuring Growley's demise should he harm any of them! When the Regency declared war on the 2,000 soldiers sent to help Baron Malisang against the Choiristas, they allied with Malisang and the Choiristas. It was Growley's Krullish Orcs who were used as shock troops against Evermorians.
Baggins led a massive legion to later besiege Amatyr and executed Ceer (1st Mark of the Gyr) and Pawnlus (High Priest of the Teleri) bother Amoriath Knights before its wall.
As the madness of the one took a tighter and tighter hold, he eventually attacked Oakenwood and ordered his Orcs to cut down its mighty trees. There for Forestall imprisoned him and his 'ring' in a tree. The ring later being freed during the Mythago wood incident.

GILTHALION; Vanya, High Priest of the West and Prince, has for the time being left for the West.

PRINCE GOLD; former ally to Eonwë and Prince of the Light Elves (prior to the line of 'Lightbeam'). Remained in Peckfortain. Nothing is known of his fate thereafter.

GRA GELFELIM; an honorific attached to the most senior member of the Gelfelim race (this race being the second race of the ancient Galactic Concillium after the Xel). Now a title taken by the entity that dwells in the Great Machine of Bardslea and has been known as 'Vigilance'.

GRUTZ; Shaman Half-Ogre, self styled Witch King. Assisted Hawley Smoot and Friscratia in the establishment of Dark Haven Free State. Also aided the 'Ring Quest' incognito.

GUNTA OF THE KAMARTHE; High Khan of the Kamarthian Hordes, accompanied Princess Tallia of Kleet in her escape to Avmar after the 'End to Questions' incident. Has two sons - Gunther and Gunta, one of whom has been seen in company of Gil officials.

GULNAR; Witch Lord of Clun - served Ard Skraga and then disappeared after a long career of plaguing Evermore in a series of futile attempts to avenge his master.

GASPAR; the Anti-Paladin younger brother to Raecor, killed shortly after Raecor's death, resurrection and promotion to Skeletal Lord status by Orcos, Skelos and Necros.

GROAM; Lord of the Earth, King of the Elemental Plane of Earth

GIMGIL; the famous side-kick of Bherek Spartan, King of the Mountain Dwarves. Said to have at one point travelled through time to the distant past where the broke the 'Great Machine' asking it to manufacture the 'Ring of Tin'

GATHERER; a Darkendari founder of the Unhomed Company. Husband to Delthquin. Head of the Demonists Guild.

GRATANATATUNGA; 'Master of Gates', a demon who takes people where they would like to go and sometimes where they would not like to go!

GREGORY A'FAAL; a Marnish Musketeer and Amoriath Knight

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HUGH DE PAYENS; Marnish Musketeer, killed defending a Waystation.

HUGH KELSEY; a Thane. A Rogue who has served numerous causes, but is especially fond of serving his own.

HINOCH; An Amoriath Necromancer, listed M.I.A.

HERBIE; King of all the Night Goblins in the whole wide world.

HANUMAN ABLE; 'The Genetics Master' so the story goes a Geneticist driven mad during a terrible accident with Erith-Thane DNA in which he managed to create his arch enemy the Chameleon - a life force that drains life force for energy (especially the immortal variety). Is now obsessed with, besides just meddling with genetics, finding a genetic construct able to destroy this creature. Of late worked for Mikhael Errolfini in return for his mastery of the chameleon and keeping the creature away from Hanuman.
For reasons unknown, this agreement has now been dissolves and Hanuman Able along with his new Erith-Thane and the Prime Minister of Krull have seized Dark Haven Free State and declared themselves a Kingdom free of the Gil and Evermore. Has acted neutrally up to now.
For reasons unknown, this agreement has now been dissolves and Hanuman Able along with his new Erith-Thane and the Prime Minister of Krull have seized Dark Haven Free State and declared themselves a Kingdom free of the Gil and Evermore. Has acted neutrally up to now.

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INDEREL; A Jester of high rank, took part in many crucial missions, including 'Kavarre', 'The Desecration', 'The Acceleration' and the 'Necropolis' incident. Mysteriously disappeared before ever achieving Amoriath Status.

IVAN POKROV; another Immortal Thane. One that tends to assist the Alliance a lot more than hinder it. Believed to be an eminent Chemist. Assisted at the Resistance of the Ak Aru incident, circa 5815.

IMAGERY; Wizard Master of the 'Bright Domain'. Leader of the forces of light on the Games World.

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JERUTH; Grandson of Dagravane, former King of Avmar, said to have been the embodiment of the Avatar of the Lord of Lies. Came to Civil War against his cousin Philip D'Haverthorn. Only the wisdom of the Care brought about the Council of Briens which was attacked by the Forces of the Gil. Both the cousins were killed by Uridae of Akaidai.

BEN A'JARAD; the High Lord of the Care who ordered the whole council to suicide to save the Lore Power from Errolfini's hands during the first Regency Wars.

JACK CADE; Ullratha Rune Priest of 3rd Commando, an Amoriath Knight, currently imprisoned by the Fiandrada in Kaz Kyr Utmarl (5856)

JERYLL; an Amoriath Knight, Uncle Seth, Widow of Arbicor, Mother of Phaidren and Morpheus. Now remains permanently upon the Plane of Dreams mourning for her lost love.

JAMES DORIEN; a Master Psionisist, formerly of 'The Evermore Free Company' (at one time sentenced to death by Jack Cade). Later joined the Garda Dragoons, being from Garda. Went on to join Kyrie Summunai before and after capture and inauguration as a Knight of Dark Renown. Now serves Kyrie Summunai. Husband to Lady Lauren of the Amoriath.

JOHN LAMBETH; an Ullratha Knight of 3rd Commando and an Amoriath Knight. Took part in 'Kavarre', 'Temple of Love', 'The Sack of the Temple of the Dark Earth' and many other famous incidents too numerous to mention. Was slain dishonourably at High Table by Braydur of Bardalesk, Malimorh War Marshall.

JAQUERNAI; Necromancer, Northern Pope at the time of Elfwood. Was indicted after witnesses reported him seen consorting with Agents of the Enemy. Defected to Sonnats Gil and formed Dark Papal House. Was later made occupying Governor during the Free States time. Massacred thousands of Gardanians before the release of the Free States by the outlawed Kyrie Summunai and members of the 'Lightbound Alliance'

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KYLE; an Amoriath Knight and Mark of the Erith-Gyr in the absence of Fjord.

KORESH THE INCINERATOR; a renegade Fire Elemental Prince who despises all Fire Elementals, especially Fire Elves. Was unwittingly released by Flaymax during the Mythago Wood Incident.

KYGOR; youngest son of Dagravane, went in suspended animation with his brother and father at the end of that reign. Awoken by the Heartsease Gem as wielded by Bale Val Callofire, Astrovak Mikosavaar and Lord Blacklamb amongst others. After his fathers initial exit through the Gates of Paradise after his older brothers death, was given the crown. Was later assassinated by Tomas Ennear while the Loreward was possessed by one of the Enemies servants.

KRAAL; an Half-Gyr renegade seduced by corruption, now acts as first Mark of the Dos Fiad.

KALMIR; youngest Sister to Thalmir slain by a status weapon at Ap Elia Sal II attempting to save the King from the four eternal servants. Assisting at the time in the slaying or Uridae and the Red Earl of Marnom.

KENDRA ALTON SUMARN; former Lord of House Summunai, maternal Grandfather to Loric Kyrie. Died in the early 40's bequeathing the House Lordship to Loric.

KRULL HRODSVITNIR AY HAL LUMENORE AY ABATHA VAL CALLOFIRE; one of the last remaining Dragons still to inhabit the dream. Was until recently sleeping under Krull, was awakened by Deathtouch who was delving for the Dragon for reasons unknown.

KYLE L'MORTAIN; traitor who gained the Queens favour during Dagravane's first reign then persuaded the Queen to reveal military secrets allowing Utgard Legions to rap and nearly kill the King. L'Mortain is said to have vowed to return to fight Dagravane in the future. Whether this meant the physical body or whether it was simply one of the four eternal servants inhabiting a willing host.

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LANCASTER; formerly a Harlequin member of the Garda Dragoons, was captured by Gil forces during a counting operation against a Gil camp. Willingly agreed to swap sides and join the Gil - quickly rose through the ranks and now wears the dubious honour of Lieutenant of the Gil. Killed Ashor Bale Ardais (the Grand Intelligencier) during the 'End to Questions' incident. Later was trapped on New Midigan by Governor Vaughan with Damien Di Asturiens and a group of Evermorians. Escaped and came to that High Table to take away everyone's Psionics through some unknown method.

LAW CHILD; a creature that inhabits the form of a human male child. Has the power to de-corrupt. Also it is known that at least Errolfini (so probably the other three servants) cannot approach the child and must keep at a reasonable distance. How far this effects other enemy servants, is not known. The Law Child is kept hidden so that no enemy agents may assassinate him.

LAUREN; Amoriath Knight, Leader of the Sisterhood of the Sword in the absence of Lady Rosamunda and Lady Mercy. Wife to James Dorien.

LORIMER; Necromancer brother to Ard Skraga, came through time from Scandia to find his brother. Finding Skraga dead he vowed revenge upon all Evermorians. Successfully ran a terror campaign, repeatedly executing plots that caused large number of Evermorians to lose their lives. Managed to stay away from any alliance with the Gil. To this day Lorimer's final fate is unknown.

LORIMER VAN DROS; Amoriath licensed Necromancer, was listed M.I.A. very shortly prior to the Desecration. Was recently found to have successfully survived by exiting this plane through Kavarre, but became trapped due to actions linked to the Malimorh conquest of the Continuum. Now free, has rejoined the Amoriath.

LITHOS OF GAHL; one of the early Lieutenants of the Gil. Brought with his Priesthood of Gahl from another world by Mythor opening a gate to their world. Finally killed by Astrovak Mikosavaar. The Priesthood of Gahl has been encountered since this though.

LORD IVARR OF TROLLSDAIN; 'Lord of the Care' lead Pariviens forces during the Battle of Trollsdain, Black Prince Mythor's only military manoeuvre. Thanks to the Lords sacrifice a vital assault was thwarted at the most crucial time in the battle. Soldiers of House Beor were immediately able to take control of the breached section and Mythor's disorganised horse was broken, suffering an estimated 13,000 casualties having only inflicted a few small hundreds. Battle of Trollsdain 5793.

LLON; a dimorphic adage to the Daka-Shea race. An exceptionally Psionic race that perished under the impetus of Daka-Shea expansion when the race overran and conquered its homeworld.

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MICHAEL PENDRAGON; Knight of Ullratha 4th Commando. Died in a Malimorh assault at the hands of a 'deathweave', 21st Oct 5853 alongside Lady William Marsden. Has since upon rare occasion, visited groups of adventurers bringing messages from outside the Dream.

MARUS; Lieutenant of Deathtouch in the Old West. Founder of the Sons of Marus, Demonist Sect and Co-founder of the League of Evil. To this day no-one knows the fate of Marus the Demonist.

MENELAUS BANE; Amoriath Knight, thought to be perhaps originally from Khon-Khark in Eilind. Became Warlord of 2nd and later 3rd Commando. Took part in the 'Desecration' mission, the 'Ullratha sacking of the Dark Earth', the 'Third Phase', the 'Temple of Love' amongst many others. M.I.A. as of 5841, immediately following the 'Dark Earth'.

MALOR LANSTRANGLER; one of the three sorcerous Adrim Brothers who aided the forming of the Utguard League (perhaps around 5500 years ago). Whether these three were in fact possessed by three of the Eternal Servants is still not known. What finally became of the Malor is not known though the death of his siblings is accounted.

MORGAN HURST; Captain of Rocaal and House Beor. High Commander of the 'Allied Militia' prior to his listing M.I.A. 5820.

MORPHEUS; youngest son of Lady Jeryll of Seth and Arbicor Entelechy of Dreams

MYTHOR; the Black Prince. Eldest son of Dagravane, raised form the ruins of Ancient Amatyr by the power of the Heartsease Gem. Was despatched by his Father to investigate a disturbance in the far North of Draconsmere - once there he was possessed by one of the Four who had been somehow imprisoned inside a 'Grimalkin' in ages past (the spirit was thought to be Rael). Possession occurred 5790 DRE.
Mythor then went on to commit the 'Darkside Ritual', summons his armies into Draconsmere and bring forth Lithos of Gahl to this plane. Is defeated magnanimously at Trollsdain (North Garda) and retires. Later entraps and tries to kill Kygor his younger Brother but Dagravane timely intervenes and strikes down his fallen son with Lumenore before the Gates of Ap Elia Sal (5794). Dagravane then carried his fallen (but freed son) through the Games of Paradise leaving Evermore for the second time.

MAE VAS DRAN; evil Drowh Necromancer, joined the Blacklamb Tavern and aided in the organisations atrocities against Evermore under the direction of Varian Locke. Was later captured and tried by an Amoriath Court, found guilty and executed by Dordak Alen (15 Nov 5853)

LADY MERCY na SILVENA; hand maiden and first advisor to Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan of House High Leah. Second in command of the Sisterhood of the Sword, member of the Bards Council, listed M.I.A. 5852

MARIUS ELVENSTROM; Demonist, Amoriath Intendant at the point of his disappearance in 5826. Assisted re-invasion of Evermore during the first Regency war.

MILES THE PALADIN; raised to Amoriath status immediately after his part in the 'Temple of Love' incident. Was struck down by enemy captains during the treacherous meeting at Ap Elia Sal, but after returning in the form of an Angel was later dismissed form the plane by Rael in the form of Wyvern.

MIKHAEL ERROLFINI; former junior Rune Priest from the far world of Glanth Lankra. The forces of chaos having finally defeated the servants of honour and law there, made and attempt to invade Evermore by opening a vast gate. Having been detected, a small force of troops was sent to engage lead by Tomas Ennear, Cecil Gobe, Astrovak Mikosavaar and the Shaman of House Beor. Flaymax Fireyhand, Falcor and a few others joined at the second wave and after two hours, having lost hundreds of shock troops, Glanth Lankra gave up its invasion attempt but Errolfini injured, had slipped away form the battle. Battle of the Chaos gate, circa 5795.
He then, his true identity unknown, found a path to power finding the Darkside manuscript after a foray to deserted long uninhabited Sonnats Gil. He then with stealth and guile managed to convince a naive King Kygor to make him Duke of Valsinglas. 5798 the war of the 5th age truly strikes into Evermore as Errolfini has a thousand Valsinglasian peasant children slain and performs the Darkside Ritual. The real Errolfini was finally slain by his own hand, the possessing spirit leaving his body immediately prior to him hurling himself onto Warpstone in 5807 ... no remains ever found - body thought vaporised.
5852 the former embodied spirit now takes another form that duplicates Errolfini's former shape.

MYLAKRION OF MANY COLOURS; a very high ranking Black Elementalist of the League of Evil who landed upon the shores of Evermore in order to release the 'Sleepers'. Having apparently located these, he attempted to blackmail High Table to his own ends (although not clear, it seems that he was not arbitrating on behalf of the League). Nightshade at the behest of Finril Flametongue attacked and raised Mylakrion as a Vampire. Later in Nightshades absence, Deathtouch reclaimed his servants loyalty. Mylakrion now existing as 1st Lieutenant of Krull.

MOG AGORN; the Red weird Lord, one of the weaker three Weird Lords along with Tasha Bajarn and Enos Yarl. Agorn has been despatched a number of times, but seems to either re-incarnate or perhaps there are simply a large number of copies around.

MORIDAE; a Wizard of Seth, tutor to Myvanwe and Jeryll. Assisted in freeing Arbicor but was slain defending the Lord of Dreams from a Warp Elemental in 5834. Has since been encountered in Kavarre and at High Table in Apotheosis form. Attacked, with Flaymax, and struck down Deathtouch after 'Kings High Table' 5857.

MAEGDUR; First of the First Coven of the Khalan Kor. Thought to be a Sorcerer of the Third age who rendered the Great -Adversary a great service. It is then surmised that the Enemy was unable to raise Maegdur to immortality and so gave him the power to subsume other great Sorcerers absorbing their life essence and also their magical abilities in order to stay alive.
It is surmised that he slept through the Fourth Age and that Errolfini may have implanted the suggestion in Entektra's head to awaken him when she in turn wished to use the power of Subsumption. Has created a pocket dimension inside Sonnats Gil for the Khalan Koru’s first college.

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NADREY; eldest of the half twin sons of Bale Val Callofire/Ashea Kyrie. Raised by Ashea, took the name Kyrie. Commenced adventuring career in 5815 as a warrior ages 19 years. Defeated Daka-Shea invasion fleet who attempted to seize Faerie appointed defender of Faerie (5818). Appointed to Lore Knight by the Care 5819.
Nadrey then became a very prominent figure in the Evermorian resistance to the Inquisition invasions. Was a commander in resistance battle south of Hrothgar Gap in which Lorimar Van Dross was M.I.A. 5823. Chameleon apparently kills Nadrey as he attempts to foil a plot on the Kings life. 'Appeared' later in Eilind as Nomis Elkahaar.

NEAR DARK; War leader of the Dragonlords, M.I.A. 5835

NAGE OROM; one of the Four Eternal Servants of the great adversary. Now inhabits the body of a forgotten priest, now styled Deathtouch.

NIGHTSHADE; a Dokk Alfar Necromancer who was slain in Sunswallow Cavern during the Black Prince war circa. 5792. Later agreed to assist Evermore against the Enemy and finally awarded Amoriath status. Last seen during the Treachery of Ap Elia Sal when he assisted a large number of Evermorians to escape.

NOMIS ELKAHAAR; 'little hero without a name'. Nadrey having lost his memory, was named this by the daughter of the House Lord of Summunai. A name he kept when he later founded 5th Column resistance to the Inquisition. Now commands Sha Mae Garothe, last Gil free outpost in the north of Central Choiristas Region.

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ORCUS; one of the three eternal lords of the Undead. Creator of the seven Skeletal Lords.

ORDOS; War Marshal of the Unhomed and first military advisor to House Summunai.

OWAIN GLYNDUR; Gardanian Warlock, joined the Garda Dragoons and then later House Kyrie Summunai. Is currently a Captain of the House.

O'CRUACH FINN; Amoriath Knight, husband to Aelfwyn, leader of the Scotia Dannans. Took part in the Temple of Love, as well as many other illustrious adventures.

OMBARG DURAN DUSK; a Thane, created prior to the Oblivion War. Rune Duke and Majistar. Founder of the Rune Dukes council, the Care and the Amoriath. Creator of the Erith Gyr and the Erith Thane. Master of the Shadow Realms.

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PLATINUM LIGHTBEAM; Elemental Prince of the Light Elves. Slain by a Knight of Dark Renown during the battle of five factions.

PAWNLUS; a Teleri Priest captured and executed before the walls of Care Keep 5811. One of the first Amoriath to die in service.

PETER VILLA; Ullratha Knight formerly of 4th Commando, now of 5th Commando following a short and unwilling period of indenture to the Weird Lords and cotic Raislari.

PHOS; one of the nine Rune Dukes, said to have been based in Ancient Amatyr. Master of the Hellhounds Ullratha 7th Legion. His mace was 'Tukor' now wielded by Blake, formerly 4th, now 5th Commando.

PHILIP D'HAVERTHORN; Grandson through a one off illicit liaison through Kygor to Dagravane. Argued and then later openly contested the crown with his cousin Jeruth. Was killed along with his cousin at Briens.

PHAIDRON; eldest son of Arbicor and Jeryll said to be destined to be the tenth.

PYRALDOR; a Dragonlord

(E)PONGILEUS; 'the only good Snot Goblin'. Amoriath Knight, High Pope. Among many, many other deeds accompanied Ullratha 3rd Commando during the Temple of the Dark Earth sacking.

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QUINATHLON; Ullratha Knight of 4th Commando did not go on to join 5th Commando due to his elevation to Amoriath status. Later was corrupted by Sonnats Gil and now acts as Akadai Legate in the place of the fallen Uridae. Challenged Raislari to a death duel (Kings High Table) but left when the people lead by Gatherer formed a human body shield for Raislari.

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RAECOR; one of the Seven Skeletal Lord brother, created by Orcus. Raised to his new status by the Brotherhood of the Undead. Caught in some kind of causality loop.

ROTHALAX; more powerful brother to Raecor. Skeletal Lord

RAEKZAR; Long lived (est. 200 years min) brother to Raecor and Gaspar. Very much alive and somewhere at liberty in Evermore practicing free lance illusions

RAIHTIN; first of the Second Coven of the Khalan Kor. Fought against the adventurers who bravely set out to, and against all odds succeeded, in rescuing the stranded first army during the Battle of Garda. Has not been seen since.

RUXBURN; Lord; one of the first Lords of the Care to greet the Refugees out of
Peckfortain. Accompanied Finril Flametongue in his journey to Entielvo (the High Elves capital near Haven).

REDERICK ELHALYN ISHTAKAAN; half brother to Ali Anwar Lady Rosamunda's husband and House Master of High Leah. When Ali dies (disappeared?) a handful of months before her defection in 5809, Rederick became obsessed with the idea that Rosamunda has killed him and sword vengeance against her, her house and her Evermorian allies. He went on to become a Knight of Dark Renown.
Was present at the attempted capture of a dummy Nomis Elkahaar in which Solende and Tirim Druscarin were arrested. Later seeing the way Darkenda was rapidly progressing swapped sides and was instrumental in helping 'The End to Questions' mission escape. Joined Vaydakor, Damien in exile in Evermore.

RICARDETTA; an Evermorian Guide rose form peasant stock to eventually be titled Barony. Created Amoriath Knight after his incredible bluff on Mikhael Errolfini during the Temple of Love incident. Always trusted friend to all, the Tuatha de Dannan raised him when he fell assisting them on a quest and was resurrected more than a few times. Fought against Errolfini on The Desecration as well as helping find 'Lumenore on Tantivy', slew a large number of Vampire in one blow using his special strength of the Diabolically Desperate.

ROSAMUNDA; what stock or station Lady Rosamunda held prior to rising to First Lady of High Leah or whether that was her birth title is unknown to this scribe. She early on in contact with Darkendar attempted to warn the Evermorians of the Inquisition but was nearly captured by her eternal enemy House Ash Leah and was, after being branded a traitor causing many of her people to ally with Baron Malisang and the 'new' alliance, use the Continental Gate to free Evermore from the Regency during the first Regency War.
After the Intercontinental war with the Regency she accepted the formal surrender of Bashir Ransumin Khan at High Table. Eventually the Inquisition forces in the capital are overthrown by their own people, Evermorians and the Eilind Alliance. Rosamunda rules for a short while in peace, but much of the economy had been so heavily based on slavery sales and mercenary troops. Without those the population began to starve and as has been said to say 'Revolution in the Common Man is only two square meals away'. The Inquisition knew this and were always working on the people.
Finally Evermorian troops were forced to withdraw. Some of the Eilind Alliance soldiers stayed at Rosamunda's side as did her Sisterhood when the weird Lords came. Rosamunda and a painfully small army went to stand against them.
Rumour still stands that Inquisition Agents whisked Gunta of the Kamarthe, Lady Leonie Rosamunda Ishtakaan and Lady Mercy Na Silvena away before the battle for incarceration. The entire army was destroyed, no survivors. Nothing more is known.

ROGER D'REER; a minor Marnish noble, was transferred to the diplomatic core after his father requested this and that his brother Reginald be make a Musketeer. Roger's tales are legendary (infamous?) around Eilind.

RUDOLPH IV; great grandson of Sebastian of Kraig, last free King of the land of Peckfortain. Had eventually retreated to the southern tip of the continent with a handful of thousands of survivors. Finally, after a valiant resistance of two years sent word that he and his people would like exile in Avmar. York Bannon Kyrie lead the rescue. In all it is estimated some 7,000 were eventually brought over just prior to a League of Evil final strike.

RUHK; a 'Soul Sentinel' of the Erith Thane. Ascribed the rank of 'Gen'. A member of Bad Company.

RAVEN DRAGONSBANE; 'First man of Rovac'. Leader of the Rovac Clansmen who have settled Evermore and made peace with the Wizards Council sponsored by Zheer Stonehand.

RAEL; one of the Four Eternal Servants. Commonly called 'Death'. His known possessions are Wyvern of the Regency (slain by Hawley Smoot) and very possibly Ard Skraga (the Necromancer Baron, slain by the Scout Snakeye). History previous to this is unknown, but is surmised that he may have been one of the three Adrim Brothers who lead the Utgard Alliance in Dagravane's first reign. It is also thought he may have been the spirit who possessed the Child of Dignity and Vengeance who was simply styled the tenth. He now possessing the body of the former Anti-Paladin whose pseudonym was Ace, he commands the inter-dimensional Regency fortress of Redknapp.

RURIK; a legendary northman said to have thrown Ymir form the platen that now bears his name

RAEKER FOULHEART; a Malimorh prominent amongst his people, lead the infiltration of the Regency by the fallen Ar Spirits. Killed Ferjoh of the Firvulag, Trin of the Tuor and a good number more who we will not recount here. Finally was driven out of the Dream by Blake and others. Was encountered again leading one of the two Golden Empire plots at Kavarre. Has vowed to avenge his people.

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