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Forever's Destiny [Montage]

Interested in Forever's Destiny? Read this!

Next major meet is 9/10-10/10
Saturday: Linnet Clough
Sunday: Tiviot

Saturday Morning - Ritual of Faith
0-100xp - Chris W
An outlawed cult are going to perform a necromantic ritual. Stop them!
Saturday Afternoon - Event Horizon
500-1250xp - Niall
Extended Double Length
Some adventurers are big fans of the arts.
(Bard mission, check with Ann before booking)
Sunday Morning - Cutting the Deck
100-300xp - Adam K
Gravel Dur isn't the only place in Evermore with chaos problems
Sunday Afternoon - Revealing the Hand
500-1000xp - Adam K
Inside info brings an attempt to capture a key figure
For bookings use the online booking form here.

Bookings close at 8pm on the Sunday evening the weekend before the event.

Other upcoming dates
13/11-14/11 (TBC)

Google Calendar of Event Dates.
Map of sites we use.

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