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Forever's Destiny [Montage]

Interested in Forever's Destiny? Read this!

Next major meet is 13/12-15/12
at Linnet Clough Scout Camp,
Gibb Lane, Mellor,

IC Year: 10 TRE

Friday Night - Dancing on Ice
150-300xp - JP
Single Length
A seasonal trip out onto the ice of Lake Ved
Saturday Morning - Standfast at Steadfast Pt 1
400-750xp - Phil
Extended Length
Bold adventurers make a stand
Saturday Afternoon - Standfast at Steadfast Pt 2
500xp+ - JP
Extended Length
It's a developing situation
Saturday Night - Ducal Dinner
For bookings use the online booking form here.

Bookings close at 8pm on the Sunday evening the weekend before the event.

Other upcoming dates
24/1-26/1Linnet Clough
21/2-23/2Bowley (TBC)
10/4-11/4Specials (Mini Meet)
23/5-24/5Mini Meet
19/6-21/6Silverwood (TBC)
24/7-31/7Linnet Clough

Google Calendar of Event Dates.
Map of sites we use.

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