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Forever's Destiny [Montage]

Interested in Forever's Destiny? Read this!

Next major meet starts today!
at Linnet Clough Scout Camp,
Gibb Lane, Mellor,

Weekend Contact Number: 07759 094 050

IC Location: Garda
IC Year: 9 TRE

Friday Night - An Ecumenical Matter
100-225xp - JP
Pope Richard hires a party.
Saturday Morning - Cold Is The Tomb
0-100xp - JP
...so go check it out, and wrap up warm.
Saturday Night - Deeper and Down
Special - JP
More underground adventures for the group led by Helene and Sean.
For bookings use the online booking form here.

Bookings close at 8pm on the Sunday evening the weekend before the event.

Other upcoming dates
19/5-20/5Mini Meet
15/6-17/6Linnet Clough
24/8-27/8Linnet Clough
22/9-23/9Mini Meet
28/12-1/1Linnet Clough

Google Calendar of Event Dates.
Map of sites we use.

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