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About Forever's Destiny


Welcome to Forever's Destiny

Forever's Destiny is a high fantasy live roleplaying club based in the North-West of England. We organise linear based live roleplaying events throughout the year at a number of sites. Usually we have one main event a month, and they run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. There are also many shorter events and social meetings. Our campaign, which has been running for more than 3 decades, first as Flight of Fantasy, later as Nothing Ventured and now as Forever's Destiny, is originally based on the first LRP campaign run at Treasure Trap at Peckfortain Castle.

How to Find out More

You can just book on an event and turn up! Upcoming events, including the next event with linear mission details, can be found on the Front Page and you book on by using our online booking system (board account required - please see here for details). However if you are the sort of person that wants to know more before you commit there is a lot of information on the website. We suggest you start with the following:

Our Rules and In Character setting information can be found here: www.destiny.org.uk/index.cgi?world.

We use the Out of Character Noticeboards to post a lot of information and answer questions so do sign up. This topic is a good place to start: Welcome to Forever's Destiny

Or email us on info@destiny.org.uk! Your email may take a little while to surface if it gets stuck in spam, but we do try to find them!

Read the below about how our events are structured:

A Typical Forever's Destiny Weekend

Friday Night
  • Early Evening - Tavern Time: Time to put some costume on and get into character. Meanwhile the staff organise things and everyone gets settled on to the site for the weekend... New people should make themselves known to a member of staff as early as possible and ask for an introduction to the system and a LRP fighting safety check. At some point an OC roll call takes place and the staff welcome everyone with some basic information.
  • Around 20.30-21.00 - Adventure Time: Characters on the adventure get ready and get battle-boarded. All those not playing a character on a mission are expected to "monster" the linear. The referee briefs the "monsters", then the mission starts.
  • Midnight or shortly after - Tavern Time: An opportunity for people to be In Character and relax, eat and roleplay.
  • Around 01.00 - 02.00 - Time Out: People are expected to go to bed ready to be up early on Saturday Morning.
  • 08.00 - Tavern Time: Get up and into costume. Eat breakfast and socialise IC.
  • Around 9.00 - Adventure Time: Characters on the morning adventure get ready and battle-boarded. The morning linear adventure(s) are briefed and start.
  • Early Afternoon - Adventure Time or Tavern Time: Sometimes a shorter linear adventure is run in the afternoon, if not there is Tavern time for In Character business or occasionally different games are run.
  • Late Afternoon - Referee for Saturday Night's adventure begins to brief his monsters for the evening mission. Characters on the linear get ready and get battle-boarded.
  • Around 18.00 - Adventure Time: Saturday Nights adventure starts.
  • Around 23.00 - 24.00 - High Table: see below
  • Around 03.00 - Time Out
  • Time Out: All the members present muck in and help tidy the site. XP is given out and staff members are on hand to update character cards and answers any questions. You can buy items from the armoury and make items if your character has the skills. It's also time to pay for the stop-over and any missions you have done.
  • 16.00 - Leave the site.
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High Table

On Saturday night the Club usually runs a High Table. This event is a few hours long and consists of a number of things, such as reports, entertainment, the occassional encounter as Referees send in NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to round previous plots or uncover further details of existing ones etc. It is fine to go to bed before it finishes, but a lot of campaign is explained during it, and you may find you miss out on some big events!

Warning: The campaign har run for a very long time and so has become increasingly detailed and complicatedrich with IC backgrounds, histories and Player-generated stories. Most new adventurers do find their few High Tables a little confusing, don't panic, if you can sit next to somebody who's been here for a while they will explain things and don't be afraid to ask the actual High Tablers (those who lead the events) to explain comments, names etc.

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Things to Bring

Besides yourself there's a number of other things you'll need:

A sleeping bag. Sleeping accomodation is in bunks but you'll need something to sleep in/under.

Base layer clothes and good boots. You will at least need some plain trousers/skirt (not modern looking - avoid blue jeans and combats) and plain tops/jumpers to wear underneath your character kit is always a good bet. Bring layers so you can stay warm when it's chilly.

A belt - ideally two!

A change of clothes, especially SOCKS. LRP is an outdoor, overland activity and can sometimes get a little muddy and damp.

Costume and Weapons - we have some costume (and far more weapons!) that can be leant to you for the first few events if you do not have any of your own at no extra cost, but if you want to have a go at your own costume that would be great! There are some rules about certain colours being restricted (black, royal blue, purple) so ask questions or read our notice boards first.

Food. All of our sites have functioning fully equipped kitchens (usually including microwaves) but you need to bring your own food and drink. Sometimes the event will be very busy so you may not have very much time to cook, so plan for that.

Cash. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. We have to pay for site costs, monster and NPC costume and weapons and props. Our current costs (as of January 2023) are as follows:

Stopover (Fri-Sun)£15
Single Length Mission£15
Extended Single Length Mission£20
Double Length Mission£30

Things You Don't Need To Bring

Alcohol - Usually there is a tavern night on Friday and Saturday and if you wish to drink, you will be able to contribute to the kitty for lager, bitter and cider. If you don't drink pints and want to bring other alcohol please contact a member of staff first. You may be ok to do so, but the club has had some bad experiences previously, and some sites we use may not allow alcohol.

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