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Compiled by Doromë

Ashale Order
Quarterly or and bleu-céleste
Bare Sark Ullratha
Gules, double-headed eagle argent
House Bëor
Per pale gules and argent
Boar's Tusk Ullratha
Sable, double-headed eagle argent
Catspaw Ullratha
Gules, double-headed eagle sable
Dark Dreams
Per pale vert and sable
Dragon's Fire Ullratha
Gules, double-headed eagle or
Eagle's Wing and Manticore's Talon Ullratha
Azure, double-headed eagle sable
Per pale dark vert and grey
House Haverthorn
Per pale argent and or
Hawk's Claw Ullratha
Argent, double-headed eagle or
Hellhound Ullratha
Azure, double-headed eagle or
High Leah, House
Quarterly or and vert.
Humaktye Order
Grey, bendlet with ankh chief dexter, both sable

A variation of quarterly grey and azure exists
Per pale or and sable
Knights of Genetic Purity
Gules, cadeus sable with rod replaced by sword, point downwards
King's Army
Quarterly gules and argent
The Loresraat
Azure, three bendlets rompu argent
King's Militia
Per pale gules and azure
Manticore's Talon Ullratha
Azure, double-headed eagle reguardant sable
Pathfinders Company
Sable, orle argent; stag's head caboshed argent, attired argent

Also with colours counter-changed
Order of Nature
Vert, a bend argent
Order of Radiance
Argent, mullet of eight sable
Regency, The
Per pale or and gules
Sonnats Gil
Per pale gules and sable
Summunai, House
Per pale argent and azure
Tiger's Maw Ullratha
Sable, double-headed eagle azure
Unhomed, The Company of the
Azure, ribband argent to fess sinister; three chained annulets in chief sinister, middle annulet split
1st and 3rd Commando Ullratha
Gules, a double-headed eagle sable
2nd Commando Ullratha
Sable, a double-headed eagle argent
4th Commando Ullratha
Argent, a double-headed eagle sable
5th and 6th Commando Ullratha
Per pale argent and sable, double-headed eagle gules
7th Commando Ullratha
Per pale azure and argent, double-headed eagle sable fimbriated or
Wolf's Fang Ullratha
Argent, double-headed eagle sable

All arms are reproduced as the authors opinion, and may be incorrect. Should you wish any arms added, changed or removed from the document, feel free to contact me.

Arms which need verification:
Hawk's Claw Ullratha,
Boar's Tusk Ullratha

Abatements will be published, should interest demand it.

Additional heraldries are displayed on the list of officialy recognised adventuring organisations here.


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