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Splendid People
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Campaign World


Welcome to the World of Forever's Destiny.

In Character Information

The information in this section is available In Character, which means that your characters may know the information found here if you think it appropriate.
Some of this information is rather old now, as the campaign has been running for a long time.

In the Heraldry section you can see some of the colours used by the different factions and groups in the world.

In the Book of Marvellous Places you can read about some of the many locations in our world.

In the Book of Splendid People you can learn of some of the more famous people inhabiting the Forever's Destiny world.

In the Book of Terrible Creatures you can discover information about the many varied and strange creatures that live in our world.

The Short Guide to the Duchies of Evermore charts the Nine Duchies, their histories and heraldry.

A leaflet recently left in Evermorian taverns explain a little of Evermorian culture for non-natives and invite would-be heroes to join the Adventurers' Guild.

Out of Character Information

This information is available Out Of Character only. Please note that although we attempt to keep these documents up to date, mistakes can happen, and the documents here may not be the latest versions. Please let us know if you notice any problems.

In the Rules Library you can find our rules and information about classes and information.


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