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Campaign History


January 5839

Special Notice

A notice was posted advertising the foundation of
The King's a Really Great Guy Society:
Chairman: Finril Flametongue
Secretary: Physgigg Oakenwood
Treasurer: Rosamunda "Who's this Tom guy anyway" Ishtakaan.

Friday Night

The party was hired by the wizard Melkisadek to find the ingredient for a spell he was researching. Journeying through Limbo they eventually reached the Gates of Midnight and a Tuatha wardancer opened the way for the party. After playing dice with a figure by the entrance they continued onwards battling a dangerous shadow and gaining entry to the citadel proper. This was where their problems increased greatly as they encountered the fabled wizards of midnight. Overcoming the two wizards who stood in their way they continued onwards through a pack of puzzle demons and succeeded in finding the final ingredient, a shamstone needed to power the spell.

Saturday Morning

At the request of Prince Tomas the party undertook a mission to enter Oakenwood and report on the extent of the Inquisition invasion into the wood. The party entered and found it being slowly burnt by fire elementals summoned by servants of the Inquisition. The party soon came across Elven resistance fighters who rapidly became irate as the large force which they required of Prince Tomas of the White were not sent. The leader demanded that they return to prince Tomas and return with his troops. The party on their return were ambushed by a number of Inquisition, Dakor-Estoreans. All was lost, but suddenly from over the horizon came prince Tomas and his men, who fought off countless waves of Inquisition.

Saturday Evening

Report by: Bently Rupert Landis and Paraplaner (two loyal and patriotic subjects to the crown).

"This dungeon saw a most excellent party consisting of none other than Paraplanar, some other people and last but not least Bently and a few Dragon Lords. They were hired by duke of Anisfarle to find the wizzard melkisadeck and report on his progress. Having bravely fought off some leather jacks the party set off to find the hidden location of melkisadecks lab, but upon arrival they found that it had been viciously and nastily destroyed (bogus), by the inquisition forces. Continuing on in search of the wizzard the party encountered his apprentice, samleck, and was most triumphant in the way that the Dragon Lady Priest dispatched a large force of inquisition without backup before falling down dead (again). Having returned to lab site the party was astromantically gated back in time to the period when untechs and toltechs were battling for supremacy. Having learnt that the wizzard was held in the toltech fortress the party decided to rescue him. At the doors to the citadel two men with a light sabre and other strange armaments greeted them. In the battle that ensued Planar and Bently succeeded in disarming the guards and allowing the party to enter the building. The battle that continued inside the citadel every member of the party had a part, unfortunately Bently and a dragonlord were captured, but not for long. Having dispatched the scientist Bentley assumed, in a remarkable feat of cunning, the guise of the fallen scientist. He then proceeded to command the guards to lay down their weapons, this momentary time of indecision allowed the party to proceed to destroy the Toltech force and release Melchisadeck. It was at this point that Bently and Planar remarked on what a nice guy Jeruth is and that Tomas was a bit of a prat. Being gated back to the present time they destroyed a large force of Inquisition that had taken the waystation. After dispatching this force the wizzard's apprentice threw a major screaming wobbler and killed melkisadeck, (most untriumphant). But unknown to Samleck the party contained a sorcerer of most potent profficiency who proceeded to duel Samleck. Having cast his opponent down (and fried him actually), he retook the shamstone. The mission was a complete success and with a cry of 'Up with the King, long may he reign', they journeyed home with a smile on their faces, items in their pockets, and a song in their hearts.


Civil War

Geron d'Giscarr, herald and friend of Good King Jeruth was sent to Garda to check up on how the newly enthroned Tomas Ennear was handling his Principality. Early in the day d'Giscarr was severely impressed, firstly by Prince Tomas' eagerness to be involved at the grass roots level of the war and secondly, with Tomas personally aiding in the repulse of the Inquisition's forces in Oakenwood.
All went well and d'Giscarr prepared to give Ennear the King's seal and 20,000 crowns sent by Jeruth to aid the Garda war effort. Then something went horribly wrong.
Two Inquisition slaves were placed on bar duty at High Table. Pope Elfwood became irate and, threw back his Lord's Staff, effectively renouncing his vows to defend the land. D'Giscarr became wary, and without further ado, Prince Tomas left High Table. D'Giscarr retired to the bar with the captain of his guards.
Then the final blow came. Bently Landis, retainer to Tom announced that the Prince had left the plane and would not return until Elfwood had his lordship restored (an impossible act). D'Giscarr had no other choice: ordering his guards to mount up, he galloped off towards Amatyr and, on reaching the place, he presented his news to the King.
Shocked by the news, Jeruth had no other choice than to dispatch D'Giscarr and 200 Royal Lancers back to Garda in order to announce its immediate restoration into the Kingdom of Evermore. D'Giscarr, expecting no resistance, approached the Garda Defiles under one banner. The resistance took the form of just over 400 well trained 400 well trained and heavily armoured men. These had been gathered from three different political factions.
Firstly, any leader, good or bad, will build a fanatical following, however small, from a group of armed and trained men. In his 5 seasons of office at least 120 out of 800 Garda Milites became fanatically loyal to the House of Ennear.
Secondly, Garda has long (at least by the most radical of its populace) been believed to be a free state of Evermore: under the rule of Ennear they reclaimed their long lost sovereignty. So it was that 200 GLF (Garda Liberation Front) terrorists agreed to join Ennear's army.
Finally, some unscrupulous, money-obsessed merchants were interested enough to hire mercenaries in order to keep the king out of Garda.
D'Giscarr was ambushed by a force of 400 well-trained men ready to cull any royalist attempts on Garda, at the Garda Gales – a windswept passage with broken cliffs looming on either side. D'Giscarr lost 128 of his guards.
There was no recourse but to ride back to the king and to alert him to this treason. The king was expected to mount a royal expeditionary force with the help of the Baron of Region and the Duke of Amatyr. Civil War would come to Garda, with an ominous enemy on a near front – the Grand Inquisition of Darkendar.

The following forces were ordered to prepare:
The Wood Elves sided with Prince Ennear, as did the Black Dwarves, purely for the chaos of it.
The local friendly cave-wights fought with the Prince's loyalists, as did Elfwood's priests and the secret police.
All knights Amoriath, the knights Ullratha, and the companies of the Griffin and Burning Gold were ordered to prepare for the return of the King.
Houses Bëor d'Lambra and High Leah, along with the Garda Milites, were ordered to stand down and where possible halt the Inquisition.
Further news was received that inquisition spies had already been caught in the guise of Evermorian fighting men, hoping to swell the numbers of the resistance.
The Drowh made an offer to the King that they would storm Oakenwood by night, should he agree that all Wood Elves be handed over to them, along with all Rangers, Druids, and other Elven nobles.
The Inquisition offered either side assistance.

The following people were ordered to stand trial by the crown:
For High Treason (1)
Tomas of the White, Prince Tomas Ennear
Finril Flametongue
Elfwood Dark
Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan
Magnu Opleran
Marius Evenstrum
Snivley Tuffet
Physgigg Oakenwood
All Black Dwarves
All Wood Elves

For High Treason (2)
Bentley Rupert Landis
The captains of the Griffin
Daniel Ardette
All the Cave Bears

For High Treason (3)
The rest of the Griffin
All the Priests

For High Treason (6)
Princes, Noblemen, Knights
All Fire Elves (except Flaymax)~

May 5839, in Region

A brave and efficient party thwarted the attempt of Shale Vaygo and Entektra to destroy Goloriden, the Kingdom of the Elves. Balaam, the devil with whom Vaygo had recently pacted, had demanded the destruction and given him a device from the time of the Oblivion Wars with which to achieve it. The party and the timely arrival of the Elven King averted a major catastrophe.

A bold party hired by Pope Elfwood to rescue one of his men travelled to Shantra, City of the Undead. They encountered the planes traveller Kalvin among many undead. They were bested by the Wild Hunt of Shantra, failing to flee in time, and a great many adventurers were killed. The survivors managed to reach the Staff of Life, and were forced by the mighty Skeletal Lord Rothalax to exchange that holy item for Elfwood's man.

Shale Vaygo, realising that his pact with the devil Balaam was racing to its expiry, hired a party to saved his immortal soul. He consulted the Witch Entektra and perceived two escape routes. The first was to find the devil's temple on earth, to destroy the devil's amulet. The second was to exchange one soul for each of the bargainer's atrocities. So Vaygo hired a party who advanced on the temple, through waves of diabolical defenders. Finally the party reached the temple and seized the amulet, preparing to destroy it. Xadog the High Priest appeared and snatched the amulet, but was killed. Then Balaam himself came, and took back his own amulet. The healing potions that had been administered to the party took effect, and all were struck by a ghastly and untimely paralysis. Shale Vaygo fall back to his secondary plan and offered Balaam the souls of those who had adventured for his soul. Counting, the devil found that Vaygo was one soul short. Vaygo called his servant Haimo over, but the wily assassin guessed his master's plan and slew Shale Vaygo. Balaam left with his payment.

After repeated oppression by the local soldiers known as the Stormguard, the Gardanian refugees rebelled killing two of that order. The Stormguards vowed revenge later that night, shortly after some of the Bëor d'Lambra captains had joined the proceedings. At High Table a large group of Stormguards was reported moving towards the waystation.

After forcing an entry the Stormguards demanded an explanation and were given one by Eonwë Redemar himself, to which they replied in a disrespectful fashion. Battle was joined, and in a duel Eonwë took the Stormguard prisoner.

A late assault resulted in a small number of casualties, but the situation was resolved when Bëor kidnapped Duke Astinika of Region and took him to the King. The King ruled in Bëor's favour but demanded they withdraw all forces out of Region itself as a result.

Duke Astinitka issued a statement:

"The Noble Duke wishes to extend his deepest apologies to all free men of Garda in exile – the captain responsible for most of the trouble has been stripped of rank and sent to the front line."

7 August 5839, in Region

Riders of Moonlight

Duke Astinitka hired a party to investigate any recent activity of Entektra, the witch. She was known to be evil, and very powerful. As she had never worked against the State in the open, the Stormguard had left her mostly to her own devices. However it was now known she was about some potent spell. The party, meeting some of her old Coven Brothers, learned that Entektra planned to subsume the power of the nine most evil women in history, and become all-powerful. Racing on to Entektra's house, the party arrived to see her gate to Albion. They were forced however to retreat when, on following, they were faced by a confrontation with Mordred, son of Morgan La Fey.

Cry Havoc

A group of adventurers, the worse for wear after attacks by Cavewights and a necromancer, took refuge in a tavern. Locals then proceeded to begin dying. The Stormguard on their arrival presented the party with an ultimatum: find those responsible, or face trial for murder.

After a short time it became apparent that the murderers were Varags, a race of Ratmen created on that site many centuries before by an evil sorcerer. Journeying into the labyrinthine sewers below, the party assaulted the Varag city and slew their king, losing a brave Cavalier and two heroic Sandgnomes. The Varags were left kingless and in disarray, though their potential to trouble the surface world should be noted.

A Devil of a Time

Eonwë Redemar and Finn o'Cruach hired a party to travel to Eire to gain forces for the war against the Inquisition. O'Cruach led the party, and they travelled by airship towards Eire. Unfortunately the airship crashed on a previously uncharted island. A Mannan Maclir, the ancient Sea God, directed the party through the underworld of Tir na Nog to the island of the Tuatha.

Fighting with the aid of two dubious Mountain Dwarves and some Fire Elves, the party cut a heroic swathe through all who stood in their way – Formor, evil Firvulag and Duergar, until they came to Tara, throne of the Tuatha Kings. Once there they were told that Cathbad, High Druid of the Tuatha, had turned traitor and kidnapped the rightful King. They travelled to Cathbad's fortress and fought a pitched battle, then were cursed to the House of Cuthulu. After facing many waves of the minions of insanity, they escaped back to Tara, where Hurne the new High Druid gated them back to Evermore with 200 fresh troops.

September 5839

Damiano's Fire

The witch Entektra had done more evil than she could ever know, unravelling the threads of Time itself, laying bare the path for a final attack on Evermore and for some – the World. The Inquisition, the Malimorh, the Weird Lords and the Black Council joined together for a co-ordinated goal – the death of King Jeruth, of Prince Tomas Ennear, and the destruction of Evermore's resistance. In the wings stood Errolfini, Maquam Nilf and Ard Skraga, awaiting the destruction of the world.

A bold party of adventures entered, with their best hope being Damiano, friend of Angels, who died in Lombardy nearly 36,000 years ago. They heavily battled Malimorh and the forces of Errolfini into central Kavarre, and undid part of the Desecration. They undid the Magic and Spirit gates, allowing all casting of miracles and spells to return to normal.

Civil War

Rumour was received of an older cousin to King Jeruth in the House of Haverthorn, by direct descent from Dagravane. Further investigation of this proved King Jeruth to be a traitor to his cousin Philip d'Haverthorn, and the south of Evermore split into civil war. The Stormguards and Helguards remained loyal to the King, and Bëor d'Lambra, the Wood, Twilight, Fire and Ice Elves, Pope Elfwood, the Burning Gold, the White Knights of Haverthorn, the Ullratha Knights, the Paladins and local militias rebelled with Philip's cause. Fortunately the Inquisition was unable to capitalise on this, being themselves at a weak ebb in their war in Garda.


It was announced that the Ullratha Knights and the Malimorh were officially at war.

December 5839, in Saltmire Marsh

Civil War

Report by Darcuill, King's seneschal.

"Saltmire Marsh is where you are! Saltmire Marsh is dangerous! Only one way in, only one way out! The people free of King Jeruth the Tyrant's rule are holed up here, in this ramshackle Hamlet. Unable to utilise waystations for fear of location and premature attack by the Helguard, before True King Philip's men are ready for battle.

"Saltmire is becoming ever more dangerous. Orels (water- and marsh-dwelling lizardmen) are aware of our presence and are threatening to reveal this unscryable hiding place to Jeruth's men. A move is essential. Kaylor, seneschal to Eonwë, has due to his master's demise offered shelter in Surefast keep (Bëor d'Lambra's HQ); movement must be swift, the net draws close. The exodus must be swift: over 500 personnel must be moved 80 miles through Region to Fendl Hamlet, where you will link up with Philip's Knights of Haverthorn. Another 50 miles will see you to the borders of Lind; there the allied forces of Bëor d'Lambra will complete the link up and escort you the rest of the way to the fortress.

"Ride the Dragon's back, Good Luck!"

Report by Sardika, Chief of Alliance Intelligence.

"It is rumoured by some peasants, still escaping the net of Helguards around Amatyr, that King Jeruth is preparing to perform the Uttuki Limnuti, which will turn his Helguards into the ghastly aspect of true Helknights, warriors imbued with supernatural powers from the Abyssal planes – we may only hope these are false whispers.

In Requiem

The honourable War Knight, Eonwë Richard Redemar, was taken from High Table by Cuthuon, Demigod Herald of Cuthulon who was struck down by Eonwë, but slew that noble Knight by means foul.

Salute Eonwë Amoria!

Shequi, spy killed in haste
Elucian, slain by Vargulfs in the north.
Rogan, raised by the power of Sipstrassi
Ulysees, slain by the "powers" for insolence.
Arianne Roth and Anonymous, fell in battle with the Necropolis.
It was rumoured that Nightshade had been killed by Ursh Arakana, Witch Smeller Pursuivant.


It was announced that any Amoriath Squires or Pages who had been dubbed by Physgigg or Eonwë no longer held Amoriath status. Those dubbed by Eonwë reverted on his death to Grey Warriors, as did members of his personal household. In Physgigg's case, the lady was insane due to the effects of Cuthuon, and her dubs were disbarred.


The following summonses were made to High Table.
Visit from the Grand Master of the Order Amoriath. All Amoriath ordered to present themselves to the new Master.
The inauguration of Moridae to the rank of Uncle Seth, upon the death of his predecessor.
The presentation of Finn O'Cruach and Balor of the One Eye to the new Grand Master, for the feast of Beltane.
The signing of a Compact with Mylakrion of Many Colours.
The trial of Physgigg Oakenwood for the cold blooded murder of Shequi the spy.
The inauguration of Snotty as new King of Black Dwarves in the absence (and presumed demise) of Bherek Spartan, by Rasputin the Holy Guardian of Black Dwarf Fertility and High Priest of all Black Dwarves.


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