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Campaign History


February 5840

Friday Night

A party set out to contact Lord Deathstep with vital information concerning the Necropolis and its possible destruction. They found Nightmare Marsh under siege from Necropolis forces. After a large amount of skirmishing, the party found Deathstep, and what happened between them and the dark Lord has not been disclosed.

Saturday Morning

Two of Physgigg's retainers sent a party off with a bouncing gate. The party came up against the Malimorh defences of Hrothgar Gap. Their assault on the Black Temple was all but crushed, and the Catspaw Ullratha arrived to save the day; the party retreated, with no casualties.

Saturday Night

Report by Eochan Maccgog T.A.D. and Breeze, Ullratha Syker Wolfsfang Legion.

"It all started when the party set off from the Way Station in order to bash some Helguard. After travelling down some heavy terrain, we encountered our first platoon of Helguard and it was reported by us Scouts that we faced around 30-40 of them. Well what can I say after a pitched battle I dispatched 5 myself without taking a wound and I think it was enough to scare the rest off.

"After more hard travelling we encountered a couple of Devil types which the Ullrathas on the party dealt with and it was onward. In the distance we saw a dark figure of an Angel of Darkness which our brave Scout type Ullratha (Breeze) dispatched of in about 0.5 seconds. Hurrah…

"Things were looking up until we arrived at a bridge facing a Helguard Knight Marshal, other warrior types and a handful of Undead. The Helguard Knight Marshal was no match for me and was slaughtered good and proper. I seem to have forgotten the rest of this battle. Anyway ask Breeze for details cause he's clever. Then we came across a Gipsy who flogged us some items when this sneaky Helguard attacked us from the rear, Breeze the Ullratha took him out.

"Finn, Bentley and others being captured, we still ventured further. We encountered a Minor Angel of War. He told us that it would be pointless to carry on but we had to rescue those who fought alongside us. Myself, Miles and John Lambeth decided to carry on and rescue our friends with the aid of the Angel Abo. I summoned Jack Cade, Ullratha Rune Priest of the third commando, Thorbarden and Theoben two Ullratha Ghosts of the Dragonsfire legion. We gated in and had two minutes in the Helguard camp to rescue our allies. Jack Cade and his two ghost bodyguards fought off many Helguards and a highly powerful Demonist to succeed and rescue Shequi.

"Myself now a leg missing dragged myself to a cell to rescue Bently Landis and Bear. Miles and John Lambeth, I can only presume rescued Finn after seeing him at the last High Table."

Civil War

The war had by now turned decisively against Jeruth. The Helguard, all but decimated, had retreated into the Capital. Their diabolic leader was holed up in the palace, and three years of martial law were over. The people were now prepared to fight back after years of oppression, needing only arms.

Meanwhile it is believed that Jeruth, realising his plight, resorted to sabotage, sending small weak imps to attack grain, plantations and stocks near the Bëor d'Lambra castle.

High Table

At High Table, Gimgil was elected Prime Minister. Finn o'Cruach slew a Wood Elf, from behind without a proper challenge. The Wood Elf Prince, Earthwise, forgave this action. O'Cruach then arrested the Ullratha High Priest for the killing of a Slayer, although this is an outlawed class to be killed on sight. Pope Elfwood then joined in the attack on the Ullratha, severing limbs as he went.

April 5840

12 hour dungeon

A party consisting of two Wood Elves, two Black Dwarves, a Half Ogre, three Dragon Lords, a Shevlie, an Earth Elf and a Human Warrior set out to guard an ambassador. After some combat they reached a peasant village. Learning of mysterious disappearances they agreed to investigate, heading towards a strange building from hundreds of centuries before. They disabled a force field, then found the top level littered with bodies, some of which raised up as Undead. Passing deeper they revived a suspended psychopathic space pirate, then found a chamber full of Arachnian Elves moving boxes, suspected to contain Oblivion War weaponry. The treaty was observed, and hostilities did not proceed beyond threats.

They returned to the village and told the villagers that a necromancer had been responsible for the killings, and that the Arachnians had killed the necromancer. Celebrations began, but a captain of local militia interrupted, commandeering the party to help him and his squad defend the border from savages. By the time the Captain and the party reached the outpost the squad had been massacred. The party then fought the savage incursion by Draconsmerian tribesmen, until these found someone to inform the party that they were trying to escape from Orrels and Cavewights. The party promptly apologised for killing innocents and let the Draconsmerians through; they then spent the next two hours fighting back the Cavewights and Orrels.

In the morning, the party fought hired mercenaries and bounty hunters; whose stated intention it was to kidnap the ambassador and foil the mission. The party successfully delivered the ambassador.

Saturday night

Terminators, hunting Tomas of the White, had attacked the tavern and opened fire. Then a group of worthies, consisting of Menelaus Bane, Finn o'Cruach, Magnu L'Aural, Myvanwë, Jeryll of Seth, Ricardetta, Heron Arab, Raislari Ereval and Tomas Ennear, were gated into Amoriath Keep deep below Amatyr. They were ordered to save the poor people of Region currently being massacred by a large number of Helguards and Inquisition. After three days of desperate battle, Evermore was victorious.

The group was invited to Thailes Gil to banquet and rest the night. Overnight they were transported into individual horror scenarios. In the morning, reuniting, they were attacked by warpstone gargoyles. They found Earl Gunther Stanted possessed by the Enemy. In the ensuing battle Ricardette was slain, and used his Amoriath Auto-Res; Heron Arab's leg was severed, but this was restored by Ennear's use of Pro points.

An encounter with Bookah ahead and three Ring Wraiths behind saw the party career into a Mind Flayer, quickly and fortunately dispatched by Ricardette. Next in an illusory encounter Finn, Magnu, Menelaus, Ricardette and Raislari battled Chaos Warriors and a huge Broo. An old hermit told Jeryll, Morranui, Tom and Heron that the Earl was to be used as a new receptacle for the soul of Ard Skraga. Urged on by this news the party followed some Andelanian Wraiths, which are the spirits of those who have died fighting the Enemy, who gave Ennear a piece of the Power and the Glory at an old deserted fort in Clun, which is the land of his first death. There the despicable servants of the Enemy killed the Earl Stanton, and Ard Skraga was reborn.

In a surprisingly quick battle, Tomas Ennear once and for all banished Ard Skraga, using the Spirit of the Power and the Glory. The threat of Skraga was therefore ended until the Last Day.

High Table

At high table, a Ring Wraith appeared pursuing Finril Flametongue, shortly after he had left. Flaymax attempted to save his Prince, but was struck down by the Black Breath. It was revealed that only a healing artifact from the ancient West could save him, and volunteers were swiftly found. The party that left consisted of Pyraldor, Menelaus Bane, Raislari Ereval, Daniel Elijah Pulsifer, Bugs, Ricardette, and another Dragon Lord.

The Elven Princes decided to make Raislari custodian of the Power and the Glory.

May 5840

A Wizard's Dream

A party of relatively new adventurers was, after being arrested for vagrancy, forced to guard a merchant. They returned and were left for dead by a group of bandits. They were healed by a local doman, and went to rescue her friend, captured by Raekzar, Raecor's younger brother. After much combat they reached Raekzar's castle, but once inside quickly became the prisoners of Raekzar and his minions.

Strange Worlds and In Between

A group was sent out to take medical supplies to physician Bob Cord. Many groups wished to stop them, and the body of one woodcutter disappeared as it fell. The party found a blue entity, carrying a strange liquid. On drinking it three of the players shifted out of phase and were able to attack the Arkedsians that had been following them. On reaching Roverta Cord, the antidote failed to have any effect, and it became apparent that the disease was an Arkedsian ploy to hide the fatalities caused by their aggressive power draining. Am Arkedsian phased assault resulted in the death of the victims and the medical staff. In a running battle a Blue Alien gated the rest of the party away, leaving two Erith Gyr to fall at the hands of the Arkedsians.

War in a Strange World

A party was sent out by Magnu L'Aural to investigate the Arkedsians and their Spider pets, after repeated attacks on tavern and the waystation in which Bishop of the Telerin Elves was killed by a Spider-possessed Ullratha. The party proceeded as far as Fort Hamras, engaging some Skritids, the youngest growth stage of the Arkedsian aliens, when they were recalled to High Table.

The High Table was attacked, and all were rendered unconscious or killed. It is now assumed that the party were fed some of the liquid taken from the Blue Entity, but that it was given in such a high dose as to cause partial sanity loss, and they awoke in a strange scene. They were attacked by the rest of the victims of the slaughter. They eventually found a way to disable the Arkedsian ship so as to make it difficult for them to beam down onto the planet from their space craft.

It is rumoured that the Shevlie, Bugsy Muffet, destroyed the Necropolis through nuclear attack.

In Requiem

A high death rate, believed to have been caused by the Arkedsian incident.

Ford, Amoriath Gyr.
Cyaega, Seventh Rank Firvalg Warrior.
Hathwin, Sixth Rank Wood Elf Scout.
Bishop, Third Sphere Telerin Elf Priest.
Tory, Fourth Rank Erith Gyr.
Sir John Roundbottom, Mikhaeline Knight.
Morning, Tuatha Berserk.
A Wood Elf Warrior.

July 5840

Jack Cade

A party was sent to apprehend the renegade Jack Cade. He defeated them, and later arrived at High Table demanding the overthrow of the monarchy. The Ullratha since put a bounty of 5,000 GC on his head.

October 5840

Saturday Morning

A party of adventurers rescued the Lore Child from bandits. No further details.

Another group found themselves in an alternate reality in the grip of the evil Over Lord, Thalsa. The Overlord was defeated and the Evermorians returned home.

Saturday Night

A party encountered the vampire Nightshade and his minions. They acquitted themselves with excellence in the face of Zombies, Ghouls, Hobgoblins and Hollyhobs. On reaching Nightshade's crypt they faltered and six of them died, before Nightshade was shot.

Diplomatic Incident

In tavern, General Khan of Darkendar was murdered. An inquiry was announced.

November 5840

A Twist in the Tale

An Inner Flame, Raecor, and his brother Gaspar, a Ranger, hired a party to defeat the evil illusionist Drum Billet once and for all. An experienced party accomplished this mission with panache; unfortunately Raecor was a Skeletal Lord, Gaspar an Antipaladin and Raekzar their other brother the real evil illusionist.

Born Again

A group of Elves encountered the supposedly exterminated Knights of Genetic Purity (KGP), a cult founded around the transmogrifier in Draconsmere and later spread throughout Evermore. Although its first incarnation had been destroyed by Eonwë of Bëor, its goals had once more been resurrected.

Endless Cycle

Vague reports state that a party was approached by two ciamese scouts to kill an Antipaladin attacking their village. On killing this Antipaladin they found that he had two brothers, also Antipaladins.

Broken Oath

After many warnings, a party without any defence against psionics entered Sunswallow Caverns to fight the Drowh on their own turf. After 30 minutes and eight corpses they retreated and decided to rethink. After much deliberation they re-entered and completed a recognisance with only two further casualties.

After defeat at L'Haru, and the breaking of the Underworld treaty, Evermorian forces began to slowly withdraw from Sunswallow Caverns.

High Table

Some KGP intruded into High Table and were dispatched by Swan Knights. They delivered the threat that unless the KGP were dealt with quickly the humano-elven alliance would stand "only on clay".

A Drowh Mikhalean Paladin, Varian Locke, raped Lady Daneth of the Inner Flame. The Paladin was dispatched by either Kyle or Troi of the Gyr, but Tac could not find if Locke was truly dead. Next a demon sent by Arioch kidnapped the Ullratha psionicist Philip Silveran – upon Philip's return he summoned a demon which killed Valakrin Greygreave, another Drowh Paladin. The Firvulag Chieftain was killed in the exchange.

Next was the trial of Jack Cade, Ullratha High Priest, for the murder of an Angel. Finn o'Cruach and Tac lead an excellent prosecution at which point a Helknight from Krull came to offer sanctuary to Cade. The defence won by one vote and the Ullratha 3rd Commando left to join Jeruth in Krull, as did Ricardetta. The Prime Minister of Krull then arrived to watch Evermorian law at work. Kyle of the Erith Gyr brought a charge of murder against himself after Finril Flametongue's death. Lady Myvanwë Hawkins began her explanation with the words "I killed Finril Flametongue, but…"

Kyle went berserk, killing Daniel Pulsifer, Miles, Dordak Alern, Boromac, Gelen Oburst, a Drowh and a number of innocent bystanders before racing off after the gated Myvanwë. Raislari and Myvanwë summoned Finril who resurrected most if not all of the slain.

Finally a chilling message came from Catspaw legion, who announced their contempt for Third Commando and their designs on the rule of Evermore.

Battle at the Fails

Baron Raifgar of Enryx fell with a dozen knights and huscarls along with eighty men at arms in a confrontation with Garda Liberationists near EPS. Baron Raifgar was dispatched to investigate rumours of bandits in the town area, but was ambushed at the town by Jonathan Cadre's forces, said to be two hundred strong. Loresraat troops were dispatched to render assistance, and Cadre was pursued high into the mountains of Region.

In Requiem

Daniel Elijah Pulsifer
Dordak Alern
Gelen Oburst (twice)
Boromac of Papal House
Varian Locke
The Firvulag Chieftain
Fenethias Surefoot

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