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Campaign History


A New Power Rises

6 - June 5855

War News

A New Power Rises. Even as Damien D'Asturiens, Housemaster to third House Ash Leah, and his followers fled to Eilind to Evermore, many more of the Intelligencier's loyalists stayed to fight the new Emperor Mikhael Errolfini. Even now renegade forces engage the Emperor's Elite who now fight alongside DOS-FIAD and Khalan Kor as well as a large contingent of Akaidai Knights under the direct command of Uridae himself.

Battles have been swift and decisive even though martial forces are roughly equal. The advent of Warp and Runes as well as the Red Earls' cannon have lead to the free Darkendari battalions, unwilling to retreat, facing repeated and horrendously swift massacres. Sonnats Gil is expected to be in absolute undisputed mastery of Darkendar in less than two moons, judging by current progress! Casualties have already been broadcast by the 'Free Inquisition' including Lord Taygor Yashit-Elhalyn (Altioc), Lord Corvel D'Asturiens Alton (Venndark).

Small hamlets inside of Evermore are being mysteriously wiped out. No surviving witnesses are available to assist the authorities. Victims have been found with claw wounds to the base of the spine and shoulder and their throats cut, evidently with an enhanced-bladed weapon.

All members of Kyrie-Sumunai who have not followed York Bannon into exile are required to attend upon Sir Gareth Shequi for formal debriefing immediately or suffer exile also.

It is and always will be the first duty of this High Table to inform and assist in their learning those who have arisen from base rank to sit with us here at this Noble Table.

Finril Flametongue, Former Prince of Fire Elves.

Character News

Earl Finn directed then joined his Barbarians in Eire with the death and subsequent cremation of Lugh, the Tuatha's King and Warleader.

A crude village of tainted souls was eventually cleansed by a party of adventurers.

An evil Demon duped a group of adventurers into releasing him from an Angelic prison. Congratulations to Rluin and his brave fellows who held their own considering they had played alongside the more senior members of the Club.

Another party mysteriously disappeared from the Western Coast of Evermore in the company of Denzig for some time. Any news pertaining to the whereabouts of the party during this time would be appreciated by the Regency.

"An End to Questions" saw Mikhael Errolfini openly take the throne of Elind causing a major upset in the Grand Order of the Inquisition, not least of which being the withdrawal of the service of the Knights of Dark Renown, and several houses have evacuated to Evermore. It appears House Azakarn, House Ash Leah and House Arden didn't make any overtures to seek asylum.

Upon settling in Evermore, we have been promised by Damien D'Asturiens 50,000 Darkendari refugees from Houses Midigan, Dakor, Venndark and Altioc, some of the greatest and most loyal houses of the Grand Inquisition of Darkenda. The people of Evermore are most displeased!

High Table saw Damien D'Asturiens duel the Ard Righ and lose despite Jack Cade's fervent protestation about allowing the King to duel in person.

York Bannon Kyrie, Gatherer and those foolish enough to have followed their House Lords were banished and told to leave within one moon.

Grzzt the Half Ogre died at the hands of Warwick Lane, an aspirant Ullratha Knight, in the middle of the Half Ogre's trial. The young warrior was himself subsequently killed at the claws of Bugsy Muffet.

Finally a couple of visits from the cotic creation Raisclari resulted in the kidnap of Zheer Stonehand, Amoriath Knight, and a tense situation involving Flaymax Fieryhand was resolved without casualties.

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7 - July 5855

War News

Hostilities and, so it seems, resistance to Sonnats Gil's mastery in Darkendar would appear to be at an end. Some few ex-Inquisition forces have moved off into the northern Kamarthe and another resistance force of less numbers is occupying Marnom.

GLF attacks on Gil outposts in Garda have for reasons unknown tripled in the past month. Casualties in the Freedom Fighters are said to be high, but Gil casualties have also risen dramatically.


All members of Kyrie-Sumunai that have been outlawed should now be ready to help in the attack on Gil forces occupying the Free States. If you do not come and suffer with us then you will not share the glory with us and the red headband will be yours for evermore!

Character News

Friday night saw 2 parties disappear off into the wilds of Evermore to find glory and adventure. One party became trapped in time and only survived due to the "nick of time" use of their escape device when the slaves of Ultimate Light and Ultimate Darkness clashed some 200 years ago. A second party were stuck between two warring factions in a boys vs. girls (Thunder vs. Fire) grudge match. Both parties survived with minimal casualties.

Saturday morning's missions consisted of an Ullratha (plus one kidnapped Inner Flame) raid on an evil temple (called off due to bad odds!). A second party of Saracens and friends ran back and forth between various large fights and to complicate matters even further, a third group of adventurers flitted here and there and bumped into the first 2 missions as well as the dreaded Deathsong. The party now have to find and kill the Demon Lord that cursed them to gate about or suffer the wrath of the High Bard... !

Finally Saturday Night involved Denzig, a Regency Ambassador, another kidnapped Inner Flame (courtesy of the Ullratha) and a trip to Atlantis to rescue Chancellor Felstaff and secure political relations with a thermonuclear device. Nova Atlantis was saved from total destruction by the speedy intervention of Ruhk of the Erith Thane and Cheros' rune comm.

High Table, although subdued, was highly enjoyable and with a lack of trials other business was concluded quickly.

Felstaff turned up, genetically altered by the Atlanteans, as their Ambassador.

Vaydakor of the Knights of Dark Renown presented 3 gate shield devices to Miles the Paladin - Amoriath Knight.

Ullratha 5th Commando were inaugurated by Duke Azaduke. The Darkendari performed the ancient Ceremony of Light and the Erith Thane turned up to pledge allegiance to the King.

It was a nice change to have a quiet High Table. The entertainments were enjoyable and I hope to see more next weekend.

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8 - November 5855

Character News

Friday Night saw the plans of Belench the Wizard come to fruition using money supplied by Duke John to fund his research into Warpstone. A small group of new Regency members tracked Belench and managed to escape by the skin of their teeth when Belench revealed himself to be Khalan Khor.

The forces of the Enemy were hard at work this weekend with Saturday morning giving them both defeat, in the form of failure to enlist the service of the Southern Akreans (who have subsequently sided with Evermore), and success, in duping Mog Agorn and Tasha Bejarn, the Weird Lords, into summoning Rael - one of the four principal servants of The Enemy - through perfoming the Darkside Ritual in the false belief that it would summon Darkdreams. The party that survived the second mission report that Rael prophesied a war between the Forces of The Enemy and Darkdreams. A war to end the 5th Age - which would begin when the other two "Horsemen" arrived and forces were mustered.

The two-stage mission to liberate the Free States from Gil control was a hard fight, but was won (at great cost to those involved) against overwhelming odds and in a final showdown with Jacquenais. The Enemy used its most potent weapon, despair, convincing the Commanders that they had fought hard and lost the lives of others for nothing. In truth four cities and several thousand people were saved. Thank you and well done to all those involved in the mission.

High Table was a quiet affair in the main with a quick trial for Ullratha 5th Commando, a small invasion by Shevlies and a Night Goblin (blah, blah, blah, blah!), the arrival of an Embassy from Kleet and Kharmarthe led by Princess Talia of Kleet and Gunther of Kharmathe, and the Royal pardon (through the Magistar of the Amoriath Knights - Sir Miles) of those involved in the liberation of the Free States (which have been turned over to the Crown).

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9 - June 5856

War News

Unbeknownst to all but the King's closest council, on a late summer eve in the year 5856 at exactly midnight, 10,000 Evermorian soldiers and their allies passed through Oakenwood with Amoriath Knights Daniel Elijah Pulsifer and Gilburun commanding.

At midday the force was attacked by a large Gil force of around 12,000 troops. At this point as pre-arranged, Gilburun alerted Elven and Ullratha forces under the command of Earthlen and Blake. A further 8,000 alliance joined the fray. The fight was quick. The Gil was massacred to the last man. 1,000 Evermorians were killed or injured.

Character News

Covert Op's defection. The forgiving of the thrice-damned Queen. The arrival of Deathtouch Prince of Krull and the desecration of the Hall of Peace. Flaymax's wedding. Commander Cade and all pro-ranking Ullratha attacks on Wyvern, Grandmaster of the Regency. Attacks on Danakil. The destruction of Excelsis and Exeter and the loss of Shequi, Styk and all Bad Company. Peter Villa gets coup de grace from Sheer. The noble Lord Utterdark after 900 centuries of relentless undead existence finally dozes at High Table. Myvanwë reappeared after many years of absence, but was extremely vague as to her reasons for the absence. For the first time ever the King removed his helm in public and most of the Amoriath, not least their Prelate, the Knight Marshall and the Magistar, were moved to tears. Danny Schaffer broke a ward pact while defending the Tavern. Cythrawl was ritually sacrificed during the same attack. Mord was voted Pope and then disbanded Papal House. Frank Pagoda was appointed the King's attorney.

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10 - August 5856

War News

Trouble has been reported out of Erin. De Dannan and Firvulag settlers out to resettle the south west of their island have not sent word of their progress for some time. Scouts sent to investigate have failed to report back at the agreed times...

Final news out of Eilind is that Inquisition servants of Sonnats Gil have now finally stormed the intercontinental gate. The last few Eilindanians, a handful of thousand Edhaals, Marnish, Kleetians, Shinii, Kamarthe, Jaderans, Khon-Kharks and Kadiche came through just as the final defence of the gate was crumbling. Survivors report the final evacuee camp with perhaps some 35,000 souls was cut off and Inquisition and Gil soldiers were seen to be enacting a bloodthirsty massacre upon those defenceless souls.

Amoriath Headquarters, which has finally been revealed to be only two leagues from the true gate exit, has been placed on alert (all Amoriath Knights are recalled from their Governorships to the Keep). As yet no Inquisition or Gil troopers have ventured through the gate.

Gil troops have managed to link up with Orc Legions out of Krull Keep along the Firith snow wall. Land-based communication from the far north with the Snow Beasts, Norse and de Dannans still in that region has now been severed. Available manpower dictates that gate messengers are few and far between. News will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

Announcements have arrived from the Blue Mantis Arachnian Legion and the Clan of Groam Cavewights that they now wish to abandon all ties with the Alliance.

Attempted requests from the Erith-Thane, who have retreated to the Danakil, have not been acknowledged. Similarly so with the Hamek mini kingdom in the mountains of Region.

As Dagravane still lies sick, Knight Marshall Grieg of the Holy Order of White Knights has been named as acting Military Governor of Avmar while the King recuperates. Sir Miles, Magistar of the Amoriath, has been appointed ruling Military Governor of the South West and Commander in Chief of the capital defence forces. Ombarg Duran Dusk has currently disappeared in the company of York Bannon and is fully out of contact. Lady Dignity and Utterdark have returned with their Honour Guard aboard the Ullratha fleet flagship 'Thunderer' to Draconsmere. Whether they have been successful has not yet been ascertained.

Choiristas Keep has successfully repulsed a ground attack out of Redknapp consisting of Geno-forms, Automatons and heavily equipped ground troops. By use of song power, though it is yet to be confirmed, half a dozen trainee new Choiristas are said to have caused the Geno-forms to 'calm' and wander off. A timely intervention by the Daka-Shea hive and the Evanadae have smashed nearly one hundred Automatons, causing others to be recalled into the Redknapp base. No more attacks have been forthcoming as yet.

The King is well, for now this war is yours, there is always hope.

Miles, Dagravane.

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11 - October 5856

War News

In the year of Our Lord 5856, on a late summer's evening, Evermorian troops engaged the first and second armies of the Gil in a desperate struggle for survival. The alliance forces were outnumbered by about four to one, and hopes of victory were beyond the most optimistic of Evermore's leaders.

Shouldering their arms, noble Evermorians vowed to sell their lives as dearly as possible. As late evening set on, waves of Gil troops began an assault on all sides of the Evermorian position. Things looked grim; all stood to resist the Enemy's onslaught. Suddenly the order was given to fire, loosing countless volleys of missile fire into the oncoming hordes. The Gil line began to waver, then broke - the mass of arrow fire killing them to a man. Thus did the battle progress, with wave after wave of Gil troops being cut down by bow fire supplied by Elven knights runically assisted by their Ullratha comrades. Two hours into the battle, a mass of Black Orcs and Ogres massed on the east rank, resisting all the bow fire the defenders could throw at them. Our forces despaired - surely now the day was lost. At this point, joint C in Cs Commander Cade, Legate John Lambeth and War Marshal Daniel Elijah Pulsifer chose to release their Elators, releasing them on tightly packed enemy groups as kamikaze black powder "human bombs". The carnage this caused was horrific, and many a bold knight looked away in disgust, all the while inwardly rejoicing that more Gil troops would perish before all were dead. The fighting continued for several more hours before the Gil attempted to destroy the command officers by sending in five Dos Fiad. The five were destroyed by the C in Cs, who utilised Gamesmen talismans. The fighting continued, and desperate for victory the Gil used fell necromancy to raise the bodies of those fallen in battle as a damnable army. Jack Cade countered this by summoning the Fianrada known as Terek El Khabra, and through trickery and guile forced him to destroy the undead. Throughout the battle many heroes were made; most conspicuously however the Amoriath Knight Daniel Elijah Pulsifer, commisioned in the field by Commander Cade, proved his worth by slaying over a thousand of the enemy single-handedly, most of these being Bru.

Through sheer desperation and force of will alone, the army of Evermore successfully repelled the assault, and left the field in an orderly retreat.

Gil casualties numbered 66,000; most of which were only Orcs, goblins and various undead. Evermorian casualties numbered but 8,200; many of whom died in various skirmishes in the retreat. The forces of Evermore have been victorious this time, but losses which would cripple Evermore are regarded by the Gil as a minor inconvenience. Keep your blades well-honed, for the enemy is still coming, Remain vigilant.

Penned by Sir Telrath, Fifth Commando.
aka T 3 ATS.


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