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Campaign History


February 5841

End of the Line

A party of Elven princes and their retainers set out to destroy the KGP, in the process setting Evermore to fever pitch. Passing villages laid waste by rogue elves, they freed a Dark Elf. This elf later provoked an attack on Amrath soldiers, which is the most powerful single political organisation. A Balrog later slew two of the wardancers, though it was later found to be a mutated elf. A large unit of KGP was dispatched by the last wardancer before his demise, but the party was only saved from certain death at KGP HQ by the advent of Raislari and Gareth Shequi.

To Kill Again (In the Temple of Love)

A party consisting of the great and good assembled to witness the investiture of the Erith Gyr spiritual leader, the Ak Aru, who by his power prevents the Enemy from reaching our world. The diplomacy was interrupted by the intervention of Mikhael Errolfini, and his newly created elite shock troops, the Dos Fiad. The party seized the Ak Aru, and fled to find another pure location where the investiture could take place. Many of the forces of the enemy were encountered, and the party split up. On one occasion, Gilburun, John Lambeth, Finn o'Cruach, Jeryll of Seth and Dordak Alern faced five of Errolfini's elite. In the resulting combat both Jeryll and Dordak fell, to the loss of only one Fiad by the enemy. The remainder of the party was faced by Azrael, a minor duke of Hell bound to Errolfini's service. He was driven off by Menelaus Bane and Logan, the Dragon Lord, but at the cost of both their lives; Grimthane also was forced to depart by Pit Fiends.

Arriving at the Mallorn Grove, the party found that this itself had been desecrated by the Kadichi, with the slain bodies of the druids littering the ground. Only one place remained for the investiture, Lord's Keep at the Care. Battling their way out of gate shields, Lambeth and Gareth Shequi opened a gate to the Care. In the labyrinths below the ancient keep, the party met Lana the High Priestess, now possessed by Errolfini; subsequently they were barred by an ancient Lore Lord and Errolfini again. Ricardetta attempted to dupe the master of Sonnats Gil, but success was only bought by the timely arrival of Lansguard, 3rd Commando and the King. The party assisted in the investiture, and Miles was created Amoriath.

High Table

At High Table, the Elven party was found guilty of murder, and due to the actions of their princes, their entire races were sentenced to share their penalty of death. The Elves were escorted away and two took their own lives. The Ullratha declared a state of Jihad on Evermore, and the Tuatha de Dannan forces were ordered to withdraw back to Eire. The Elven Council demanded a retrial, and Philip d'Haverthorn capitulated; on retrial the party was found not guilty.

Evermorian News

At this time, Enemy forces had been surrounding the Care. After the investiture of the Ak Aru they drifted and returned to Sonnats Gil. Throughout the land there had been battles with enemy forces, and despite gaining the upper hand in most, the enemy forces began simultaneous organised retreats at midnight.

On their retreat through Garda into Valsinglas, Errolfini and his armies left a trail of destruction. As a result, many Garda Liberation Front sub-commanders entered into negotiations towards a cessation of violence and a possible re-unification of the state to the rest of Evermore.

Three suspects were arrested for the suspected murder of General Bashir Khan. Trial was to be held in private in Amatyr, with Inquisitor Sardika standing for the prosecution. The King, Amoriath and the Regency held an inquiry into the judicial implications of court at High Table. Legal jurisdiction from High Table was rescinded until the Regency's new command structure could be implemented.

June 5841

Finders Keepers

A party of adventurers travelled back in time, stopping people from killing the ancestors of their current High Table.

A Taste of Salvation

A party adventured to a recently-discovered continent, known as Akrea, where many tribes under the subjugation of the Enemy battle against those few who remain free.

A Long Way Home

General Thailes Vorodek of the King's staff had left Amatyr with his command of 1,200 troops, and marched eastwards. He was joined en route by young Erith Gyr, Sandgnomes, Elves and many peasants. Refusing to reply to the King's heralds, he moved his growing force of over 3,000 into southern Valsinglas. A party of adventurers was recruited to order his return, but also to discover his intentions – if indeed they were more than madness. It was revealed that in fact the General was all too sane, with his perception of the threat of the Enemy's strength against Evermore. With this news, most war leaders declared war on Mikhael Errolfini. At High Table, many of Evermore's rebels, including Jonathan Cadre and representatives of the GLF declared their allegiance to Vorodek.

High Table

At High Table, peace reigned. Five weddings of the nobility took place, and the Grand Master of the Amoriath paid a visit. Commander Kraal of the Dos Fiad also entered, but was driven away by John Lambeth, Finn o'Cruach and Duke Magnu (though the latter was a little the worse for ale).

March 5842

High Table

Shadow of the Dark Elves fought Balor of the One Eye for his wife, and lost, making Ferjos the Chief of the Firvulags. John Lambeth fought and won in his challenge to rule the Ullratha Dragonsfire legion. Out of the blue, Mikhael Errolfini appeared to gate away Lady Jeryll, Finn o'Cruach, Miles and other Amoriath.

King Jeruth of Krull, aided by Ullratha 3rd Commando, attempted to abduct King Philip. King Philip escaped, gating to General Vorodek's Castle Battle in southern Valsinglas.

Civil War

Civil war again threatened to engulf Evermore with Jeruth's intervention, and moved ever closer with the choosing of sides made by many peoples. The following declared their allegiances:

For King Jeruth and Krull:
The Ullratha, the Fire Elves and the Noldor Elves.

For King Philip:
Papal House, the Air Elves, the Telerin Elves, the White Dwarves, the Rangers and the Paladins.

For the neutral Lore Lords in the Care:
The Tuatha de Danann, the Cave Bears, the Black Dwarves, the Sand Gnomes and the Erith Gyr.

In Requiem

Prince Heron Arab of Twilight Elves
Moradin, Dark Elf
A Fivulag Warrior
Fisknil, a Malimorh Assassin
Nilfisk, a Malimorh Necromancer
Boulder, a Cave Bear
A Ranger
A Fahrd

Missing in Action

Miles, Amoriath Paladin
Finn o'Cruach, Amoriath and Chief of the Tuatha
Jeryll, Lady of Seth
Pope Tristran
Bugsy Muffet, Shevlie Brave of the 9th rank
Muggly Fluffet, Shevlie King
Carlos, a scout
Shylak, a gypsy
Benedict, a swordsman

April 5842

The Council of Bri-Ens

A great council was declared at Bri-Ens, to determine who should be King or leader at that time, without the shedding of Evermorian blood. Kings Jeruth and Philip, High Lord Nemris, Jakain, Amrath of the Regency, and the Grand Master of the Amoriath attended. The following were commanded to attend, being allowed to bring only one body guard; failure would result in the full anger of the two Kings, the Amoriath and the Regency.

Earthlen Hawkins, Prince of the Earth Elves
Myvanwë Hawkins, Lore Lady
Zheer Stonehand, Master of Nin
Duke Daniel Ardette of Marnom
Slyphard Stormbolt, Prince of the Air Elves
Thalmir of the Mikhaelines
Cardinal Daneth of the Mikhaelines
Pope Tristran
Ferjos, Chief of the Firvulags
Finn o'Cruach, Chief of the Tuatha de Danann
Daniel Pulsifer, Ashale
Dordak Alern, Humaktae
Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan of Darkendar
Valder Oakensong, Prince of Wood Elves
Niddl' Dik Queen of the Black Dwarves
Silex Silverglow, Prince of the Ice Elves
Lady Jeryll of Seth
Bear, or Isa, of the Cave Bears
John Lambeth, of Ullratha 3rd Commando
Hinoch Ferjoh, Amoriath Necromancer
Duke Magnu of the Milites
Shadow, Prince of the Dark Elves
A Dragon Lord representative
Fenric Flametongue, Prince of the Fire Elves
The Prince of the Light Elves
Tac of the Witches, or a servant.

The neutral Loresratt were in control of the way station and on guard. However they were not equal to the task awaiting them, for the council was attacked by Mikhael Errolfini and his elite Dos Fiad. First to perish was Jeruth followed by Philip, then the Grand Master of the Amoriath was throttled by Uridai of the Akaidai. Menelaus Bane, Silex Silverglow, Lady Jeryll and numerous others were dispatched in the Great Hall. Duke Magnu fell on the stairs, followed by John Lambeth.

All were slain – Thalmir, Daneth, Dordak Alern, Slyphard Stormbolt, Tasio and Raislari Ereval, Fëanor Fireyhand, Tristran, Earthlen and Myvanwë Hawkins, Platinum Lightbeam, Valder, Boromac, Isa, Lady Flametongue, Hinoch Ferjoh and many others. Kraal announced "The sleeping quarters are a slaughter – bodies everywhere."

But all was not lost. Gareth Shequi spoke the Elujah Nemorah, the words which summoned King Dagravane himself back to Evermore. He himself drove out the forces of the Enemy, then proceeded to use the power of the Holy Grail to restore those who had fallen at Bri-Ens.

The High Table continued in a jubilant fashion, with peace and joy and music.

Autumn 5842

Fear is the Mind Killer

The Magistar of Anisfarle had been cursed to were-Mindflayerhood. A party of inexperienced adventurers overcame adversity and subterfuge, to find the evil witch Ghia Skura, who had effected the curse and drove him away, destroying his totem.

Abbadon's Way

A party of adventurers escorted a merchant through the mountains of Region, but was beset by plot and counter-plot. Two Erith Thane found Evermore as confusing and confounding as it had been 9,000 years previously.

Mortals Coil

A party of adventurers was cured of an Old Earth disease.

A Stab in the Dark

The Armourers called in adventurers to sort out a myriad of problems in the armoury, infested with all manner of things, before an imminent visit by the Grand Armourer. The party prevailed, thanks to cunning, guile and total heal potions.

March 5843

Season's End

A group of adventurers travelled to Eilind to seek the Choiristas. They repelled Inquisition attacks despite the return of Dark Earth Power. On meeting the Choiristas, the party were gated to Castle Corruption for a very uncomfortable encounter with the Weird Lords, chief servants of Dark Dreams.

The Land Pro

The following accepted a summons to defend Jack Cade's rune temple in Draconsmere:
Dordak Alern, Lord of Heps Pass, War Chief of Humakt
Raislari Ereval, First Mark, Captain of Bëor, Guardian of the West
Prince Earthlen Hawkins, Master Ward
Lady Myvanwë Hawkins, Lore Lord
Lady Jeryll of Seth, Consort of Arbicor
Archbishop Epongileous
Daniel Elijah Pulsifer, Master of Ashale, Captain of Bëor
Daniel Schaeffer, Vivamancer, Lore Ward
Philip Silveran, Knight Ullratha
Prince Slyphard Stormbolt, Master of Ebonair
Richarde of the Loresraat
Pope Tristram, First Blade to the Affirmation of Dawn
Troi, Mark of Gyr
Trin Truespear, Captain of the House of Tuor.

Report by Lady Jeryll of Seth.

"Called to aid against the Gil's assault on Jack Cade's rune temple in Draconsmere, we fought our way through (amongst others) Akaidai, Dos Fiad, and, importantly, undead servants of Dark Dreams; we note that these latter seem to have as little love for Errolfini as for his opponents.

The siege of Jack's temple as overseen by members of the Khalan-Kor, Errolfini's elite spellcasters. These, we now know, are particularly powerful opponents because each has subsumed the spirits of several individuals, so that one Khalan-Kor can have the total power and abilities of many different high-level magic users.

"During the fight, the temple caved in on us. Those of us who had not yet met death at the hands of the Khalan-Kor, instead found ourselves transported, unable to move, to Gravin-Threndor in the Land. Here we met Lord Foul, the embodiment of the Enemy in that plane of existence (the equivalent of Errolfini); he told us that we were to find Tomas Ennear so that Foul might destroy him, as the last force resisting Foul's domination, Tomas the White, long missing from Evermore, is – or was – of course of high professional rank and thus unscryable.

"We then found ourselves, again able to move, on Kevin's Watch, high above the Land. As we made our descent, we were taunted by the three Ravers, chief servants of Foul, who threatened those that could hear or see their spirits with possession and despair.

"I will not waste precious time with detailed accounts of ur-viles, cavewights and other horrors. Most of us made it to Andelain, the beautiful, precious, spiritual heart of the Land, where we found Tomas Ennear. The Lore Lord Myvanwë explained our task, to take the Earth's blood, water from Melenkurion Skyweir, back to the Danakil in Evermore and thus restore our own Earthpower. But Tomas pointed out that our group, scryable by Foul, had now shown Foul his location. He agreed to help us in our mission and ultimately planeshift us back to Evermore. After a night in Andelain, we set out for Melenkurion Skyweir, again encountering many of Foul's evils, and most of us fell (I give you my report at second hand from this point). The remaining party reached Melenkurion Skyweir and were attacked by Kevin Landwaster's corrupted ghost. Tomas of the White summoned Thomas Covenant – both were assumed destroyed in the immolation of Melenkurion Skyweir.

"Finally, Foul took the remaining three members of our group to the battlements of Revelstone, where Myvanwë refused to enact the Ritual of Desecration, but the Land, deprived of Tomas' protection and too much of the Earth's blood, was fast approaching final destruction.

"With Tomas Ennear dead, the way back to Evermore proved to be death in the Land. We were returned to Jack's temple, where the Khalan-Kor had been repulsed, and we were pulled out of the temple wreckage and healed. After fighting off a mass attack on a weak section of the temple defences, we made haste to the Danakil, where the water from Melenkurion Skyweir restored the Earthpower. But we were too late to prevent the kidnap of High Lord Nemris, who has been taken to Sonnats Gil; a ransom of two hundred Erith Gyr is demanded. The Malimorh have Nemris' staff.

"Please note: Everyone should be aware that there are Ravers loose in Evermore – they followed us to this plane after the destruction of the Land. However, I understand that after a visit to the Faerie, we may have a method of forcing dispossession, although not destruction."

In the hope that Faerie power might aid the Evermorians against the new threat from the Ravers, a party set out to free the Faerie from imprisonment. Before accomplishing this the party had to defeat two Raver possessions, fight many hobgoblin minions of evil and free the Thunder God Thor, who lent the party his fabled hammer Mjolnir. The party found and freed the Faerie from the riddle that had imprisoned them. They then received confirmation of true Faerie power as Turiya Herem Raver arrived in time only to be utterly and forever annihilated by Faerie wrath. Finally the party found the last fragment of the Illearth Stone and the warrior Quinathalon destroyed it with Mjolnir. How, he did not say.

The Battle of Landwell

Landwell is a passage through the Valsinglas mountain range. It has always been Errolfini's main invasion route into Evermore. Recently Errolfini's forces gathered nearly eighty thousand to storm the pass left virtually undefended by King Jeruth and King Philip's quarrels.

The battle commenced at the same time as the Land mission. Thousands of orcs were repulsed on the initial charge by cannon and archery defences. Then Commander Kraal charged a unit of 600 Broo which tore down the first wall supported by a legion of Arachnians; the first enclosure fell quickly. The defenders, their bridge escapes destroyed by fireballs, were massacred. The second wall started to fall to Varag and Cavewight assault. All was set to fail as Dos Fiad and Duergar gated to hit command units – then, due to the successful defence of Jack Cade's temple in Draconsmere, the Ullratha Knights were able to gate the three hundred miles to Landwell bringing Elven Swanknights, Ljos Alfar militia, Darkendari soldiers and other factions that had opted to defend the temple. The initial impact broke the attack and changed the course of the battle.

Though the defence was successful, Valsinglas legions till managed to enter eastern Garda. Oakenwood, though, still acted as a defensive girdle for Region.

Enemy casualties were: 8 Dos Fiad, 20 Balrogs, 250 Akaidai Knights, 600 Broo, 600 Arachnians, numerous Orcs.

Evermorians' and their allies' casualties were: 22 Catspaw, 380 Ullratha Knights, 180 Ljos Alfar, 450 Swanknights, 900 Royal Soldiers, 1200 Darkendari, numerous masses.


All finances belonging to Amoriath knights and the nobility were seized by the High Seneschal of Amatyr.


Tavern rumours stated that Epongileous was to be made a Lore Lord; a new waystation had opened its doors in Nightmare March; Bishop Boromac had been possessed by a Raver; attacks were reported on Daka-Shae outposts by unknown aggressors, with no survivors.

July 5843, Darkendar

Friday Night

A small Inquisition staging post was overrun and torched. Lord Regan, aka Regan Bonesnapper, a foremost concentration camp commander, was found to be alive and escaped. His survival was noted to all patrols and guard stations.

Saturday Morning

A party quested to find "Marnish Gold", better known as the Fountain of Youth, but were thwarted by Krullian Orcs from Evermore.

Saturday Night

A Technic castle, full of pre-Oblivion War technology, was in danger of falling into the hands of the Weird Lords, or alternatively the renegade Thane Hugh Kelsey. Both plots failed, and the castle was destroyed.

High Table

An attempt was made on the life of Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan by the Grand Divulger, but this was thwarted by Flaymax Fireyhand.

Troi of the Erith Gyr put himself on trial for failure to protect Lore Lord Myvanwë Hawkins, who he was bloodguarding. During the hearing, however, Kyle (First Mark of the Erith Gyr) arrived and began talking to Troi. They convinced themselves, with the help of Mark, a psionic ghost, that they had failed and were therefore corrupt – as failure is corruption in the eyes of the Gyr. They entered major battle mode and placed weapons at each others' hearts, in order to commit suicide. A desperate attempt to persuade them otherwise resulted in a discrepancy between the arguments of Myvanwë and the druid Styk so the Gyr killed them as corrupt, for lying is also corruption, in their view. Peter Villa then was Lord's-fired twice, once by each Gyr. Also, the Lore Ward Daniel Schaeffer is considered to be illogical and therefore non-existent by them. Troi and Kyle then considered that they had redeemed themselves of their failure, but Troi could no longer bloodguard the dead (and "corrupt" Myvanwë. Troi therefore attached himself to Miles, Paladin of the Merciful Blades, as his bloodguard. The Magistar of the Amoriath, Gareth Shequi, demanded that the two Gyr should submit themselves to an Amoriath reckoning at the Grand Council.

Frank Ovaal succeeded to Daniel of the House of Ardette, by the grace of God now Duke of the Marnish. Fëalcar became first Princess of the Helcarax in the absence of Silex.

Elven Sleep

The elves Quinathalon, Fëanor and Platinum Lightbeam received the gift of sleep from person unknown. This sleep was found to be contagious, and all Elves henceforth received this. The barrier that the Worldsmith had placed against Dark Dreams' power in the Elves was thus removed.

In Requiem

Verjoh, Chief of Firvulags, killed by Raekar Foulheart Malimorh
Styk, Druid, killed by Kyle and Troi
Myvanwë Hawkins, Lore Lord, killed by Kyle and Troi
Adroc, Chieftain of the Sand Gnomes

Missing in Action

"The Amoriath regret to announce that Lord Menelaus Bane and Sir Ricardetta, Amoriath Knights of Renown, are missing in action. May their souls know peace wherever they lie. (It is assumed Menelaus, as Regency Governor of Jadier has fallen into the clutches of his neighbours the Weird Lords).
Prince Silex Silverglow of the Helcarax, Captain of House Bëor d'Lambra
Daniel Elijah Puslifer, Master Ashale, Captain of House Bëor d'Lambra.

The Seven Year Gap

In autumn 5843, refugees started to arrive from the continent of Eilind. The southern lands were in strife with the powers of the Inquisition and the Weird Lords. An Amoriath embassy at the end of the year found Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan stranded in Darkendar, beset by political opposition, her hands tied from helping the south. Evermore was at this point tied up militarily with slowing the continued invasion of the southern and central plains of Garda. For though Landwell had fallen, there had been sufficient casualties of the Sonnats Gil horde to render the invasion less than swift. The fierceness of the Garda people, and their reluctance to be evacuated out of their homeland, resulted in nearly scores of thousands of them dying in the resistance. For all this, dozens of thousands of the Gil's troops fell, causing a very peculiar series of events in early 5847.

In winter 5843, Jack Cade, Finn o'Cruach, Prince Earthlen and Epongileous moved into Oakenwood to establish a reinforced line of resistance to further incursions by the Gil. Oakenwood replantation was begun. By the time the Chaos Storm arrived with the last spring rain, the settlers out of Eilind, now nearly twenty thousand in number, had swamped Amatyr. In the summer, a last official communication from Jonathan Cadre reported that the last unit of Garda Liberation Officers was in New Sanctuary Waystation together with a company of Elven Swanknights, and that their position was hopeless. Nothing further was heard for many years.

A resistance force under John Lambeth and Dordak Alern entered and reinforced the Girdle around Garda at Shackle Mountains. Raislari Ereval, Blake, Silmedea and the cardinals and bishops of Papal House, along with Platinum Lightbeam, Boromac, Daneth and Thalmir, strengthened and finished the Girdle at the Garda Gales. A crushing defeat of Gil forces at Blynt by an alliance of 4th Commando, the Choiristas and the Wood Elves put paid to any possible trouble for the rest of the year. By early 5845 the poor of Eilind, now nearly three score thousand, arrived and began to settle in upper Region. A force of Hameki, Sand Gnomes and Saltmire Marsh inhabitants was thwarted from attacking the new settlers only by the timely intervention of Myvanwë, Magnu and Soglas and his Ljos Alfar.

A new town, Dark Haven, sprang up in the former province of Nightmare March; although first treated with openness, it rapidly gained renown for being seedy and holding a large population of outlaws. Also, members of the underground Sons of the Inner Dark cult and hobbits of the Sackville clan were seen in its streets. It was noted that no word had come from the Dark Elf nation in two years. The year closed with the Lords' Council being disbanded under Epongileous, Myvanwë and the Amoriath to find a new source of power for the Care.

In the summer of 5846, the forces of the Gil were reinforced with two new legions out of the east, and moved to siege the Barony of Fortiel, and therefore threaten the Caerleon south Midlands. An attack en masse was thrown back by the timely arrival of Ricardetta, Nightshade and a wandering company of retired Ullratha out of Draconsmere. A war of attrition ensued, as the enemy now lacked sufficient forces to overrun the castle walls.

In Caerleon, a tall hooded traveller myth sprang up, and a potential hero legend evolved as companies of Green Orcs were all driven back from the soil of Clun. Snodgrass Grimrock was seized with force by citizens of Goloriden at the end of 5846. He pointed out that he "currently isn't outlawed and hasn't broke any laws either". He then accused his captors of breaking the law by imprisoning an innocent nondescript and ate most of them before they could get to the hills.

Around the New Year, stories of Web attacking settlers crossing the mountains of Region into the Garda border areas started to circulate. In the harsh winter of 5846-5847, attempts to reinforce Fortiel were thwarted by a general offensive under Dos Fiad command. Although vastly superior in numbers, the Gil line was diffused and widespread, and the Helcarax, Burning Gold and Cavewight allies held the line at Region. However at the Garda Gales, Lord Boromac and Lady Thalmir were reported missing in action. At that time, Gareth Shequi and his squire William disappeared, with no summons or divination able to locate them. Also, one of the greatest tragedies and acts of folly in all of Evermorian history took place:

The Treason of Fortiel. The siege of Fortiel had progressed for eight months. Kraal and Khalan-Kor arrived at the walls of the city. Kraal then offered the Baron Tyree the rulership of his own free city state under Sonnats Gil. Simon Pelham, Ricardetta and Nightshade, duty bound as Knights Amoriath, pointed out to Baron Tyree that capitulation would be High Treason. On the evening of reply the three Knights, so the story goes, decided to mount a three handed foray into enemy lines. They have not been heard of again. The next day, Baron Tyree opened the city gates to Kraal. Since that event, a number of other Baronies surrendered to the sovereignty of Sonnats Gil, creating a semi-neutral zone that appeared to pay more lip service than true homage to Master Errolfini. It was, however, found that schools were ordered to teach anti-Regency and anti-Dagravane propaganda to the young, with the parents powerless to stop it.

By summer 5848, though they were not yet disowned as traitors, the new city states (more than likely under orders from the Gil) foraged into Caerleon. Sildren, Tor and Oberst, as ex-Loresraat, drove back the line and no further open hostilities were encountered. The city states headed by Baron Tyree still traded with free Evermore, though across a heavily guarded border. At a later meeting, Tor and Oberst validated the existence of the mysterious hooded traveller, who had been giving a heroic account of his past in their skirmishes.

Dark Haven had expanded greatly, and operated almost as a separate state, holding sway over a number of small towns and villages in the area. The so-called Web's attacks continued, and a company of Darkendari, despatched by Lady Rosamunda to deal with the situation, failed to report back.

Immigration of refugees from Eilind continued and in Amatyr relations with Evermorian natives, now outnumbered, became intolerable. Amatyrian elite forces moved nearly a hundred thousand settlers across the mountains of Region into the west Garda region behind Oakenwood. "If they refuse to fight now for their land, they can die ploughing their fields" was a potent pro-Evermorian quote of the time. Hundreds of small motte-and-bailey towns sprang up around and behind Oakenwood, and a roving force was assembled by Magnu to patrol the frontier area. While in Eilind, surveying the situation, Fjord and Menelaus Bane of the Amoriath, along with Valdir Oakenglade and Silex Silverglow, Princes of Elves, were declared MIA in the Edhaal area of the continent.

By late summer 5849, rumours had emerged that Baron Tyree was dead, and a skeletal simulacrum ruled on his throne, after the worthy was said to have engaged in an argument with Mikhael Errolfini whilst he visited Fortiel. Hinoch, Morgan Hearst and Lord Boromac were feared killed during another failed attempt by the Akaidai to seize land in Draconsmere. In deep winter 5849 Pope Jacquanet was tried by the Amoriath for a range of suspected crimes, but escaped and headed into Fortiel.

The quest for the Heartsease Gem continued, as the Chameleon struck in Amatyr, killing Brother Troop and Alt, Second Mark of the Erith Gyr. As the turn of the year came, rumours abounded that the Prime Minister of Krull had been assassinated by one of his personal bodyguards, and that Growley Sackville-Baggins sat once more in the Throne Room of the mighty keep.

In 5850, the Dark Elves were still out of contact, and Lady Rosamunda's provisional government had been unheard of for nearly two seasons. The Alliance lands were well protected, and all was relatively peaceful on the border. Oakenwood, though not restored to its former majesty, had grown strong again.

The land of Avmar was officially in the Kingship of the House of Haverthorn, once more beneath the Crown of Dagravane. The Council of Amoriath, now numbering twenty eight Knights, ruled as executives of the law and safety of the Realm. The newly reformed Choiristas ruled the south east, allied to House Bëor d'Lambra under the Crown. The Regency governed the middle lands of Region, keeping a high standing of adventurers and private armies in the Oakenwood-Saltmire area.

Jack Cade, the Forestaal, Earthlen Hawkins, Finn o'Cruach and Slyphard Stormbolt held Oakenwood, with Ljos Alfar, Elves, Bëordanur and Royal soldiers. Myvanwë Hawkins, Duke Magnu and Miles kept Anisfarle. Dordak Alern, John Lambeth, Anton d'Coomhar, Garion and Zheer Stonehand held Draconsmere with the Ullratha. Flaymax Fireyhand, Raislari Ereval and Gareth Shequi travelled the dividing road between the lands of the Gil and Free Evermore. Epongileous, Pope Tristran and Jeryll of Seth supported the land around the late Care. The other Amoriath – Kilmarnas, Philip Silveran and Gilburun, travelled around the Amatyran peninsula on various businesses. The population of the lands had doubled in the past seven years, and peace ruled in the free lands.

February 5851

Anti-Paladin's Roulette

A mission was duped by an Antipaladin, Rekvar, into helping him retrieve an unholy Reaver. At the end of the mission another Antipaladin, Ashea Kyrie, was found to be pulling all the strings.

The Price of Freedom

A group of adventurers found that Binkley Landis, Fenric Flametongue and Daniel Schaeffer were responsible for the disappearance of some children. They were tried for kidnapping at High Table, though the timely testimony of Thalmir Stormbolt resulted in their acquittal.

Chains of Gold

It was discovered that the Chancellor of the new Dark Haven waystation, the Fatman, and some Knights of Dark Renown, were running the kidnapping racket. Laying chase, the party were captured by the mysterious Carthia, Witch Queen of the Marsh Vampires. The Evermorians successfully escaped due to the intervention of Didj, the Amoriath creation.

High Table

The bard Styk was possessed by the Raver Samadhi, at which point Platinum Lightbeam, Prince of the Light Elves, used the Faerie words of power, killing Styk in the explosive exorcism. The Bards' Council destroyed Lightbeam and only returned him to existence on guarantee of his people's servitude to the Bardic Council.

Arsenic and Invisibility

A party of adventurers travelled to Akrea, and discovered many tribes serving dark powers (probably an enemy incarnation) and attempting to crush a small group of tribes, who followed traditional and healthy beliefs.

The Love of the Dark

A party successfully defended the Baron of Aragel from Free State assassins and saw him to safety.

Road to Sea

Hawley Smoot, having discovered that the Fatman had not been killed previously by Carthia of the Marsh Vampires, hired a party in secret to locate and apprehend the Fatman who was believed to be hiding out in Purganeth, a Free State town. Although the party came close to success, the Fatman escaped and ran towards Oakenwood.

The trial of Friscracia and Hawley Smoot was put under order of the Amoriath, and the pair ordered to capitulate immediately to custody.

December 5851, at Watch Waystation

Mythago Wood

It was discovered that a wildwood exists inside Oakenwood. These are called Mythago woods, for the trees remember and in close proximity with a human subconscious mind, can draw out and create myth images of racial and actual memory. A very dangerous place for the uninitiated. On entering the wood, it was discovered that the Ravers were attempting to resurrect Lord Foul, and pitching Evermore to the edge of destruction. The power and cunning of the Ravers was only revealed when four of the Amoriath remaining at liberty, together with Dos Fiad and Ullratha fighting side by side, strove to incarnate a dreadful being styled "the New Master". Allegedly this was the Enemy itself and Dark Dreams bound into the same creature – an event that was prophesied to occur on "The Last Day." In their attempts to thwart this summons, many brave feats took place and were executed by Evermorians, some far and above any call of duty. Gareth Shequi's fateful battle with the Chameleon to liberate the Heartsease Gem. Troi's battle with Kraal and Esham (the New Master's power extended even over the Dos Fiad). Myvanwë and Slyphard's final confrontation with the creature…but in all this praise of the Amoriath, the lower stations are also to be remembered. Tor and Shadow's battle awareness. Elleric and Blake's cunning; Morden, Villa, Iceheart, Gatherer and a whole cadre of Fire Elves' perseverance through adversity. Styk and Tig's wisdom. Also many others deserved to be placed in the List in King's Hall in Amatyr listing the feats of heroism that have passed in the cause of the land – Peregrin, Sildren, Slobodan, Loric and many many others.

High Table

Those who had fought in Mythago Wood were honoured and became Knights Apparent of the King. Binkley Landis fought an Angel of War who was armed with a Ward Pact against bladed weapons, overcoming it with firearms. The Knights of the Amoriath withdrew from Evermore to take a hand only in matters of the greatest import. Before they left, many Amoriath Knights took new squires and pages to represent them in their absence.


The King's Exchequer announced that on inspection of Regency accounts, all adventurers had been underpaid. Repayments by Royal Command were to begin at the opening of New Haven waystation.

Since his enthronement at Amatyr, many old soldiers had brought their sword arms to the King's service, and many young men and women had offered themselves to the Royal Ward, bettering Evermorian forces dramatically. All Dukedoms were recommended to make prompt payment of land taxes to the Crown.

Around the time of the Ard Righ's crowning, there was rioting in two of the Free States against their vassalage to Mikhael Errolfini. Although nothing came of the actions, Gareth Shequi commenced negotiation with the newly formed resistance movements in the provinces.

The Erith Thane, along with the Hameki of Region and the Ljos Alfar sent heralds to the King's hall reaffirming their oath of fealty.

It was rumoured that members of House Ellesedil were seen abroad in the realm, raising hopes that the line, believed to be extinct, would show itself and re-affirm its status as ancient rulers of all Wood Elves under the King.

The King's Justice

Report by Jeryll of Seth

"The law of the Land is to be review by the Magistars, under Dagravane's direction, during the Amoriath withdrawal from Evermore. In the meantime, the following should be noted:

"Races: The law holding that an entire race is answerable for the behaviour of their Prince(ss) is suspended indefinitely. However, a Prince(ss) may be called to account for the actions of one of their subjects. This principle will also apply to the heads of Guilds, Houses and other organisations.

"Cowardice: This is regarded as a major offence of a Regency adventurer. Penalties will range, depending on circumstances, from a fine to kinetic drawing or, in very serious cases, the death penalty.

"Jurisdiction: Trials will be judged by not less than three Amoriath Squires, and/or Knights of the King, of the sixth rank or above. Leave to appeal may be granted in the case of offences warranting the death penalty, when the appeal will be heard by a Knight of the Amoriath."

In Requiem

Tassio Ereval, believed last member of the race of Bëor
Marion of the sisterhood.

Missing in Action

Duke Franco of Marnom.

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