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Campaign History


Season 11

1 - February 5857

War News

After a few short months of peace it would seem that the Sonnats Gil war machine is again ready to move. A series of skirmishes have already taken place north of the Care since the conquest of the allied Daka-Shea hive on Saturday night. Krull's forces have withdrawn back from Anisfarl Central and are entrenched in the north of that region. The disappearing fortress of Redknapp has now once again materialised and is said to have been sighted over the small body of water separating Draconsmere and Valsinglas.

Hanuman Able and the former Prime Mnister of Krull Keep have formed an Alliance and have stated their neutrality towards the Evermorian Alliance.

It would seem the Fire Elves have already displayed their general disdain for the newly formed Elven Alliance.

It is finally worthy of note that house Kyrie-Summunai expanded by nine new members - well done to the new House Lords Sekai and Sharack.

Q: Who exactly are the 'Lightbound Alliance'?

Character News

Once again that poor old man did his poor old man thing! Meanwhile the new Pope of the western seaboard challenged (and it's rumoured actually tried to kill) some black clad members of House Sable. A couple of Elementals interfered (but no-one could guess who had sent them).

New Guilds seemed to be oozing out of everywhere (new Guild Masters - please present yourselves to Dahal who should be representing the King at the next High Table).

An experienced party was yet again sent to Atlantis. Information is a little vague as to mission objectives. Whatever they were, it seems the party triumphed admirably.

Another party found themselves duped by a 'Dark Erith-Thane'. Blame is not apportioned as those involved were not experienced in the matter.

A(nother) deranged Priest tried to convince an Elemental it was in fact a God and ultimately failed.

Saw the Llon destroyed by Gil forces, sentencing those Daka-Shea who were our allies to the emotionless void of their insectoid heritage forever. Those involved received 'the Mark of the Llon' - what this entails is not yet clear.

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2 - March 5857

War News

On Saturday afternoon, while the Ullratha fought Malimorh, a large force of Gil troops attacked Evermorian strongholds down the Garda Gales. The first outpost with three hundred troops didn't have a chance to send an alarm, but the second outpost managed to hold the advancing forces until reinforcements from the 3rd and 4th forts could arrive. Although the walls were achieved several times by Gil troops through the long afternoon, each time the valiant defenders managed to throw back the enemy.

As evening came the Gil forces withdrew revealing 2,200 Gil casualties to just under 800 Evermorian. All inhabitants of Gravel Dur and nearby towns and cities are advised to be on their guard.

Character News

Our new adventurers met and fled from Raecor, the second group actually managing to leave with the wand (to my knowledge that has only been achieved twice).

Tavern time saw reports of more Gil troops in the area of Gravel Dur (the Waystation) and a couple of visits by troops were heroically repulsed. A finale came when Gil-allied Malimorh were attacked by members of 5th, 4th, and 3rd Commandos, one 'Son of Deprivation' meeting his end in this dream.

Saturday night's two missions saw both parties come together to witness another piece of Darkendari subterfuge as a double plot to lure Damien Di'Asturiens (K.A.) and Lancaster, Herald of the Gil onto New Midigan.

Despite the Inquisition's best efforts it seems a clean pair of Evermorian heels won out and the party escaped (well all except Robbie McKinnon, Cythrawl and a Ljos Alfar). A second part of the Maelstrom was discovered also.

High Table was eventful. Lancaster appeared to confirm everyone's suspicions that he had managed to escape the trap but that Damien had not.

Maegdur came for Zheer Stonehand and after much persuasive argument, Evermore's last free Wizard accompanied the Khalan Kor's first Coven Master away to the east and Sonnats Gil.

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3 - March 5857

Character News

Friday night saw two parties of adventurers. The first was sent to stop a wizard known as Metric who, in search of his Wand of Petrifaction, wished to declare Wizards Empire. The party nearly succeeded but the crazed Mage turned himself into a dustbin. According to Gilfrath, no-one knows where this dustbin lies. The second party was sent back through time to prevent the sinking of Atlantis. Unfortunately, according to Darvin, the party was conned into aiding the sinking.

On the Saturday morning three parties set off. The first of which included Gilfrath (again), set off to rescue Trean and plant several gate devices in enemy territory. They got the captive Captain Trean out but lost Thorn (a Gyr) in the process.

The second party were hired to escort a Merchant through disputed territory. They were successful in the end with no casualties. Muddy knees all round according to Sephrenia the Priestess. Word from G.L.F. - help is required from the Alliance.

The third party were sent to see what was going on in the Firith and encountered a large number of Gil forces engaging the forces of Darkhaven. The party was aided by a Helknight and then hired by the Mayor of Darkhaven to tell some Helknight forces to move to Darkhaven. These forces were found to be traitors so the party escaped with the help of the Mayor.

John the Druid also described how the Devastation of the 1,000 was seen. The north seems now lost to the Alliance.

Saturday night saw a party of adventurers set out to find information about how to cure the King. The healing of mortals seemed unable to aid, so the healing of a greater power was required - a Dragon to be precise. The party was sent to find a Dracomancer who turned out to be a Malimorh. Unfortunately they were followed and Gil forces attacked. Empowered by the green flames of Warp, a Knight of Dark Renown proved too much for the party and the Dracomancer despatched this corrupt Knight but was forced to leave the Dream. His assistant gated us and we fought our way through to under Krull where a Dragon lay who informed us that a cure for the King lay in the Dreamtime in a land called Austral. We warned the Dragon that Gil forces may have followed but the Ar-Spirit replied that it was prepared. Gil forces then stormed the Cavern, we were gated out and the last thing heard was a lot of screams. We suffered one casualty - an Ullratha Knight - Karl Blackthorn whose body was recovered and resurrected.

After the usual quick round of introductions and adventure reports, a quite pacey series of duels and events followed. Vaydakor of the K.D.R. approached High Table with Lord Denagorn, initially to announce their growing separation from the Evermorian Alliance, but after an impassioned speech they were talked down and will continue to support Evermore's military posture.

Ace the Anti-paladin approached High Table to announce his 'new' affiliations before High Table with Rael possessing another host! A Malimorh Bard (?) challenged Deathsong for the right to head the Bardic Council. Eventually a compromise was made and the Council is now lead by a triumvirate.

Another Malimorh in the form of Braydur of Bardalesk came to fight John Lambeth in a duel and slew the Amoriath Knight (this was followed up the next day by Daniel Ehjah Plulsifer being attacked by Ysabet Di'Asturiens and being mind wiped). Quinathlon has also disappeared! This leaves Dordak Alen, Lady Lauren, Gregory DaFaal, Epongileus, Anton D'Coomhar, Kilmamos and Raisclari in regular circulation.

Other News

William, the eldest child of James Dorien and Lauren, has been kidnapped by forces unknown! Also the eldest child of Gatherer and Delthquin was killed in the same attack. A substantial reward is on offer to anybody with any information relating to the above two incidents. Antabel fought Dorien in a duel and lost with honour, retracting his slander to Sharak. A huge battle erupted on Friday night between Cygath Blackstar and a tavern full of people, and finally a group of ex-Inquisition Bandits stormed the tavern and caused uproar.

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4 - April 5857

Character News

Friday Night

Vampires in the service of the Weird Lords escaped from an Evermorian party with the key to the inner sanctum of Sha-Mae-Garothe due to reports of the party's reluctance to jump straight in.

Saturday Morning

100 sleeping warriors from 10,000 years ago were woken by Edward Huntingdon and a brave party of hassled adventurers.

Saturday Afternoon

A high-level party intercepted the fleeing vampires from Friday night and recovered the key although the summonation of Arbicor was needed to repel attacking Malimorh and Demonists (with accompanying frogs!).


The party missed a meeting at Vorsipher's Fire and were transported to the Halls of Waiting through numerous hazards to receive information about Stygians (from Raisclari Ereval), the Malimorh Golden Empire (from Thailes Vorodek) and how to effectively pass on information (from the Rune Duke Vengeance) and to finally learn the true nature of Vigilance - the thousandth Thane.

High Table

Peter Villa and Binkley Llandis were de-corrupted by the Dream Warriors, Marnish peasantry spoke up for itself and was 'corrected' tactfully by the Marnish nobility. Gatherer was revealed to have the memory of a Daka-Shae hive implanted in his head. A Dark Erith-Thane attacked High Table with warp empowered abilities. Also Mog Agorn, the Red Weird Lord, came in, began to wind up to berserk and was attacked and repulsed by Dhahal and Imal (the two Choristas), and were then presented the Care by the Evermorian AIliance.

Other News

Sir Anton D'Coomhar was blackmailed by the Genetics Master so that the noble Knight now commands the forces of Dark Haven in its attacks away from Evermore.

Amoriath Knight Gregory DaFaal was slain in a treacherous attack by Jaquernais (a Necromancer in alliance with Sonnats Gil) who himself was then slain by the Bow of Burning Gold wielded by Prince Shadow of the Dark Elves. However this was not the end of the warp-powered Master of the Undead who then became Famine - one of the four Eternal Servants of the Enemy.

Finally, on Sunday morning, Sir Quinathlon, High Elf Amoriath Knight, appeared to announce the fact that he is now corrupt and in service to the Enemy as Legate of the Akaidi Knights (the 10th Legion of Rune Warriors) but was driven of by Dordak before he could destroy Sir Peter Villa. The Fire Elves, through their Huscarl, have announced their intentions to join the forces of Ador in their attacks from Rocarl.

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5 - April 5857

"... and so it has come to pass that in the early days of 5857 that our most beloved King Dagravane has been struck down again by the Servants of the Enemy and rendered all but unto death!"

That which perpetrated the task also encompassed the demise of Daniel Shaffer, who nobly attempted to save the King... and in turn was struck down by the Apotheosis Moridae and Flaymax. It is not known if the spirit Nage Oram was disembodied or simply wounded!

'Thunderer' is crewed and even now sailing about the coast fully complemented to acquire its royal cargo. All should be ready in not much more than two months... Meanwhile Duran Dusk has advised that a 'steward' ruler should be appointed; he has refused the tender of Dignity and Utterdark.

A quiet and unnaturally long but oddly peaceful winter ensues.

War News

News is just filtering through that nearing the end of 5856 an attempt was made to lift the siege by Warp Elementals of Amoriath Keep. Tau fields were lowered and as the Elementals flooded in all personnel were evacuated. The incident ended as Catspaw Legion Ullratha threw a meta-concerted Rune Blast, destroying all the attacking Elementals and, unfortunate but necessary, the Keep itself. All personnel survived although the Catspaw are now stranded away from Draconsmere and one of our major fortifications is now lost...

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6 - May 5857

War news

As if awaiting just this opportunity, not a full day after the Eilind Companies have marched away from the front line, Gil Legions and Krull forces swarm Evermorians on all sides, and even with the dire warnings of York Bannon ringing in High Table's ears, Gil forces seem to multiply even in the hour - now joined in the evening by Drowh, Arachnian and Duergar and complemented by Psionics of Daka-Shea and Inquisition troops.

Already, in only a few days of intense fighting, there have been reported some 800 casualties and over 1,000 injured and unable to fight on. Thailes Gil and with it 1,200 soldiers have been cut off as ten legions out of Treason Tor and Aragel have swarmed as far as Cadare on the western sea board. Even Goloridan is besieged at the northern tip of Region.

Garda has fallen, Caerleon, Anisfarl is only free at Thailes Gil, northern and Central Region are invaded. Paravien is holding between Fails Pass and Kions Gil.

The first army is preparing to amass north east of Amatyr. Choiristas Keep, Draconsmere and Entielvo, without the majority of Elves, Ullratha and Gyr, Evermore can muster 25,000 soldiers including the peasant levy.

No news has been heard from the Ice Elves, de Dannans, Norse and White Dwarves at Ashurok's Ice Keep.


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