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Campaign History



"In even the darkest hour
a lesson can be learnt"
Chronicle of the Watchers

  As Spring comes to the Archipelago, the storm that passed over a few months ago returns in full force. This results in large amounts of transport difficulties, both of a magical and normal nature.

  Despite the transport difficulties, a party was hired by two Humaktai to go after an apprentice necromancer from the Necropolis that has been built upon Tal Anum. Despite brave attempts, the party did not manage to find him. They did however manage to destroy the Necropolis Gate.

  As was threatened some weeks previously, Dark Season began in earnest. Messages were heard all across the Islands declaring that people should be prepared to kill for it or be killed by it. Attacks on the tavern were successfully repelled.
  A visit was paid to the tavern by two Manticore's Talon, bringing with them Jerro Soliman. They prepared to sacrifice him, but were interrupted by the arrival of his pair Victor King and one of the Rune Priests. The two Manticore's Talon were completely obliterated.

  A merchant requested the aid of an adventuring party in retrieving some goods that he had stolen by bandits. A second group were hired at the same time to investigate reports of an artifact of some power. Both parties brought back vague reports, but neither group returned with either of the things that they were sent for.

  Taverns in New Avmar were the site of some dramatic events. A heavy Ullratha presence was attacked by undead which resulted in the rapid departure of one of the Rune Priests. The remainder of the Commando gated away shortly afterwards, and few of them have been seen in the intervening weeks.
  Two vampires who appeared to be of some power taunted the occupants of another tavern for some time before being finally destroyed by a timely exorcism.
  Inquizition also took the opportunity to attack taverns but were dealt with rapidly.
  A Dream Elf that had been present for some time in the tavern was turned. He then proceeded to attack those present, killing several before escaping. Andrew, Templar of the Order of Radiance, was able to resurrect most of those that the Malimorh killed.

  Members of the New Avmar Militia were confronted by the outlawed Ammo of the Ashale, and also Dominus Nihil who had been exiled. Arrangements were made for both men to hand themselves In at the next High Table, but they were allowed to remain in the tavern.
  The adventurers had their quiet tavern interrupted by the arrival of an old man who gave them a box to look after before being attacked by a large insectoid creature. As he died he opened a gate which the group fled through.
  The group found themselves on what they believe to have been an island and were immediately confronted by Dokk Alfar attacking a village. The Dokk Alfar were dealt with, and upon entering the village they found a barbarian type people different from any they had previously met. They aided the village in repelling the attacks and were presented with a horn that they were told would aid them. They were gated away, but due to the size of the gates the adventurers became split up.
  The group were later reunited and immediately met with a necromancer of some power, and a skeletal knight, which they could not affect. The horn was blown and a host of warrior women on winged horses appeared and destroyed the knight. One of the party was also killed before they disappeared. A crack appeared in the horn following this.
  They were then confronted by an insectoid creature, similar to the one which had attacked the tavern earlier, but much larger. The party was saved by what they described as a Dragon Knight who managed to open a gate as he was ripped apart by the creature.
  Carrying on, arguments broke out amongst the party. As the arguments continued, the party was attacked by a host of undead. One of the party gated out at this point. As most of the party lay helpless, a group of Enforcers entered. They informed the party that they had left the service of Dark Dreams and were now independent. The party had marks burnt into their foreheads by the Enforcers before they left taking Risca Redford with them.

  An eventful High Table was hosted in a New Avmar Waystation. The visit of a Malimorh proclaiming himself one of the Undreaming resulted in a somewhat subdued atmosphere He informed the High Table that the keys they were after were indeed connected with the Elemental Planes. He then left after some entertainment.
  Commander Jack of the New Avmar Militia gave a report to the High Table of regarding information he had found out concerning the Sisterhood of the Sword. The Sisterhood has been totally destroyed and they are all dead.
  Having given this information, he then went on to detail current Militia activities and aims, and invited any who would uphold Dagravane's law to join up.
  Loric arrived to deliver a message to High Table. Before his message could be delivered he was stopped by the arrival of a Malimorh wielding a deathweave. Loric was struck from the Dream and the contents of his message remain unknown.
  High Table was only roused from its deep sense of shock by the attack of a Dark Lore Lord with followers. They were utterly destroyed, but not before the entire table had been stuck by Dark Lord's fire.
  A more pleasant surprise arrived in the form of Arafel Ellesedil pulsating with light magic. He informed those present that the Plane of Light was in danger of being lost and that immediate action needed to be taken. It was deemed imperative that Arafel, as Champion of the Plane of Light, be returned to his mortal form. Those present joined together to plead with the Elemental Kings for his return, and were successful. Arafel then left immediately to fight for the Plane of Light.


"The darkness gathered its strength from the shadows, and slowly
reached out its touch, hiding the light from view."
Chronicle of the Watchers

  As an unseasonably cold summer passes into autumn, the effects of the storm seem to lessen somewhat. Unfortunately, news coming in seems to get darker with each week that passes.

  Activities from forces of Sonnats Gil have increased greatly with small attacks being mounted on taverns and waystations on New Avmar. Although small in number, the attackers included a Dos Giar. Worse was to follow. Late on Freya's eve, the tavern was stunned by the appearance of Rael accompanied by two in Sonnats Gil heraldry. They were immediately attacked by the White Guard who lost his life in the attempt. Rael delivered a message to the tavern that control of the Planes would be his. The planes were already falling and soon all would be under his control. To this, the messengers from Sonnats Gil added another message. They told that the New Master of Sonnats Gil was becoming and those who had tried to interfere had failed by being in the wrong place. As they left the tavern, people were able to act once more, and many anxious discussions took place.

  The foreboding in the air worsened after a party of adventurers returned with information regarding Anton's Pass, a location of vital strategic importance. It has started to come under attack from forces of Sonnats Gil. It has been reinforced for the time being and a vital report has been safely delivered into Alliance hands.

  Some days later, a party was requested by a small child to help his village as children were disappearing. Whilst none of the children were returned, the group did manage to pass through to the Mirror Plane, and destroy what was thought to be a rogue Illusionist. They also described how they smashed a large mirror on the plane and everything started to crumble around them. It is unknown whether the Mirror Plane itself has been destroyed.

  Satur's Eve saw a group of adventurers surprised in the tavern by the appearance of an elemental Lord of Darkness demanding their aid in preventing the fall of the planes. The group went willingly to help. They were aided in their mission by the Guardian of the Crossways, although it is uncertain either who or what he is. As they travelled the signs of corruption on the planes was very clear with both corrupted and warp elementals present. The party met with Arafel, returned to mortal form, and also Steven seemingly freed from the influence of the Ring Wraiths. Passing onto the Plane of Light, they were taken before the Elemental King of Light. He was able to give them some information telling them that they needed the Chosen of each element and the Focus in order to achieve what they must.

  They were sent on and successfully managed to destroy a large piece of warpstone on the plane by the timely Rune blast from Guffaw of VII Commando. However the party's happiness at this was cut short when they entered the fortress of light to find Rael already present. As he moved to attack wielding a warp status weapon, they were summoned from there by the Guardian who sent them back to the Archipelago.

  A report of the events was given to the High Table convened in the Elven Conclave on Tal Anum later that night. It is known that some of the elements already have their Chosen, but the names will not be mentioned for their safety.
  The High Table was somewhat subdued by the news of the attacks on Anton' Pass and the news from the Elemental planes.
  At the request of the table, the Blood Knight guarding the Elven Regent talked of his homeland. Many parallels could be drawn between their situation and our own, especially as enemies have been found to have acquired the knowledge of warpstone and the Dark Lore power.
  A visitation by Raker Foulheart was a most unwelcome distraction, especially when he revealed that his people had been responsible for handing such knowledge to the enemies of the Moon Prince, ruler of the Midnight home to the Blood Knight. Raker also taunted those present with the information that most of the realities have now fallen to the Malimorh.
  Other visitors to the High Table included servants of Dark Dreams, reminding people that the pact of non-aggression was still in place in the Archipelago. As a gesture they returned Storm Swiftstroke of the Burning Light Elves to us. Under the influences controlling him, he immediately attacked those present. The situation was resolved by the intervention of Riven of the Lore Ward aided by some Moon Guard under Erithian's command.
  As the High Table resumed a slight semblance of calm and normality, a shimmering blue field appeared, and then all fell to their knees as Dagravane himself was seen. He spoke to those present telling them that hope is not lost, and that we should seek him in Austral. As the vision faded, a great feeling of hope and peace pervaded the room. A second vision then appeared of all the Amoriath Knights together, telling us not to despair, hope was always there.
  It came as something of a shock when Knight Commander Morrantz asked why we had all knelt to one who bore the face of his Moon Prince, and told us that the faces of the Knights Amoriath were the faces of the Lords and Ladies of Midnight. It is certain that these revelations will be discussed further.


"We are not always so privileged to experience
the calm before the storm"
Chronicle of the Watchers

  As Autumn takes hold in the Archipelago, the storm dissipates solving transportation problems, at least for the time being. Whilst this leaves members of the Alliance more freedom to move around once again, it also allows those forces arrayed against the Alliance their freedom as well...

  Adventurers carry on their usual activities. A small group were asked by a peasant to escort some bandits that they had captured from their village. As the adventurers were told that they could collect the bounty on the bandit's heads as payment, they went with all willingness. As they travelled, they found a dying paladin, who gave them an amulet. This contained an Anti Paladin, but they were told that the amulet was damaged and the enchantments holding the AP in were fading. The party set off immediately to find the druid they had been told could repair it. As they travelled, they were confronted several times by manifestations of the Anti Paladin. They were delayed in fighting him and when eventually they found the druid, the Anti Paladin escaped breaking the amulet and killing the druid before leaving. It seems that there is no-one left who knows how to re-imprison the AP.

  A fairly quiet tavern was interrupted by the arrival of Didj with instructions to prepare for those who considered themselves ready. As preparations were being made, a Khalen Kor arrived to invite Arafel to join them. Arafel refused, and the Khalen Kor attacked. Although many of those present were unable to do anything against it, it was eventually driven off.

  Dark Season made its presence felt as several people were slain in their beds. Two would be assassins were killed during their attempted assassination of Variol, Elcarys Paladin.

  Saturs Morn saw a small group sent out on a reconnaissance mission to an island in the New Dusk Island cluster. They eventually arrived at a small village. The peasants there begged for their help against a disease that afflicted people, who were then taken off by men in white. It was found that Hanuman Able was in fact carrying out experiments on the villagers using the genetic matt for the White Guard.
  The party were captured by the Genetics Master and imprisoned. They were aided in escaping by an Erith Thane, who asked them to destroy the genetic matt. After fighting their way past one of the men in white, the party found the lab where the matt was stored. As the bomb was placed on the unit to destroy it, force walls sprang up, leaving the party with only one route out. Entering the room, they were confronted once more by Hanuman Able. Also present were an Erith Thane and another man revealed to be Fierkel, the War Bard. The Erith Thane attacked the Genetics Master, but to no avail. Fierkel then held the Genetics Master as more Erith Thane gated in, and began to attack. The party were gated away by Fierkel, seeing as they left the Erith Thane attacking the Genetics Master. It appeared that the Genetics Master was being overcome; however the final outcome is unknown.

   Those who deemed themselves worthy met as instructed in the Tal Anum capitol. Didj met with the group and gave them their orders. A disturbance had been felt indicating the summons of another one of the Ring Wraiths, and the party were sent to investigate and stop it if possible.
  After meeting with many creatures and beings, there was cause for celebration when the group returned to announce that the Witch King had been utterly destroyed by Gaunt using the power of the Banner of the West. However, they had been unable to prevent the summoning of the fifth Ring Wraith.

  High Table started with an unexpected arrival as Robert and Adams of the Ullratha were gated in with Brother Anderson of the Inner Flame and Ammo of the Ashale by members of the Militia. Reports were made to the Table of a Dark Council meeting, at which several prominent members of the Alliance were present, including J.D. in the company of a soulrender. The High Table was informed that the Ullratha and Ammo had been put on trial by the Dark Council, with J.D. prosecuting. Brother Anderson was forced to act as their defence. They were found guilty and sentenced to be soul rended, when they were gated out. Other information to come from the Dark Council meeting included the reports from various groups and people as to what they are doing to further the cause of Dark Season. Amongst these were reports from Styles and J.D. Whilst attempts were made to relay this information, Gaunt, now Guardian of the West threatened to kill Ammo. He was restrained enough not to act and Ammo's safety and behaviour was put into the hands of Robert of VII Commando.
  The remainder of the High Table passed in restrained celebration. The Chosen of the Plane of Fire was sent to that Plane as demanded. Requests have been made once again for any who cast Earth or Air magics as their primary magic to come forward. The Planes of Earth and Air have made it clear that they also seek their Chosen.

  Reports are coming in from many sources of a message people are receiving. This has been in many forms: some have dreamt it, some have read it in a tavern still others heard it in their head, but the message has been the same in all cases. Everyone within the Archipelago has heard or read or dreamt this message.

  "Dark Season goes well. Our next step: 10000gc for the head of Erithian Frozenblade, and 6000gc for the heads of every other elven ruler."

  High Pope Pongileous is pleased to announce the completion and forthcoming opening of the Halls of Healing. Located on Tal Anum, it is a temple complex where all with peaceful intentions are welcome. It is a headquarters for the Order of Radiance and a centre for the Inner Flame, as well as teaching and knowledge.

  All organisations are required to supply the name of their Master and Second to the King's Record Keeper by the time of the next meeting of the High Table.


"The shadows grew longer and a chill touched the land
The Light huddled closer, beginning to feel the touch of the Darkness"
Chronicle of the Watchers

  On Friday night a group of adventurers were contacted by an agent from the Kingís Militia with a mission to take a sealed bag behind the enemy lines near Antonís Pass and to deliver itís important contents to an Alliance agent working there. After visiting an Alliance outpost near the front line they crossed into enemy territory. After skirmishes with some minor Gil forces the party were captured by a Gil captain flanked by a Dos Fiad and Dos Gyar and accompanied by a number of Gil troopers. The captain took the bag from the party and then a Gil demonist cast Raise Pandemonium on the party. They found themselves on the plane of Pandemonium and were taken to some Clerks who proposed a deal. In exchange for returning their souls the demons required a service from the party. A Necromancer back on the mortal plane had something they required. The party accepted and were gated back. After several skirmishes with Orcs and undead they reached the lair of the Necromancer, retrieved the box at the cost of the life of an Elcarist Paladin and put paid to the Necromancerís plans.

  In tavern that night things were mostly quiet. The Elcarist was resurrected by Christane and there was an attack by some unknown blue creatures which were eventually driven off after a hard battle although no casualties were reported.

  Saturday morning saw a low level party hired to check out reports of pirate activity in the area. Some of the pirates were suspected of collecting information about Alliance troop and supply movements and executing worryingly effective raids. The party took a boat to a nearby island where they were attacked by Skraylings. Further into the island Gil and Inquisition troops were encountered but the Inquisition left before they could be apprehended. The party were then captured by pirates and taken to a cell. Crawling and running through a ingenious set of swinging blade traps they found themselves to be in a large system of caves and connecting tunnels. Eventually they found the pirate king who seemed to be acting strangely.

  At least one Inquisition agent was discovered to be watching the room and in the fight, where the agent escaped, a Tuor was killed by psionics. Taking the now unconscious pirate king the party attempted to escape the caves and take him back for questioning but suddenly the Inquisition agent appeared and slit the pirateís throat before disappearing once again.

  Later that day Ken Hom announced a treasure hunt. He had found a box in the armoury which was sealed with rune keys. The first to collect a set of rune keys which were held by various riddlers situated in the nearby area would be allowed to take one item from the box. Numerous groups of adventurers took part including the majority of 7th commando who were the ones to successfully open the box.

  That night a party was sent out to investigate the abduction of a number of important alliance members by Gamesmen.The party encountered both hostile and friendly groups of Gamesmen and also a strange jester-like being who was certainly not of this world. He said that it was vital that the roads should be mended and that they should seeks the Footseer. After a difficult encounter with some hostile gamesmen accompanied by a Cotic Weirdling, which was only survived thanks to the arrival of some friendly Immuters, the party discovered the prisoners and deactivated the gate shielding in time to gate out just as Tasha Bajarn and a large number of Dark Dreaming forces rushed into the building.

  High Table began as a very quiet affair with only Gaunt, Ream and three other people attending. Suddenly a number of gates opened in the middle of high table and the party and those who had been imprisoned by the Gamesmen stepped out. After the adventure reports had been given Risca, who had been missing for some time, appeared at High Table and was about to attack when he was stopped in his tracks by Flaymax who had been sitting in disguise at low table. Flaymax summoned his fellow knights Anton D'íCoomar and Peter Villa and then a black robed figure calling himself Cain appeared. He threw a helm to the floor proclaiming that he had tested one of their order and found him wanting. Flaymax attempted to strike Cain but was thrown back, severely weakened. Cain left, unhindered. Flaymax and Villa stayed at hightable to announce that Loric Kyrie was the latest addition to the ranks of the Knights Amoriath. Then Flaymax took Daryl, Runepriest of 7th Commando as his page and Horatio Styles as his page. Loric took Jackson, minstrel as his squire and a monk of the Towan as his page. The Knights Amoriath then took their leave.

  Just after they left a terrible presence entered High Table. Rael walked in accompanied by a Gold Band Dos Fiad and a young man carrying warpstone who he introduced as the son of Mikhael Errolfini. Daryl and Hans, also of the Ullratha, attempted to attack Errolfini but were corrupted and then cut down by the Dos Fiad. Rael and Errolfini left and the Dos Fiad attacked the room. It was eventually removed and both Daryl and Hans were decorrupted and resurrected. High Table reconvened and then closed soon after to allow all involved to recover.


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