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Campaign History


April 5874 DRE

"It was once said that united we stand, divided we fall. As the fires of the Enemy rain from above and threaten to engulf peace in it's malevolent chaos, the strength of unity is once more put to the test."
Chronicle of the Watchers

  Evening of Friars Day brought about the call to arms for a group of adventurers to perform a reconnaissance mission into the areas recently conquered by the forces of Sonnets Gil. Secure with the knowledge that the gathering of information was more important than engaging the enemy forces, the adventurers set out to make contact with a Pathfinder operative who was already working behind enemy lines.

  After successfully and skilfully avoiding the enemy patrols, the group were able to sneak into a heavily guarded enemy encampment, in the guise of Gil troopers, and accumulate intelligence on up and coming plans.

  Finally, the adventurers made a dash for freedom by way of a distraction provided by the Pathfinder the group met earlier.

  The information this group secured proved vital over the next 48 hours as large brigades of Gil troops began to enact their commanders orders.

  Saturs morn saw a mission undertaken on behalf of the Militia to re-establish contact with the Rovac who had recently migrated to the south-eastern areas of New Avmar. With the information gathered by the adventurers who had infiltrated the Gil camp on Friar's eve, the party were to find and warn the Rovac of the impending attack by the Gil before it happened. Taking a boat along the Eastern coastline in an attempt to beat the forces of Sonnats Gil to their objective, then having to fight their way through enemy lines to reach the last known location of the Rovac, the party discovered the abandoned Rovac settlement. t became evident that the refugees from Rocarl had once again moved.

  After searching the area for clues as to where the Rovac had gone, the party then found a pair of Rovac fighting to the last against 3-to-1 odds. Despite quickly rushing to the aid of the beleaguered Rovac, they were too late to save them. However, with his dying strength one Rovac gave the party directions to find their new camp and an amulet to let them in.

  After fighting off yet more forces of Gil, the party eventually reached a massive forcewall with flames constantly flickering across it's surface. Entering (with the help of the amulet) they met with, and warned, the Rovac leader, Morgan Herst, of the Gil intentions. Herst tasked the party to ensure that one of his men returned safely with them to the North of the isle so that he may speak with the leaders of the Alliance to discuss the situation. Rushing back to their ship, with only a slight delay when confronted by a number of imps and goblins, the party waded out through the waters and over some rocks to board their boat. Once aboard, they managed to escape the Gil forces intent on capturing the Rovac and the party.

  Further investigation by the Militia of the reports on Gil troop movements later revealed that the enemy advances were not only directed towards the south eastern region to engage the Rovac, but also to link up with the entrenched Enemy outpost to the south of the isle. If they succeeded, the Militia knew it would mean the Rovac would be cut off from any further aid.

  With this in mind, a powerful group of adventurers was assembled to give support to the Rovac and to help them retreat from the area.

  And so it was that a few hours before the latest gathering of the peoples at High Table an urgent mission was undertaken in the regions of New Avmar newly invaded by the armies of Sonnats Gil. Their objective was to guide the Rocarl refugees to safety. Early information was desperately required as the assembled heroes battled their way through Gil forces including Drowh, who had not been seen for a long time in the archipelago, and Uruk Hai, who are rarely seen with Gil forces and never before on the islands. Following some rather surprising information, it transpired that the Rovac were not intending to return to Alliance held land near the capital but push towards the coast. The Adventurers offered their aid and were tasked with defending a pass from the Gil. The Adventurers held their ground at the end of one pass over the hills to allow safe movement to the sea. Jurgen, of the Code of Midnight, fell to a priest from Manticore's Talon, but was soon returned by Tilith of the Inner Flame. Eventually, just as heavier Gil troops were moving in, three of the refugees explained that they were the last, and that it was time to move on.

  Moving as swiftly as possible and dealing with any resistance in their way, including Gil Leatherjacks at a ferocious rate, they soon came to a hill overlooking the seacoast. Below them was one of the largest warships anyone of them had ever seen. It was still not quite finished. Sea worthy, but probably not yet fit for battle. Arrayed on the shore was almost the entire contingent of refugees from Rocarl along with many carts full of supplies, all seemingly waiting to board the ship. Just as the goal seemed in sight, an explosion rocked the ship as the bow erupted in flame. Another wrecked the stern, followed by another amidships. The last of these was tinged a sickly green. Fire then erupted in the rigging as the ship began to die. The Rovac commanders were quick to realise that their position had been compromised and that staying would only lead to their deaths. The only thing left was to flee north to the Alliance held lands.

  As the final retreat began, many groups, including the alliance force originally sent out, kept three passes over the hills and mountains open. The Gil sent some of their best troops at these passes in order to trap the Rovac, but not one fell into enemy hands. Not until after all those on the beach had retreated to safety were the passes relinquished, with the alliance mission last to leave.

  High Table began slowly and with some trepidation from those gathered. This particular High Table also saw quite a few new faces, all of whom were warmly welcomed to the table. As spirits began to rise, however, an attack took place on Serbitor, head of the Warriors Guild. His assailant announced himself as a member of the Hawksmoor family, and made swift and deadly use of acids. Quick to react, High Table saw off the attacker before he was successful in his actions. Unfortunately, his current whereabouts and intentions are unknown.

  Throughout the evening, dungeon reports were given that showed the successes of those involved. But as is the way with The Enemy, fell tidings were also received by those present that clearly revealed the Gil forces were larger and stronger than originally believed. Reports came in of many Alliance losses including a scouting force sent to the newly awakened Dozi Isle, and the blockading of the Marnish Freeport of Seren by twenty Gil Warships and an unkown number of Skraylings. It is now known that the Gil trapped on Dozi Isle slaughtered the remaining Dozi and raised the bodies to swell the ranks of their undead hordes.

  A messenger from the Gil also attended announcing that his master, Rakir Kyrie-Sumunai Errolfini, would "graciously" give the Evermorians one full lunar cycle to surrender or leave. Anyone left after that would die.

  Spirits were later raised by the entertainers present and the recordings of the Shevlie called Lollipop. As High Table neared it's close, a final message was delivered from Jackson of the Bards, via Aeolin. The message gave news of a good victory over the Gil at a key location that prevented the Gil from catching some of the Rocarl refugee stragglers and ensuring their safe retreat once and for all.

  Not long after this, High Table came to a sombre but hopeful close.

April 5874 DRE

  The Rovac have been snatched from the grip of the Enemy, Dozi Isle has awakened, The Marnish Freeport of Seren is blockaded and fierce fighting has erupted across New Avmar. The Gil has returned to the Archipelago in force. Over the course of the month of April, peace within the Isles has ended.

  The southern tip of New Avmar falls to the tide of Enemy forces that includes Dos Gyar, Orcs, Drowh, Undead and Gil Troops. Reports come in that the force is being lead by Commander Kovar, a brilliant tactician who was instrumental in the fall of Garda and the instigation of the Freestates in Evermore, Commander Ro'nak, a necromancer, and Commander Valcalon, a relatively unknown Gil Commander.

  On Dozi Isle, the once trapped Gil have slaughtered the Dozi populace and raised their corpses to swell their ranks of the undead. No boats have yet been seen leaving this Isle at this time.

  At Seren, twenty Gil Warships have begun to blockade the port preventing Marnish gunships from giving aid to and defending supply lines.

  The Pirates of Horoth are also seen to ally with the overwhelming Gil presence and aid Gil Inquiz troops to capture the eastern regions of Blackrock.

  And on Tal Anum, hordes of undead begin to sweep in from the sea wreaking havoc to the south-eastern shores.

  On Evermore, Sir John Lambeth and Sir Andrus Pelenorr begin the final steps top the retaking of Anisfarle after their successes in Region. And thus begins the siege of Thailes Gil.

  Fires are seen on the horizons, reaching for the skies above Krull Keep. But more disturbingly is the sudden loss of all communication with Draconsmere Keep. All attempts to magickally transport, scry or communicate into the area fails.

  The Heralds bring further dark news. Fiakel, the War Bard and Custodian of Dusk Island has been found guilty of conspiring with the Enemy by the Ard Righ Dagravane. He is subsequently released to the custody of the newly reformed Bards Council for punishment.

  On Eilind, news comes in of a strange twist of fate. As the forces of the Dark Dreaming God conquer the Darkendan Capital, the Enforcers and the other forces of Thalian troops within the Dark Dreaming Armies, turn on their masters and use their awesome strengths to slaughter nearly one third of the conquering army. The fate of the realm becomes even more uncertain as they then turn on the retreating armies of the Gil Inquisition.

  Summer approaches and the war continues. Once again, adventurers from all walks of life are called upon to give their services to the defence of the free!


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