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Campaign History


'The Accounts and Tales of the Evermorians and their Allies in Exile'
by Jonathan D. Cade

Concerning the assault of the forces of Sonnats Gil against Thimblek's Wall, the flight from Evermore and the settling of the Archipelago.
Also giving account of the initialisation of the Maelstrom, the strife in the Islands, and the War of Eagles.

It is now May 5857.............


Almost as the month ended, Paravien was successfully stormed by thousands un-numbered of Gil Troops... The defenders, only in their hundreds, were swiftly driven back to the walls of the 'Care' and Choiristas Keep itself, finally having Dhahal herself open the Gates and allow them sanctuary inside. The ravening hordes, only a short distance behind, broke upon the walls of the Keep like a tidal wave of horrors; it is thought that for some time the Keep - aided by its still-training young Choiristas, seven in all - held the black-and-red-clad forces and Chaos and Hate. But now, as many months have passed, still no word has come out of the south-east of our former home as to the fate of those that stayed to guard the sacred home of the Lore, and all attempts at contact have failed.


As the Armies of Krull pushed south our westernmost armies became separated from the main bulk of the Alliance force, now falling back to Amatyr itself under General Kraigsvul himself.


Desperate and with few real options a young Commander named Giles Fainglas, half-elven or so they say, opted to lead the cut-off people and soldiers in a one-chance push south and east into the mountain ranges and swamp-like marshes of mighty Danakil - a place that Gil Troops had been unable to enter due to a mixture of fanatical and ferocious resistance undertaken by the (at the time) leaderless Halgala-Danask as well as the Erith-Gyr, and although both forces fought separately their combination attacks became renowned for their stunning effectiveness. Along with these some few of the Clan of Groam who would not go with the other Cavewights held the lofty mountain passes free... Fainglas arrived, the majority of his soldiers injured or exhausted but alive, and with the people out of the east and with a hundred Swanknights sent to guard Entielvo they numbered a little shy of one thousand, and the people some four thousands.

On arrival in Danakil, Fainglas found that resistance was being co-ordinated by Druthin, first Druid of the Order of Albion, and Lord Thunderheart, an ancient lord of the Care, thought dead. Along with these and their Druid and Ranger forces stood - at least upon some occasions - Drowh of the Slaughtered Crescent, the only underworld Clan still holding allegiance with the Evermorians, and finally some Marnishmen who had been caught in the retreat. A fair army on very defensible ground! Only one battle is recorded after many skirmishes, and whether truth or just myth many who at last came to Amatyr through Sunswallow still say how Fainglas, Thunderheart, Druthin and the Princes Tulkal and Vergonas of High and Drowh elves fought with honour guards for thirty-six hours after the main army was dismissed - and they say that at the last the Swanknights, Ranger Knights, Druids and most of the Gyr, along with the Nrie Caste Sandgnomes, charged and chased Sonnats Gil and Krull out of Danakil and half the way to Saltmire before those that remained turned and left for Amatyr. Fainglas, the Lord, the Princes and Druthin have not been seen since, but if half the rumours are true then for each of them ten thousand of the enemy where shed.


Immediately after this battle Lord Utterdark, now cut off in Draconsmere with only his Ullratha, the Swanknights and Dordak's people, resummoned all Ullratha reconnaissance and Commando units. Even as the order was issued, Sonnats Gil came upon the walls of Amatyr itself and thus rendered it completely impractical for many of the Commandos to return. Most of these knights, Utterdark having initiated the formation of 6th Commando, fought valiantly, they and their retainers numbering only two hundred but still holding a section of Thimblek's Wall for some few months unaided. Finally these Knights decided, having been unable to answer their orders and rejoin their Legions in light of no word from Draconsmere, to forgo their honour colours and titles: they would now simply be called rune warriors and beware! for they do resent any reminder of their failure in forgotten titles.


As to Thailes Gil and to Darkhaven and Oakenwood at this time, nothing further was transmitted to us after the time this history begins; but as to Thimblek's Wall and the siege that follows - of this much is known...


Kraigsvul, having made it back behind the wall with at least half his army capable of combat, issued orders that the wall was to be held. At this time Duran Dusk arrived to finally yield up the co-ordinates of an archipelago, which some knew he had been preparing for some long time against such an eventuality as this.


Now just under two years ago word came out of Erin for a resummons to all Tuatha de Dannan and Firvalg and any other, for, to compound the Daka-Shea threat, Gil Troops had now landed in large force on the eastern tip of the isle and were marching to Tara. A meeting between the island's peoples quickly decided on an immediate return home, and in fact a good few Evermorians opted to join them. Kraigsvul became furious; unable to persuade the Erins to stay, desperate not to fail his king, he came close to blows with two of their leaders whose names are forgotten to this text and for a while our own forces nearly fell upon each other. Ombarg-duran-Dusk again interceded and managed to allay any chance of violence. And so the de Dannans and Firvalg with allies boarded ships and sailed out of royal Amatyr port and home to Erin.


The evacuation of the people progressed slowly not just because of the Erins, but also because the Eilindainians had still not managed to clear the last of their own people and so were tying up boats. Tempers again grew short and it is as if at this time Sonnats Gil and its allies 'knew' of the despair and the anger that grew, for their advance, although nothing stood to hold them, became immensely slow, as if allowing those darker emotion to rise and seed and thus nourish their master, the Dark Enemy of this world. All progressed slowly until at last some of the first expedition were able to construct a portal (in brief, a standard construct, the floor patterns of which are identical save in their colour, thus enabling a gate-capable Caster to envisage his target by simply knowing its colour and thereby being able to open a direct gate tunnel to that area. This is one of the reasons why, at this time, the island on which most of our people first trod in exile is called 'Redpatten Island'). Now evacuation could be stepped up, and it was, First to arrive was a small unit of military sent to reconnoitre the island and defend incoming citizens, then the people themselves in their hundreds, day by day.


As if now aware of this in early spring of 5858 the Gil forged forward covering the last distance to Thimblek's Wall at all short of a run. The hordes of attackers were driven forwards - Orcs, Trolls, Wights, Skaven, Broo, Jackabears and all else that formed the horde. This, as anyone will know who has fought the Gil before, is their standard tactic: throwing thousands of lives away, as happened again here, and without any seeming purpose. Kraigsvul's Archers ran out of shafts on the third day. Having been told to take precise mark (make sure they hit), they had discharged just under two million cloth yard shafts. On the fourth and fifth days Musketeers of Marnom, Bor and the Mogobo Black Dwarves started to run out of shot, they now having taken the former role of the Archers. The Cannon of Bor and the King were then silent, spent and without powder.


The Gil came on; nothing could stop them... Then, with the aid of the palantr of the Marnish and Bor, it was seen that the Embodiments themselves stood chanting some miles behind the enemy lines, fists firm upon a huge and pulsing piece of warpstone that vented green steam and plasma into the skies above, making them boil and seethe and rain black foetid liquid that burned the earth itself. This then is what drove the horde - now in the eighth day of fanatical attack, harassed only by the Elementals of the Bayens, hastily made up below Amatyr itself, and the concerted meta-concerts of House Kyrie-Sumunai who laid great swathes each day through the horde. These, and only those brave warriors atop the twenty-span (68ft) wall, who at each moment were forced to throw down grappling irons and any ladders high enough to reach, each and every moment. Then a ship arrived out of the west, and setting into dock it quickly became apparent that the people of Eilind were aware of Evermore's plight and - with the agreement of Dochim the Choirista, who, having argued with Dhahal, had agreed to lead the free people - had sent supplies of arrows and shot which, due to the war-like nature of Edhaal, Edain, Kamarthian and Kleetian, they had aplenty. The walls were restocked and the Archers and Musketeers returned to their posts happy to be able to fulfil their tasks and duties...


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