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Campaign History



Although relatively quiet, attacks were still suffered from a group of Discordiants, and a small group of Rovac Code of Midnight warriors. Fortunately, all survived the attacks. Entertainment was provided for the gentlemen clients of the establishment by Marie, a woman of negotiable virtue! Members of house Beor were present in some numbers, not least Gaunt of the Beor Dain. Gaunt and Brother Tyler of the Inner Flame settled their disagreement about the resurrection of Hawley Smoot in a more or less amicable fashion after the intervention of Linwe, High Elven Inner Flame.

Early the following morning volunteers were requested by Gothmog the Mage to go and retrieve an item for him. The party agreed to this (not having very much option!) and set out to find "the item". Having been kicked through a gate by Gothmog, the adventurers found themselves under attack by bandits. Despatching these, and continuing on what seemed the correct course, they came across various disagreements with people, and solved them. Eventually stumbling across a Spirit Guardian of Evil, they were told that none could pass in life or death, This was finally solved by, his death. Forging their passage through the mud, they were stopped again, by first an Order of the Morningstar, and secondly, by some Brotherhood of the Dead. Both these groups tried to persuade the party not to retrieve "the item" and to turn back. Yet again, these less than valiant attempts were swept aside. This brought the soon to be unfortunate party to a building guarded by stone statues. Thanks to the eventual brainwave from a sorcerer, the statues were shattered and the party was able to encroach on the building, One of the party had already entered the place and not returned. As one of the warriors opened the door, two ghouls appeared beside him, one of which tore his leg off. Eventually Serbitor. a young warrior, broke in and somehow managed to get "the item", the Gnome, and escape. The party then ran for the gate provided by Gothmog, pursued by large numbers of undead. This is when the now unfortunate party discovered they'd helped Gothmog the Balrog. However, Gothmog gave the party a scroll, which was passed on to Alliance High Command. This scroll contained the location of some 300 Alliance soldiers who had been blown off course and lost.

A second mission was sent off at the same time from Alliance High Command to a plane which had been visited before, to both request aid and offer our assistance to them. On arrival on this icy place, attacks from Skulks, and Skulkrie, creatures native to this place were not long on arriving. The party took heavy injuries and one casualty. Despite this the party managed to carry on through the heavy snows. After some time spent travelling the party came to a keep, where they were challenged as to their identity and purpose. On discovering that they were seeking the Moon Prince to offer aid, the group were led before Lord Gard who gave them a map showing the location of the Prince's Citadel. Several days of travel were required to reach the place across frozen lands and through blizzard conditions which the group found very hard (except for the Ice Elf.)
As they travelled the party reached lands under the control of Lord Brith. a man fighting against the Moon Prince. They were challenged by a border patrol who would not allow them to pass. A challenge was issued to the Captain by Erithian of the Ice Elves, who was aware of some of the traditions of these people. The Captain was despatched by Erithian. and the remainder of the patrol allowed them passage as agreed and left to inform their Lord of events. The party left the lands of Lord Brith as quickly as possible. As they travelled, they encountered a man wearing the colours of the Knights of Blood (a chivalric order known to the party from previous visits to this realm). The Knight was under attack by a group of soldiers wearing the colours of Ushgarak, Lord Doomdark (an enemy of the Moon Prince and ally of Lord Brith). Defending the Knight of Blood was an Ice Troll, who unlike trolls on our world, are highly intelligent and trustworthy. The party ran to the aid of the fallen Knight, but due to Erithian's lack of speed in telling the party not to attack the troll, the troll was also slain together with Doomdark's soldiers. The Knight was revived and somewhat unwillingly agreed to escort the party to the Prince's Citadel.
On arrival at the Citadel, the party were bound upon their honour not to commit any acts to harm the Prince, The Blood Knight vouched for Erithian who, in turn, vouched for those with her. The party met with one of the Wise, who discussed matters with them. From him, they discovered that Doomdark's men are now using weapons which appear to be powered by either Dark Earth or Warpstone. (it is not clear which due to a somewhat vague description.) It has also been discovered that the Wise can use rune power in the way that the Ullratha do. Whilst waiting for their audience with the Prince, one of the party overheard a planned assassination attempt against the Prince and burst into the audience chamber in time to prevent it.
As the party were just offering aid on behalf of the Alliance and putting their request for aid in return, they were interrupted by the arrival of Lord Brith, who accused them of being murderers. Lord Brith insisted that his honour would only be satisfied with combat. Although told that as offworlders, they were not obliged to accept, Erithian Frozenblade accepted the challenge against Lord Brith's champion. During the course of the combat. she was slain. The party were allowed to leave taking the body with them. Prince Luxor told them that in view of the honour which they had shown in his presence, he would send aid. The party were gated back to the Islands and a second gate opened behind them, from which stepped 150 knights bearing the colours of the Moon Prince himself, with a Knight of Blood at their head. These men have placed themselves under the direct command of the Elven King.

Arrangements were made for an Elven Council. This was held immediately after Erithian had been resurrected in order to discuss the information brought back from Elven Island by the Fire Elves. The following situation had been discovered. Elven Island was occupied by a large group of Manticores Talon forces, which were unaware of Rovien's death. The Swanknight Knight Marshal was unaware of the actions of his sub-ordinates and did not know that some were possessed. The Knight Marshal agreed to accompany the Fire Elves to discuss the situation with the Elven Council. Having given these details to the Council and others present, the Knight Marshall was brought before the Council and further clarified the situation. During the discussion of this information. attacks were made by forces from Sonnats Gil. who had landed on the Island. It was believed that having seen the Knight Marshall at the Council meeting, Sonnats Gil would lose no time in notifying the M.T. garrison. As many of the M.T. forces were Ashale, it was feared that the Elven population would be massacred. Arrangements were made to evacuate the population as rapidly as possible. Contacts were made to facilitate this with many people. Irlin offered the use of gates to help with the evacuation. This was accepted as was the rise of Regency gate beacons, as both these measures allowed the use of fewer forces which were then free to combat the force landed by Sonnats Gil.

A small party of adventurers was organised to travel to Elven Island with an escort of ships to destroy the gate shields in place around the Island so that the evacuation could take place. On arrival it was found that the M.T. forces had already begun the slaughter of elven settlements. Drowh, who had not been seen for some time, had also decided to make a final attack on the elves and were present in some numbers. With aid from Starfire Dance, contacted by the Erith Thane, the gate shields were destroyed, and the evacuation was able to be carried out as planned. Some 1700 Elves were rescued from the island, which has now been destroyed by Starfire Dance.

100% of Dark Elves were evacuated,
90% of Light Elves,
50% of Twilight Elves,
30% of Wood Elves,
75% of Earth, Air and Ice elves were evacuated.
The two Fire Elves who remained on Elven Island were also rescued before the destruction of the island.

High Table began in a semi-celebratory fashion, after the results of the evening's work. Reality took a jolt as Rathin of the Lore Ward and Mookh (the Witch, formerly known as 'Mouse', formerly known as 'Radish') arrived. Much tomfoolery ensued as they regaled the Table with stories of Flaymax's card playing, during their time in Kavarre! As is the way with these things. and much to the delight of the Fire Elves, Flaymax himself was summoned to the gathering. Just in time for a song. It seemed that others had arrived for this song. one Edward Huntingdon, as he used to be known. For the song was written by the Ullratha and sung by his erstwhile fiancée Annie. Jeruth, dead many years, had travelled through with Flaymax from the "other reality", apparently, to take the other two back when they had done in this place what must be done. Rathin gave a quick report on the activities in what has become known as Evernal. It soon became clear that Rathin was not just here to tell a story, but to ask for others to accompany them back to this other world and aid what must be a guerrilla fight. Many offered, but were turned down by the Son of Lucifer, being told that they had tasks to accomplish in 'our' place.
As Rathin, Mookh and those accepted prepared to leave, a dark portal opened revealing a white figure. Raker Foulheart, Malimorh Rune Priest, cried out - "We are coming. Each time these return, I will take another step closer to this, the final reality." A brief, but fruitless, exchange ensued. As Lore fires blasted across the room, it became obvious that these two were not wielding ordinary staves of lore. Other powers coursed through them. In Rathin's, the blue of Lore was combined with the gold of Runes and an unknown source Coloured red. Raker fired out the normal black of Dark Lore, along with the gold of Runes and, again, an unknown power, this time tainted green. Ford of the Erith Gyr leapt in front of Rathin as the blast struck, taking most of the damage. Raker departed. giving Rathin the chance to take those he needed and make his exit.
Cumhaal arrived to try to make his piece with his wife. Due to tile fact that she had been resurrected, thus breaking the laws of death, Cumhaal had not spoken to her and had made it clear that lie would not do so until be had communed with Donblas. Erithian had taken this somewhat badly! When she arrived, even the Fire Elves cleared out of the way of what looked to be an interesting domestic dispute! However, it was something of an anticlimax, as Cumhaal's words won Erithian over completely, and a reunion was applauded by all.
An unexpected turn of events occurred. A messenger from the island taken by the Dragon Krull brought grave news. It seemed that no contact or message had been received from the noble Spirit for over a week and strange noises could be heard emanating from its lair. Neither sight nor sound had occurred from even the one who took Krull as his patron - Dracos Krull. Bavarn, Dragon Knight, left accompanied by Cumhaal to investigate the situation for themselves. The evening had only just begun to warm up.
Further information regarding the evacuation of the Elves was obtained at High Table. Irlin sent a messenger to the High Table who told them that his master had just become even more powerful due to the sacrifice of the High Elves who had been on the Island. It is unknown how many of the High Elven population Irlin has sacrificed. His messenger then proceeded to kill Bishop of the Teleri High Elves before escaping. Irlin then arrived at High Table to be immediately attacked by Feyd, and Fangorn of the Fire Elves and Erithian of the Ice Elves. His illusion then disappeared, revealing the body of a Elven child, dead at their feet. The three elves left the High Table, distraught at what Irlin had fooled them into doing, taking the child's body with them.
High Table then received a visitor, York Bannon Kyrie. Returning from outside the Dream for one of his final times, he began the slow return to sanity of the gathered people. Asking pertinant and insightful questions, he managed to get rid of the feeling of complete depression pervading the entire room. Giving them all the feeling that "happiness" and well being can 'upset' the evil powers that-be, he convinced almost all that unless they continue and make the best of things. actions will only aid the Enemies.
The evening progressed and a semblance of order returned. although subdued at tile beginning, some events were yet to take place. An ancient dark Elf (not one of Elemental Elves) took this as his cue to deliver some astounding information. The Dragon Krull is dying. As much as an Ar Spirit can die. It is leaving the Dream. What happens when Krull does so depends on its state of mind, which in turn depends on the attitudes of those close to it, and us. High table ended on a high (and out of tune) note, as the Heroes Song was sung. Kal of the Bards and Princess Kallen of the Earth Elves were married in a most unusual ceremony, somehow surviving with at least eight "best man" and three Maids of Honour!
Many things have been missed (unlike Del Dodger's cousin), but one more thing must be mentioned. The final point of the evening will bring hope to all: The Dream Elves have taken it upon themselves to arm and fight against the Malimorh.

Battle Reports
During the operation on Elven Island, Dusk Island suffered some 34% casualty rate. Fiakel is now demanding financial and other reparation from the Alliance. Starfire Dance has not been contacted since.
Incursions in the north by Sonnats Gil were met with an Alliance Force. Casualties were high: 5000 Dozi braves; 800 Vendark; and 950 other Alliance soldiers. Thankfully, due to the implementation of a cunning plan by Alex Winters and Cumhaal, Sonnats Gil suffered some 2 1/2 thousand soldiers and were successfully pushed back beyond the Mountains of Divide.
Although unsuccessful, an attempt was made by Smoot Corps to rescue the Inner Flames captured by M.T. forces some months ago. The operation failed due to the intervention of Malimorh, and Smoot Corps suffered some casualties. Exact numbers of Smoot Corps casualties remain undisclosed.

A statement has been issued by the New Avmarian Interior Ministry:

We welcome the successful evacuation of the Elven population from Tol Aman Estel and greet them wholeheartedly to New Avmar. We offer our sincere condolences for the necessary destruction of their homeland.
New Avmar is currently in a state of most bitter war against the forces of our Enemy and the traitor Montague. While ordinarily we would raise no objections to the necessary relocation of a refugee people in our lands, we must in this case make difficult choices. With the war situation the population of New Avmar has undergone many trials, and there are currently tens of thousands of refugees already in the free South. Croplands, recovering from the now dissipated Dozi storm, yet suffering from enemy raids, manage to feed our population, but would be hard pressed to supply further incomers. We further recognise the Elven desire for safety in new homes, and that they have no ties to New Avmar: it has never been home to them. In the current situation it would be very difficult to guarantee Elven security, particularly considering the Elven preference for small, widely spread, lightly defended settlements.
We therefore consider it would be in all parties' interests if the Elven population were relocated in the long term to a free land, unthreatened by the Enemy among their allies in Tal Anum. Alternatively, a secure empty land may be preferred.
In the meantime we offer full hospitality and aid to the unfortunate refugees, and will provide temporary accommodation as swiftly as possible. We would welcome representatives from the Elven Council to discuss the requirements for Elves in their temporary residence in New Avmar.

Ardlan Turner, Minister of the Interior, Evermorian Patriotic Party.

News has also been received from Evermore. Groups of Erith Thane who call themselves simply "Elan" have been encountered by Evermorian forces. They appear to know nothing of any recent events. Many of these Erith Thane seem to be Sentinels. They become confused when they are questioned. and start speaking of myth cycles and the future of the world. They have spoken of the return of "the Bright Man", although who they refer to is not yet clear. Some of the Erith Thane who had been placed in custody committed suicide. The others were released following these incidents. There arc now packs of unknown Erith Thane wandering Evermore.


Late on Friday, a busy Tavern was visited by those who call themselves Elan. They appeared confused to learn that they were not in Avmar, and when people spoke to them of the Erith Thane that we know, they said we spoke sacred ancient names of those long since perished. The Elan said they had travelled a great distance to arrive where they were. They mentioned passing through eight Gates and then travelling many leagues. It has been surmised from their words that the Elan may well be descendants of those Erith Thane who entered Mythago Wood and stayed there for some time. This is pure speculation but would seem to fit the available facts. Time passes differently within the Wood and the Wood is divided into nine Gates, each one deeper into the Heartwood than the last. Shortly before their leaving, they informed the gathered that one of them was called "the Key". It was also revealed that as the Key dies, so another takes his place. Exactly what the Key is for was not given, but it seems they are waiting for "THE Key"! The Elan known as the Key passed something on to one of the adventurers present, what it was is not known to many people, if any at all.

Immediately after the Elan had left, the body of a High Elven child was unceremoniously gated into the tavern. The child had been tortured to death. Through priestly means, he was spoken to, and delivered a message from Irlin, saying that Cumhal and his wife would pay. Cumhal then ordered his wife to leave for a place of safety, which she did taking the child and one other with her. Shortly after, Irlin himself made an appearance. What transpired has yet to be fully disclosed. However, what is known is that Irlin released his control over various adventurers he had ensorceled, and Vorcifer has taken residence in Free Avmar 1. Monks, some of them Towan, have taken to guarding the place. A new waystation is now being built next to it.

Missions were sent out on Friday eve and Saturday morning. Friday Evening's group of adventurers answered a challenge set by a man known only as Wildthyme. Quite what the exact nature of this challenge was is not known, but the party returned with strange stories of being shrunk and fighting strange giant creatures.
Saturday morning saw two groups set out from the waystation. One group left to aid a farmer in finding his son and the shepherd's crook he had taken with him. During this mission, an encounter left two peasants dead and led to a trial taking place at High Table. The party however was successful in recovering the crook, which seemed to be the source of the problems. One of the party spoke of fighting a demon within the staff. The staff has now been given into safe hands apparently.
The second group was sent to find some people calling themselves Archaeologists. The party was taken to a small island, where they found a large tomblike place. After passing through a trapped area, they came across an armoured figure which they took to be a vampire as they had been informed that there was one in the vicinity. The party dealt with this figure by pouring Holy water onto it and the figure disappeared, leaving the armour behind. The armour was picked up by one of the adventurers who then also vanished. He was later seen in the tavern, allegedly accompanied by undead who were attacking the tavern. The undead were dealt with successfully, but the man who had taken the armour again was not to be found.
After returning to the tavern, there were more encounters similar to the previous evenings. Creatures coalesced from the shadows of people and objects around them, and attacked. Even after the creatures were dealt with, the shadows from which they had appeared did not return to their owners. A pair of blue glowing eyes appeared watching the tavern, and a voice was heard declaring that his return was imminent and that there would be nothing we could do to prevent it.

Saturday evening saw the development of a strange situation. A party was asked by two Dark Elves to go to an island and clear it in preparation for the Elves to occupy as a new home. One of these Elves had the exact appearance of the Dark Elven Prince. However, the Prince of the Dark Elves knew nothing of this mission, and an investigation is being carried out to discover the true identities of those who sent the party to this place. The island was discovered to be occupied by some powerful sorceror and a second group consisting of large numbers of undead including vampires. The party did receive help in escaping from this island although their report to the High Table was a little unclear. What is known is that there is a plant growing on this island called Manabane that has some kind of bad effect on magic users. It was clear that would be totally unsuitable for the Elves to make their new home on this island. Interest remains in finding out who sent the party to clear the island in the first place.

The meeting of the High Table was a somewhat subdued affair. A trial was called for by an Inner Flame concerning the death of the peasants encountered by adventurers earlier in the day. Various laws were called for and cited and the confusion resulting from all this led to an angry outburst from one of the normally peaceful Aedain, who stormed out of the High Table. The trial then commenced of Seren Stonehammer, Earth Elven Huscarl. Those present at the High Table heard the evidence presented, and Seren Stonehammer was found guilty of murder. He elected death by the blade and was executed before the High Table. The Princes of the Light and Dark Elves were present throughout the trial and were satisfied that Seren had not failed in his duties as a Huscarl. The trial although somewhat lengthy, was proceeding with relative smoothness until heckling from some of the witnesses disrupted proceedings. The Erith Gyr present was instructed by the Majistar to remove the hecklers and during this procedure an altercation occurred between the Gyr and the Vendark who was prosecuting. This resulted in charges of treason being laid against the Gyr and they will be brought to trial for it shortly. Other news brought to the attention of the Table was that the Bards Council may now be reformed as once more enough singers of the Song make themselves known.


Strange events were discovered by a group of adventurers sent out on Friday night to discover the cause of people laughing themselves to death. They found themselves directed to the house of a Baron whose entire household was somehow unaffected by the disease sweeping the area in which he lived. Having obtained tickets to the masquerade ball, which the baron was holding, the party discovered that the baron's jester was responsible for the disease and for the protection off the baron's household from it. The jester was dealt with and the spread of the disease was stopped. Some 100 people dies from it however. During the course of their investigations, it was found that three members of the party were in fact Malimorh.

The tavern on Friday night was a relatively quiet gathering, interrupted only by the appearance of a Malimorh. He came in to deliver some information much of which has not been passed on. A second Malimorh came to the tavern a short time later looking for the other who he referred to as a renegade. This Malimorh wore the colours of both Dark Dreams and Sonnats Gil, and told those present that there are many of them calling themselves 'United' and working for all sides for their own aims.

It seemed to have been a time for strange diseases as on Saturday morning a party was sent out to investigate an odd illness where people were sneezing themselves to death. The party managed to sort out the situation and the druid believed to be responsible was dealt with.
A second group was hired to escort a prisoner back to New Midigan. The prisoner was taken from them by a group of black clothed masked men who phased in and had weapons appearing to be technological in nature.

Later that same day a party was sent out to (yet again) sort out Psychosis, which seems to go wrong far too often. (That's what you get for leaving it in the hands of dodgy illusionists.) After all the failsafe devices went down, the party were trapped within the game and has to fight their was through to take the flag from Sonnats Gil before the programme would release them. The party managed to come through successfully albeit somewhat battered in certain cases.

The High Table opened with the party who had been to New Midigan gating in with a young girl who they had rescued during their mission. They arrived in time for the girl to prevent an assassination attempt against the House Lord of Vendark. The girl then let the disguise she had been using to fade revealing herself to be Ysabet D'Asturiens. She then offered House Vendark the opportunity to work with her for the Regency and when she was firmly refused seemed to fins it all amusing. Ysabet warned that we were all already working for the Regency but just hadn't realised yet.
On this note she took her leave, just as Kyle Knight Amoriath and warmark of the Erith Gyr arrived with the other Gyr to speak with Fabian of House Vendark. They left to carry out their discussion elsewhere.
Several trials were called for at High Table. The majority of these involved charges of negligence or incompetence. After some time had been taken up in dealing with these maters they were dismissed due to lack of compelling evidence being brought against those charged. One case however was not dismissed. Two prisoners who had been escorted to holding cells earlier in the evening were discovered murdered in their cells. The man responsible was found and brought for immediate trial where he made full confession to the murders, saying he had done them because he could. He was executed immediately. The Militia in charge of guarding the cells were closely questioned by Cumhal and Princess Talia of Kleet who were in attendance during the trials. As a result there is an investigation of those members of the militia who were on duty that night being carried out.


Friday Night saw a party duped by a man asking them to look for his daughter, who had gone missing. The adventurers duly set off to do so, once, to find out that in the end, the girl they had gone to find was nothing more than the bait to lure them into a trap. Fortunately for the hapless adventurers they managed along the way to help a Tree Giant who had given his name along with his word that he would aid them if needed. The Tree Giant arrived in time to aid the party in dispatching the man who had sent them on the mission in the first place. The party thus managed to avoid being sacrificed.

A servant of someone who shall remain nameless quite rudely disrupted the tavern on Friday evening. It seems he had no message to deliver or even any particular threats, but was quite simply bored and so his entertainment for the night was to upset poor mere mortals. Having driven half the occupants of the tavern quite mad, he then decided that playing 'Cats Cradle' with people's lives as the stake was good fun. He then lost two games to a demonist and then being Gods Fired by a Templar and a priest really spoilt his evening and he decided to leave.

Saturday morning saw that most unusual of events, namely cooperation between two parties. One group was sent to find and destroy a necromancer. The second party was sent on a reconnaissance mission to a Gil outpost that was under construction. The necromancer was dealt with in a relatively efficient manner and the party found themselves in the vicinity of the other party and the two groups elected to work together. On arrival at the Gil outpost, the party found signs of a permanent Gate being constructed. During the course of the ensuing combat, Tern of the Erith Thane was killed by a Gil operative wielding a piece of Warpstone. The two parties working in conjunction managed to deal with the forces that were already in the area and destroy the Gate using the black powder that was in the location.
In the tavern following the return of the adventurers, Tern was resurrected with rapidity when it was realised that he was a Sentinel. The runes bound into the Erith Thane Sentinel would have caused massive damage, destroying most of the Island and doing considerable damage to the islands surrounding it.

That evening saw a party leave to recover an item for Hawley Smoot. The exact nature of the item to be recovered was unknown at the time. The item was retrieved and found its way into the hands of Covert Operations. The item was revealed to be the Mad Jewels of Ebonair. A deal was then struck between the party, Covert Ops, and members of the KDR and Inquisition working with the Alliance. Full details are not known, but the party agreed to retrieve the sword, RaunenSong, and kill Maegdur First of the First Coven of the Khalen Kor. The party were gated to Skull Fissures in Evermore and fought their way past hordes of undead finding a man sitting on a ledge holding the sword. Who this was is still unknown. The party was gated to another location where they fought their way with relative ease into the building, where they were confronted by Ysabet, Lancaster and Maegdur himself. Wielding the sword RaunenSong, Tane of the Erith Thane leapt forward and struck Maegdur, as the Jewels of Madness were opened, sending those not protected insane over the whole Archipelago. Advantage was taken of this to dispatch vast numbers of Manticores Talon forces. Ysabet and Lancaster coming under heavy attack from the Ullratha, decided leaving at this point was a good option.

High Table opened in a celebratory mood, as the news of the demise of Maegdur and the almost complete obliteration of Manticore's Talon slowly spread around the populace. An early disruption took place when the Ullratha gave a small warning of the imminent arrival of a Baresark. One swift shuffle of the peoples revealed a somewhat changed gathering. As usual, the reports were given praising no small number of people. It seemed to be a night of surprises as Princess Talia graced the gathering with her presence, it seemed in answer to a request (however denied) by Louis of the Edain.
An ambassador of the Weird Lords, who made a point of being left to wait for nearly a year, made an appearance. Yet another surprise befell the Table as Deathsong, Malimorh Bard, arrived to give some information concerning the activities of various factions within the Malimorh. The Weird Lord ambassador was revealed to be a Bard himself, although not a member of the Bards Council. He left the Table, giving the people time to decide whether they wished to ally themselves with the forces of Dark Dreams against the Enemy. The information that Deathsong gave will not be disseminated here due to the easy availability of this publication. Entertainment was then provided for the High Table by the other two Bards presents Kal and David E. Butler.

During the course of the afternoon and evening, there were major fluctuations of runic energy felt throughout the archipelago. At several points during this time, those who wield runes reported a great overflow of runes flooding through them. Reports have been received since then of the destruction of several small outlying villages and outposts by rune wielding Malimorh.


"As we gazed upon the horizon, we saw the storm clouds gather.
It was then that we knew today would be the last of what was
And that our destiny would be changed forever!"
Chronicle of the Watchers

Friday night saw a group of new adventurers sent out to find some information about a sword of great power.

After negotiating their way through several dangers, including Undead and a group of bandits seeking a toll, the party arrived at a mysterious wall. Upon touching the wall the party found themselves transported to a platform in a strange realm.

Fighting their way through enemy forces, including those of Sonnats Gil, the group met with an old man who explained that they were trapped in a realm of dreams. The party on leaving the old man were captured by a large group of well-armed bandits who dragged them away to be tortured. The torture had just begun, when a second, much smaller group broke into the encampment and despatched the bandits holding the party captive. They then directed the party to leave, telling them that they did not belong there.

Having arrived back in the relative safety of the tavern, the adventurers related some of what they had learnt to those drinking at that establishment. Many seemed to believe that the place the party had been to that night had something to do with the Vale of Dreams but this is as yet unconfirmed.

Saturday morning saw two groups of adventurers undertake different missions. The first was hired by a merchant to guard him as he transported his wares to his buyer. The party were beset by orcs on numerous occasions but finally arrived at the rendezvous point. At this point the group were felled by a jack-o-bear. Upon awakening, the merchant's goods had been taken and some of the party agreed to try and retrieve them. It was later discovered that the wares were in fact a large, black, egg-shaped object that seemed to be of great interest to many different factions, including those of the Gil, Bëor, and Dark Dreams!

The second group were also hired as escorts. They were asked to accompany an archaeologist to an island where ruins had been found, and four others had gone missing previously. The ship was attacked by skrailings, but the party were able to land safely at the island. Here they were confronted by forces controlled by the Brotherhood of Undead.

Saturday saw a relatively deserted tavern, as many adventurers chose to seek the box that had been stolen as promises of rewards came from many quarters. It was later reported that it had been found and opened, resulting in the death of an Ullratha Knight. The box was taken by some beings serving the plane of Light and claiming to have been sent by Steven of Galzar.

Whilst this was occurring, the tavern was attacked by a Knight of Genetic Purity, an order which has been unseen for many years. Two Bëor D'aine engaged him in combat together with a swordsman. The two Bëor and the KGP died after a great struggle.

Saturday evening saw more people in search of the Vale of Dreams. There had been rumours and strange tales, which needed to be investigated. The party were hired by the militia, and they managed almost immediately to get into trouble when they met with a second group of militia. The party were attacked and the ensuing chaos resulted in the arrival of Sir Anton d'Coomhar to sort things out and get the party underway. Taking ship the party arrived at an island where the valley was reported to be. Dealing swiftly with an Inquisition attack the party found themselves in a small village where the villagers attacked them frenziedly, calling them dream-stealers. The party, on leaving the village, were attacked by creatures never seen before, believed to be these dream-stealers. Having fought their way through this and other attacks the party were confronted by a forcewall of some kind. Like the party earlier, they were also transported, this time to a hall full of mirrors. Visions of various things were seen, now thought to be past, present and future. Things came out of the mirrors, including what some believe to have been Mikhael Errolfini. Other details of the mission are somewhat sparse but we do know that they met someone calling himself 'the Doctor'.

That evening's High Table started in a somewhat disrupted manner as people were distracted by loud noises and coloured lights in the sky. It is believed that these heralded the chaos storm that struck the following day. Much discussion was held concerning the egg, as to its nature and who currently holds it. Even the bards have been unable to determine these answers, which is not a good portent.

Sir Anton d'Coomhar graced the High Table with his presence and undertook the formal inauguration of VII Commando.

Dark Season was announced when a young boy came in and delivered a message from those who had captured him. Attacks were not long in happening, and resulted in the deaths of several present.

Deathsong, Malimorh bard, also visited the High Table with some information about the consecration of the new Temple of the Dark Earth Mother.

Other news has also been reported. Ken Hom would like to announce the successful takeover of Smoot Corp. Master Smoot is currently unavailable for comment and his whereabouts is unknown, though Master Hom will answer any questions people may have for a price. All Employees formerly of Smoot Corp., now of Ken Hom Enterprises, are required to report to Master Hom for evaluation.

Several squadrons of Phoenix Flame have disappeared whist on patrol. No trace of them has been found.

Scouts sent to explore the devastated remains of Elven Island have also not been heard from. As yet none have returned.

Skirmishes between the militia of Harton Maldir and the King's militia have occurred with increasing frequency over the last few weeks. As a result, all militia are recalled to active duty.

A message has arrived to be posted to all peoples of the Archipelago:

"Darkness once covered the land and many people were touched by death's hand. Those who still live cannot go far for through your dreams. We know who you are. From the one and the seven we call upon all our children to enact dark season."


"And as we watched the storm break, all eyes became as closed.
And again we knew the darkness was upon us."
Chronicle of the Watchers

Late in Winter 5865, the Cygath/Styles ‘situation’ flared up, reaching fever pitch, as reports have come in detailing legions of undead from both sides clashing whilst supposedly protecting taverns. Although both Cygath and Styles claimed that the undead they sent were there to protect people from the other, most present in the tavern felt disinclined to trust either. The undead were all slain either by each other or by those in the tavern.

Following these events, one of the less battle-scarred adventuring groups was dispatched by the Dark Elves to recover a Bow. Several dangerous encounters and two fatalities later they were astounded to discover that the bow was seemingly of no special value or power. It has however since been whispered that the item in question may in fact be 'The Bow of Burning Gold', a Sacred Dark Eleven artefact in careful disguise.

On Saturs morn another group of adventurers (out of the goodness of their hearts) opted to help a village whose people have been mysteriously vanishing. As reported later at a High Table, the casualty rate was high and the venture unsuccessful.
  Supplementary to this, some information has been ‘given’ describing the consecration of a Necropolis amongst the islands and the coming of the Necromancer’s ‘Promised Day’.

On Saturs eve, a Son of Deprivation travelled from one of the many Rift Worlds to coerce the aid of the Alliance in attempting to free the Elemental Planes from corruption. Whether those in question were moved to help by fear or greed remains to be seen!
  Keystones to each Plane needed to be put back in place in order to halt the spread of corruption. One of these stones (Light) was already held by Lorna of the Sorcerers' guild.
  After travelling through most of the Elemental Planes and collecting the Keystone of Air on route, Steven of Galzar, Zinster of Seth and Jacinth Thyacke of Ullratha VII Commando were rescued from the Witch King of Angmar.
  The party then fought their way to the home of the Elemental Keystones where the Elemental Kings were frozen. Replacing the Keystones the party both slowed the corruption of the Planes and freed their Kings.
  It was during the party’s escape that they were confronted by the Witch King, who using his power over the Rings forced Steven to don one of the Lesser Rings of Men thus controlling him and forcing him to join the amassed Ring Wraiths.
  It was at this point that all the Elemental Kings arrived accompanied by Phaedron, Lord of the Plane of Dreams. The party was thanked for their assistance, but was told that the planes were still tainted and that the Keystones must be bound in place, before being returned to where they had started from. It is worthy of note that the Son of Depravation who had charged the party - although he was not what could be described as pleasant - both thanked and paid the party for their trouble.

The same night an Alliance High Table was convened in Kleet, hosted by High Princess Tallia and headed by herself, Draal D’Asturiens Enhaal and Earl Vorodek of Anisfarle.

Reports were given of various missions which had taken place, some of which caused great amounts of concern.

Further details of the failed mission of Saturs morn were revealed by some of the few who survived the mission. The area in which villagers had been disappearing was discovered to be in the area of High Fastnesse, where the last battle against the forces of Manticore’s Talon took place. Vast hordes of undead were encountered by the adventurers and it is believed that they have been raised from those buried in the area, as well as the missing villagers.
  Later during the course of the High Table, a messenger arrived to warn that "We are seven and are now complete. The Promised Day shall come." The messenger was some kind of undead, although its exact nature could not be determined.
  Plans are currently afoot to deal with this before the Necropolis can be raised.

Further concerns were provoked when events that had taken place on the Elemental Planes were detailed. It was previously believed that only the Witch King and two of the other Ring Wraiths had returned and the other six had been stopped. However, it is now known, after Steven’s coercion to their side, that at least four Ring Wraiths have broken through.

During the first weeks of 5866, urgent reports arrived at Alliance Headquarters. Scouts report a large landing of troops under the cover of a storm on the island between Tal Anum and New Avmar. Preliminary reports indicate the presence of approximately 5000 combat forces, wearing the colours of Sonnats Gil and the Inquisition, together with appropriate support troops. So far only minor skirmishes have taken place, but incoming reports indicate the presence of several ships in the vicinity. It is unknown whether these also bear enemy troops.

A severe storm passed through the Archipelago just over a week ago. Dark and chaotic in nature, it was somewhat reminiscent of the storm caused by the Dozi Shaman. The storm lasted a full sevenday. Its origin remains unknown.

All peoples of the Elven Nations are required to present themselves to their respective Royalty within two moons or be declared outcast and traitor to the peoples. For those races that currently have no Royalty, they are required to present themselves to the Elven Regent within the same period or suffer the same consequences.

The Sorcerers' colleges have reported increasing problems when summoning elementals. Corrupt elementals, tainted by the presence of warpstone on the Planes, are appearing with greater frequency. So far no fatalities have occurred, but it is believed that the incidence of these corrupt elementals will continue to rise.

The King's Record Keeper asks that any organisations that have not reported to him so far do so within the next cycle of the moon.


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