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Campaign History


March 5873 DRE

"And when at last all hope balanced on the edge of the abyss, so it was the dreams of men were all that remained to give us hope."
Chronicle of the Watchers

  Early evening on Friars Day saw a group of young adventurers hired by a member of the Alliance to investigate unusual activities along a coastal region of Tal Anum. Some way along their path they picked up a lost girl from a nearby village. Rather than leave her to her own devices, they took her along and protected her. It turned out that her home village was in the area they had to check out. Once returning the girl to her home, and getting some strange comments from the villagers, the group made their way to the docks for a boat ride to a nearby island.

  It turned out that this was no longer a deserted island. Many troops from Sonnets Gil were there, along with corrupt elementals of many types. Having fought their way through a few patrols, they came across what appeared to be a fortified farmhouse. Inside were a few of these ?corrupt? elementals and some guards. What shocked the group, though, was the presence of a Khalon-Kor. The party fled for their lives and were grateful for the presence of a gate beacon device given by the Alliance.

  Only one casualty fell on the side of good, but he was soon returned by the magicks from the druid Dræarth.

  Saturs morn saw an intrepid group of adventurers hired to help a young man find his beloved and return her to safety. This they achieved with ease, but in the process learned of a village that was being terrorised by a "powerful creature that could summon undead". The party sought out the village and, after much conversation with the "creature", swiftly despatched it. Upon examination of the corpse, it turned out that the "creature" was in fact a villager by the name of Ol' Man Withers, who had been cast out weeks before, in a mask.

  Not to be deterred by such bizarre findings, the intrepid band decided to allow their troll companion, Lumpy, to eat a hoard of beserking Orcs on the way home, thus allowing them to rescue a beleaguered Noldorian High Elf.

&nsbp; Saturs evening brought about the gathering of those who sought to enact the final cleansing of the Elemental Planes. The Elemental Planes have too long been corrupted and the Lords of these planes have struggled against the enveloping chaos of The Enemy, barely preventing the corruption from totally consuming them and their dominion. With the help of the Chosen, The Champion of the Planes, the Dream Warriors and other brave souls, they were able to make the final push and cleanse their realms of the last vestiges of the corruption.

  But even the mighty Elemental Lords and the party needed help to achieve their ultimate goal. And so it came to pass that the spirit of Arbicor was called upon to empower the Planes with the essence of the Plane of Dreams and forever purge the corruption from the Elemental Planes. As the Chosen, the Champion and the Dream warriors aided Arbicor in the ritual that would allow this, their stalwart companions successfully defended them from attack by Jalinor Maegreth Attalan of the Khalon-Kor and a squad of elite Gil troops.

  For their achievement, Arbicor, 36th Level Wizard of Dreams, returned the party to the prime plane and into the safe care of High Table. As a further reward he bestowed each of them with the rank and powers of Dream Warriors.

  High Table was a joyous occasion, with many reports of success and the great entertainment that High Tablers have come to know and cherish. The only real blur on the evenings festivities occurred when a Pathfinder stumbled in to High Table and died delivering his message. Sir Galen Kemensen, head of the Pathfinders, then came to High Table but was attacked by a were-rat assassin. The assassin?s body dissolved into a pool of acid before the spirit could be questioned, leaving no clues as to who had sent him.

  Not long after this, High Table came to a cheery close.

5873 DRE to 5874 DRE

  It has been a difficult time for many scholars and adventurers alike. Even the general populace has suffered heavily through the corruption of the Elemental Planes. But victory has finally been achieved, and with the aid of Arbicor and his new Dream Warriors, the Elemental Planes have finally been cleansed and returned to normal. Life itself also begins to return to a more normal state within the archipelago. Sorcerors across the Isles rejoice for weeks as their power returns. Within weeks, new studies and research begins.

  The Elves too, find themselves stronger than they have for many years as their innate link to their home planes are restored to full strength. Indeed, it is a time of celebration and well being for the peoples.

  With the mainstay of the Gil forces trapped on Dozi Island, militia, Ullratha and adventuring groups hit the remaining, smaller outposts with good results. As the summer draws to a close however, fresh reports are heard from the missions undertaken by The Pathfinders in other lands.

  In Dar-Kenda, the forces of the Weird Lords, led by their new puppet Sekai, have captured the capital. The Grand Intelligencier escaped to assume command of the remaining Inquisition forces in an as yet unknown province of the now torn state. Never ones to back down, the Inquisition launch a fierce counter-attack. The result: Dar-Kenda is split into two power groups locked in a stalemate of conflict.

  On Rocarl, a communications blackout seems all too coincidental to the appearance of strange storms that prevent any attempts at contact via boat. Magickal transports have also failed to reach the beleaguered isle. The only contact has been from a single Pathfinder who managed to escape the isle before it was too late. Unfortunately, a malady has followed this brave soul and the information he holds has yet to be discovered.

  News from the mainland tells of the disappearance of all one thousand Dark Erith Thane. The Genetics Master himself is currently silent, his whereabouts also unknown since he was last reported to have been seen in a tavern in the archipelago. Rumours also begin to circulate about a horde of undead approaching Thimblek?s Wall and of a massing of the Enemy?s forces near Heps Pass in the mountains of Region.

  As autumn falls, the druids announce that winter will be long and harsh this year, forcing the populace to work hard to ensure there are enough provisions to last. Storms are already beginning to cause difficulties for fishermen and travel by boat becomes more treacherous than normal.

  The King announces that the Amoriath must return to the mainland before the winter storms make any attempts at travel impossible. The Amoriath Knights follow their liege lord?s command, leaving a select few to remain behind in the archipelago under the leadership of Sir Galen.

  Winter hits the islands. As predicted, it is cruel and harsh. Much livestock and more than a few of the lower classes perish in what is arguably the worst winter the islands have seen since the arrival of the Evermorians. But even as the remaining stored provisions begin to run low, a ray of hope is seen on the horizon with the arrival of Prelate Pongilius and Sir Alix Winters of the Amoriath with fresh supplies and news of events since the Amoriath?s return to Avmar.

  He confirms that a host of undead did indeed strike at Thimblek?s wall. The fighting lasted for nearly a week, but the stalwart defenders eventually won through, with the expert aid of people such as Sir Danny Schaeffer and the Humaktye. Since this victory over the Enemy, the Enemy has been quiet, making few assaults against Thimblek?s Wall, despite the King residing in Evermore?s Capital once again.

  In a daring plan, the King has also directed a legion of fighting forces to move North during the winter season. Sir John Lambeth, Amoriath Knight, and General Andrus Pelenorr of the White Knights lead the force with great success, recapturing the province of Region and striking forward into the northern provinces of Region and Anisfarle. It is widely believed that Anisfarle will be free by mid spring.

  As winter draws to an end, travel around the archipelago becomes safer and news starts to filter in from across the islands. The news is not good.

  The island of New Midigan, once home to those Darkendari loyal to Dagravane, who were more recently subverted and farmed by the Soul Renders, has completely disappeared! No-one can explain what has happened and the Pathfinders, led by Sir Galen, are unable to find any trace of the island.

  To the south regions of the archipelago, all contact has been lost with the Rocarl refugees and the Rovac led by Morgan Herst. All attempts at communication and scrying have utterly failed.

  Worse still is the news that a large force of Enemy troops has appeared on several key islands. It is unknown how or when such a large force arrived undetected, or who leads them. Under the leadership of their Legate, Sir Alix Winters, the Ullratha Legion Phoenix Flame begins to mobilise, ready to counter this new and unexpected threat, and all militia outposts are placed on full alert.

  It is now April, the start of spring, 5874 DRE. The new season brings new challenges and new adventures. As the last of the snows melt away, the call goes out from the Adventurers Guild?


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