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Campaign History


January 5852

The King's Justice

Report by Jeryll of Seth

"In the course of the review of Law by the Amoriath Magistars, we notice that there is a general lack of knowledge as to the correct conduct of an Evermorian trial. The Twelve Point Coda is ruled as follows:

Order of trial:

  1. Charges are laid against the defendant.
  2. Counsel for the prosecution and the defence are appointed. Defendant has the right to defend themselves.
  3. The defence pleads.
  4. The defence speaks.
  5. The prosecution speaks.
  6. The defence is open to question from the floor.
  7. The prosecution is open to question from the floor.
  8. During the questioning, either party may speak to answer or clarify a point, if it is deemed ambiguous by the Judges.
  9. Prosecution may opt to reduce the charge.
  10. The Judges summarise the case.
  11. The vote takes place. All present at High Table, except those whom the Judges deem to be unfit, shall be entitled to vote.
  12. If the defendant is found Innocent, they will be released. If Guilty, leave to appeal may be granted, when the appeal will be heard by a Knight of the Amoriath. From thence, a further appeal may be made to Dagravane our King.
Further points:
  • Sentence absolute in absentia – save for exceptional mitigating circumstances, if a defendant does not appear for the trial, they will be sentenced in their absence and no appeal may be granted.
  • During the trial, the Judges, defence or prosecution may summon any person to bear witness whose testimony is relevant to the case.
  • (Succinct and brief) clarification may be demanded at any point by the prosecution, defence or Judges.

Count Michael of Max, also known as Micklemax, was ordered to immediately present himself to the Militia to answer a charge of murder.

Missing in Action

Tirim Drusaron, druid of the Free Evermorian Company
Solende, bard.
Both believed to have been heading for Eilind, to search for a Choirista.

June 5852, in Midigan

Friday Night

A party, infiltrated by a Malimorh spy, with attempts to stop them by the Inquisition and Regency operatives, reunited Azaduke's Rune Casket with his sword, allowing the Rune Duke to be resummoned.

Saturday Morning

Two parties met with success; the first attempting to make further and more formal contact with the Kadichi on behalf of Gatherer, and the second finding the cause of the pollution of Darkendar's leylines.

Saturday Night

Despite a valiant attempt, the party were unable to save the Choiristas, and many renowned adventurers fell in the course of this action.

Assault upon Midigan

While adventures were being briefed in the palace of Lady Rosamunda Ishtakaan, an alien unidentified vessel came into low orbit over Midigan. The House of Sumunai in the city below mourned the recent demise of its House Lord Ezra Ben Storm. The alien vessel demanded of the city 10,000 souls to be delivered up in 12 hours. Most other houses fled the capital, but the mourning Sumunai refused as the deadline came. The alien vessel opened fire. Many of the Sumunais perished, before Loric Kyrie's pleas for assistance were answered by the Ullratha legions of Dragonsfire, Catspaw and Wolfsfang on manoeuvres in that area of Darkendar. Many Sumunai were taken to Draconsmere where Duke Utterdark offered them homes in his province as long as they cared to stay. At the end of the attack the vessel left orbit and disappeared.


The Regency announced that the following were outlawed, to be killed on sight as they had fled fair justice. A price of 1000GC was placed on each head:

Sir Thomas Blake, Sir Jack Cade, Ullratha Priests, Sir William, Sir Michael, Sir David Lord, Sir Peter Villa Ullratha Knights; Sir Avon, Ullratha Necromancer; Tasio Ereval, Warlock of House Bëor; Michael, Chief of the Ljos Alfar; Melris of the High Elves, and "any others who are known to flaunt Regency law".

Duke Utterdark announced that Gilthalion Prince of the Vanyar Elves and Vain Princess of the Light Elves had courteously and kindly accepted the rank of the Duke's Seneschals and Advisors.

Storm inherited Mastery of the Illusionist College.


It was rumoured that Azaduke requested the loan of soldiers to begin the reconquest of Garda, but that in view of the military situation Dagravane refused.

In Requiem

Platinum Lightbeam, Paladin Prince of Light Elves
Albrect Sinclair, Earl of Marnom
Caspian Denarii (later resurrected)
Ahmed, Sorcerer of the Unhomed
Melvin II, Saracen Ward of Ambassardor D'urehar
Friscracia, Dragon Lord.

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